To see a hallucination, the willpower

December 8, 2011 15:37

People who are susceptible to hypnosis can actually see in black and white in color simply by focusing and auto-suggestion.

To see things, we will not take psychotropic drugs or have mental problems. Hallucinations can do to force the will, especially if you are susceptible to hypnosis. Researchers from several European universities conducted an experiment: the volunteers showed a gray picture and asked to "fill" it with a color. Eleven test were highly susceptible to hypnosis, the other seven did not obey him.

The hypnotic state is characterized by a strong degree of

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UFO explosions

December 7, 2011 14:52

The foreign press cited a number of explosions of unidentified flying objects. The most famous occurred in 1957 over the coast of Ubatuba, near Sao Paulo (Brazil), and reported, in particular, in the newspaper "Soviet Culture" (1988 January 16). Characteristically, this explosion is listed in the Encyclopedia Britannica, which does not allow itself publish unverified facts. Detail the bombing in 1957, was described in the Brazilian newspaper "Globo".

Group of fishermen on the coast of Ubatuba saw shiny disc flying at high speed, which then began to fall into the ocean. When the disc is

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Can I see the eyes of the victims portrait killer?

December 7, 2011 14:33

When optografii retina can capture external objects.

It was found that the eyes accurately determine familiar faces Svetlana KUZINA — 07.12.2011 At the end of XIX century among criminologists view was that in the eyes of the victim can see the portrait of the murderer or the last moments before death. For example, in 1891 in St. Petersburg held a photographic exhibition. Someone Forteyl exhibited a picture taken by him in Saratov on the murder of the family Belousov. At the request of the investigator Ushakov photographer took a picture with one dvuhglazova Belousov and

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Quasicrystals — the bridge between the living and nonliving

December 6, 2011 12:42

In December 1984, an event occurred, the consequences of which will inevitably be forced scientists to go beyond the traditional scientific disciplines. Israeli physicist Daniel Schechtman, who worked previously at the National Bureau of Standards in Washington, reported receiving an alloy of aluminum and manganese with unusual properties. Alloy had a structure similar to the crystal, but those are, by definition, is not, as it has a rotational symmetry of order 5 — like a proper five-pointed star. Then it was thought that anything like this can not exist outside of nature.

The presence of

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Zhevodansky beast — the werewolf or a hyena?

December 5, 2011 12:41

From 1764 to 1767 this horrible creature managed to keep at bay the entire population of the province of Gevaudan in the south of France. Its victims within three years was about 230 people, of which 123 were killed and eaten them. Until now, researchers are lost in the mysteries: who was really famous Zhevodansky beast? Maybe a werewolf?

Eyewitnesses described Zhevodanskogo beast as being similar to a wolf, but the size of a cow. He had a very broad chest, a long flexible tail with a tassel on the end of a lion … The

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Kuzbass resident alien filmed?

December 4, 2011 21:18

An amazing thing happened to the head of the taiga-Michael rural territory Mariinsky district Lavrenkovoy Love. The time was about 10 pm, when she decided to take a picture in front of his house pet dog Umku. Turned the camera lens on the house, against which the dog house flippers to her husband, and snapped. When looked at the picture, dumbfounded: at the loft she saw the luminous cloud. "For a moment I thought it was a fire.

Flashed through my mind: in the kitchen forgot to turn off the gas and it exploded

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Dolphins surprised the scientists feel the electric field

December 4, 2011 22:57

In their experiments, the scientists blocked the work of unusual authority to deprive animals elektrosensornyh abilities (photo A. Liebschner). Unusual ability found in the Guiana dolphin German researchers. It turned out that these cetaceans is an organ that can feel electric fields. In higher mammals, scientists are finding it the first time.

Dolphins are famous for their echolocation abilities, but apparently, nature is suggested that this is not enough, and awarded Dolphin species Sotalia guianensis sense electric fields.

Told about the discovery in a paper published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society

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Kraken monster, known as

December 1, 2011 14:33

Squid fishermen seized and drags them to the bottom, and then swinging boat overturned his

In March 2011, a flock of giant squid fishing boat overturned in the Sea of Cortez and killed seven fishermen. Hundreds of witnesses were vacationing in the Mexican beach resort of Loreto people.

A terrible tragedy took place before their eyes. 12-meter vessel was a course parallel to the beach, going to the port, when out of the water to the sides pulled dozens of thick and slimy tentacles. They seized fishermen and drags them to the bottom, and

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Energy and Health

November 30, 2011 14:53

Everything in the universe is energy, and hence the level of our capacity depends on its level. A person with a low level of energy to achieve anything in life is almost impossible. A man with a huge level of energy, it will be enough just to think about something, and it is already being implemented. Thus, mages can materialize any thing, to build their counterpart and more. And now there are strong people, but we do not know them, because they do not live among the people, and if they appear, they become invisible

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The door opens into another universe wormhole

November 30, 2011 13:25

According to scientists, space is a kind of center of all kinds of tunnels leading to other worlds, or even in another space. And, most of all, they came with the birth of our universe. These tunnels are called wormholes. But their nature is, of course, is different from that observed in black holes. Of celestial holes of no return. It is believed that, once the black hole, perish for ever. But once in the "wormhole" can not only return safely, and even go back in time or to the future.

One of its main

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