Strange thing. Goodbye, America. Myths about power. (2012.04.29)

About the secret side of an American secret services to eliminate terrorist number one Osama bin Laden.

Lukashenka: Ask this question Yanukovych


People — Bogi. Cmipnov Alekcandp. TBTS

Harvesting of organs from children


Last witnesses kryvichskogo Merya dual faith and disappear before our eyes

Victor Erokhin shows evidence of dual faith Merya

Victor Erokhin, when what it says, usually fiercely gesticulating — the habit of professional lecturer. And, speaking to me, he continues to impress what that invisible opponent, although this is not necessary. Theme for a very important one, and it deals with the movement of her soul. — It is only stored in living memory, it goes to the eyes. Much has been lost in the time of continuous irrigation, when killed thousands of small streams and old fields, and now seeks. Fashion has gone to "rock gardens" at the

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Harp. Music. Video


RANS site captured by aliens

RANS site greets visitors in the main galactic languages. — RANS defeysnuli or website, or have there really anything with a brain is very difficult. Notarized screenshot:

On Defects in conducting rituals


Picture this. Christ the Savior Cathedral is Easter service. Parishioners, priests, Patriarch … singing psalms, candles, etc. In order to Orthodox parishioners felt the greatness and importance of what is happening, (player "in resonance") are all conditions. Patriarch sermon. And suddenly, stopping in the middle, turns back and shouts, "Hey, a deacon, a censer round up!" One of the priests takes off and pushing parishioners elbows, rushing into the back room for a censer.

Patriarch continues to preach, "So Christ commanded …" But the church members do not have time to hear what Christ commanded, as

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As NATO is fighting in Afghanistan against Russia — Analysis

A documentary about the real consequences of the U.S. counter-terrorism operations and its allies in Afghanistan to Russia.


The truth about the war in Libya, Gaddafi and the media

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