NASA study 400 — meter asteroid that November 8 sweep past Earth

October 27, 2011 0:26

We were flying asteroid 2005 YU55

U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) conduct a thorough study of asteroid 2005 YU55, which is November 8 324.6 sweep away thousands of miles from Earth. For this purpose decided to use radio telescopes in Goldstone (California) and Arecibo in Puerto Rico, on Wednesday informed the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena (California).

According to her, spherical asteroid reaches 400 meters in diameter and wrapped around its own axis slowly — once every 18 hours. Celestial body of comparable size in the last time was close

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Mystery crawling rocks

October 26, 2011 15:23

In the world there are many secrets and mysteries of nature, which appeal to both scholars and the interest of ordinary people. One of these unsolved mysteries is the process of moving the stones. This geological phenomenon is manifested on the dry lake Racetrack Playa, Death Valley (USA, California). Stones of various sizes, some of the weight to reach 350 kg.

In the motion stones come once in 2-3 years. As they call them: crawling, traveling, dancing, moving, floating. They can move in different directions, some parallel, others in different directions, leaving a trail of

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Created superelastic electronic skin

October 25, 2011 22:04

Example of the new skin has a grating electrode dimensions 8 x 8 and is therefore able to build a picture of the pressure distribution with a resolution of 64 pixels. However, in the long term the packing density of contacts can be lifted (photo Steve Fyffe / Stanford News Service). Unusual sensor can be stretched to more than twice its original length in any direction. After the load is removed it returns to its original state without wrinkles or damage, do not lose the ability to feel touch.

Prospective cover for arms and torso

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The ancient Indian game Leela — the cells of the cosmic consciousness

October 25, 2011 13:07

More recently, people again began to play a board game called "Leela". It is called a "game for the spiritual development". For many, it sounds strange, is it possible to develop spiritually through the board game? Nevertheless, it is.

Journalist online publication "Private Correspondent" Catherine Ovcharenko, describes his first encounter with this extraordinary game:

"Before me is an unusual board, proper field, it is lined by 72 squares, each of which is not always clear written words or phrases such as" Maya "," plan of Dharma ","

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Mystery of the missing matter solved?

October 25, 2011 5:02

Sculptor Wall stretches for tens of millions of light years away and has a large-scale filamentary structure, the same structure is in it and warm intergalactic medium

Astrophysicists believe that half of the ordinary matter in our universe is in the form of hot gas. Space exploration in the last ten years has shown that close to our galaxy regions dominated the so-called dark energy and dark matter, and only 5% is in the form normal, the same as on earth, matter.

Dark matter — a hypothetical substance, the presence of which in

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The sixth race is ready to parents — the gods

October 20, 2011 9:16

GCAP American educator and lawyer Nancy Ann Tape, in 1982 wrote the book "The awareness of life through color," flew out the word "Indigo". These words she called children born with purple, blue, and blue aura.

Left in the West, we have translated the book Lee Carroll and Jane Touberg "Indigo Children" and Doreen Virtue "Indigo Child Care" does not give a precise and clear answer, Who are indigo children, and what are their differences from children with other colors auras.

The above authors in their books refer to each other, without giving specific

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Anxious ghost

October 18, 2011 11:55

Thomas Edison, who grew up, by the way, the family spirits, from childhood he was convinced that the death is some form of consciousness. In "Sayntifik American" (for 1920), he insisted at length: "The proof of life after death must be, of course, extraordinary and one-time information, for example, from ghosts uncle, who was killed in India, and some cache of jewels, which was once Alice Fleming (sister Kipling). I'm trying to create a device to communicate with the ghosts of the dead, who are themselves concerned about communicating with us. And so I will

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Project Immortality

October 17, 2011 16:42

The project is a radical extension of human life, developed social movement "Russia 2045", will be presented at major international forums, "Singularity-2011" in New York.

The current, fifth, "Singularity Summit" is devoted to discussing ways of further technological development of man, artificial intelligence, robotics, extending life and future scenarios of the future. Russian officials are participating for the first time.

According to the initiator of the Strategic social movement "Russia 2045" Dmitry Itskova, who will speak at the summit with an ambitious report "The" Immortality 2045 ". Russian experience ", is now due to the difference

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Visitors from another world

October 17, 2011 14:01

Ouija participants often do not think about the fact that the unknown and which can cause people to otherworldly forces that can behave in unpredictable ways. As a result, payment for such entertainment are serious illnesses or even death. And this despite the fact that the value obtained from "there" information — is insignificant.

Do not let a demon!

At present, most esoteric tend to believe that the call of the mediums are not the soul of the dead, and elementals — the lower, or the primitive astral beings who only pretend to be

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Science of the impossible / Science impossible

October 17, 2011 13:27

The program of the incredible and seemingly physically impossible to view the tricks. Experts explain the nature of the phenomenal abilities.

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