The Science of Immortality

February 23, 2012 2:12

In 1992, the sensational news of the seventy-old woman from the Japanese city of Fukuoka is not on the TV screens and the front pages of newspapers. Because of this oversight Senagon nurse took a large dose of the hormone drug, thus it suddenly began to grow again teeth blackened gray hair and wrinkles disappeared on the face and body. After some time, the restoration of the Japanese women menstruation cycle, looking younger, she married again, and was even able to have a baby. After hearing about this miracle, many Japanese and Japanese

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February 22, 2012 20:40

The film tells the story of human chakra system. According to Indian tradition, their 7. Detailed account of the purpose of each of the chakras in English is provided with Russian subtitles.

Next — an interesting article about Voice effects on the chakras (Taken from here).

Technique to restore the balance in the system of chakras by voice has been described by three thousand years ago in Ayurveda — the Vedic system of healing. In most cases, the impact on the chakras comes to singing mantras, but may also include some harmonically related

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What handwriting tells

February 21, 2012 19:03

The term "graphology" (the study of handwriting) in the second half of the XIX century, introduced French abbot Michaud. Later in France on this subject has been written many books, magazines out special graphology, handwriting appeared society. However, the assumption about the relationship with handwriting qualities that are endowed from birth, there is since antiquity. Thus, the Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle noticed that the inner world of people is reflected not only in their appearance, actions, speech, but in the manner of writing (by the way, very individual!). About what can tell your handwriting? Secrets

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Memory — it is not clear data storage!

February 21, 2012 18:17

One of the mysteries of the brain is still a memory. How great are its resources? Whether stored somewhere in our cells to "record" the experience of ancestors and the stages of human development? Removed if our life indelibly reel memory or part of what he saw disappearing forever — Asks the "Komsomolskaya Pravda". Scientists are looking for answers to these questions, and sometimes come to unexpected conclusions. Myth 1. 90% of the brain is not used

What they say: Of the features possessed by the brain, with no more than 10 percent. In fact: We

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The moon cooled off much later than expected

February 20, 2012 14:01

U.S. astronomers on the dark side of the moon revealed several geological formations, which suggests that the lunar tectonic processes continued for at least 950 million years after the expected date of the geological "death" of Earth's natural satellite, which took about a billion years ago.

This RIA Novosti reported with reference to the journal Nature Geoscience.

It is believed that the "active" tectonic processes on the Moon ended about 3.6 billion years ago. The reason for this were the small size of the iron core of the moon, which prevented the circulation of molten rock

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Secrets of the world — Places of Power Russia 02.02.2012

February 16, 2012 10:25

Description: Kamchatka, Baikal, Altai, the Caucasus … When you get to these places, it seems that time has stopped here. The unique nature, the earth where life energy fuels the body force, and fills the soul and mind of wisdom.

In search of the mysterious country native character

February 11, 2012 19:36

For a long time many of the great travelers are lured for unexplored land, adventure, unsolved mysteries. What are the only expedition fitted out by mankind: Atlantis, Sannikov Land, Lemuria, Eldorado.

This list can transfer indefinitely. Thanks to the many desperate and brave people discovered new continents, found fabulous wealth. Adventurers experienced hardships, difficulties, dangers. Many of their stories become legends. The most popular routes passed through the lands of the ancient Mayans and Aztecs. Spanish conquistadors in search of new lands and infinite riches persistently questioned representatives of these peoples. Adventurers wanted to know

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UFO presence in Antarctica

February 10, 2012 16:56

How many mysteries conceals Antarctica. On this continent told and published a large number of news as "yellow", and truthful. Everyone knows that Russian scientists have recently found on this earth unfrozen lake "Vostok", but these findings were not limited. Americans who came later found inside surface of a huge hole. Coordinates were computed using the satellite. By the way, researchers have shown that Antarctica from Mars is not much different. The only difference is that in Earth's mainland in more air and people can come to Antarctica and Mars are not yet conquer for humanity.

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I participated in the colonization of the Earth …

February 7, 2012 22:30

Every year, in February, thousands of people gather in a kind of magical tattoos festival, which takes place in a monastery Beng Phra Vet, which is 50 kilometers west of Bangkok.


And now found our contemporaries were surprised to learn of his extraterrestrial origin. Regression method of trance, which is used in their research Togliatti ufologists led Tatyana Makarova, suddenly brought them to the situation, showing exactly that, without any reservations and speculation. It is clear that ufologists are not yet able to provide conclusive evidence, but what has become known, is

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Married. For … Bigfoot!

February 6, 2012 18:32


Incredibly fantastic melodrama saved yellowed sheets of paper, which brought to St. Petersburg from Transcarpathia psychiatrist Nicholas Boyarchuk. By submitting a manuscript to the browser "M-E", the doctor said that he personally rewrote "it all" from the case of one patient, but on his own added that now believes everything that happened to Oksana Terletskoy pure truth and write about it today, perhaps you can, because this girl died or will never return to the people. The fact that the 19-year-old Oksana was married for almost a year … Bigfoot.

She went

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