Arkaim — Stargate

Arch — stargate. Astroarheolog K. Bystrushkin.Chelyabinskie NEWS. Arkaim — ancient Aryans Observatory

Very interesting results of research known Russian astroarheologa K.K.Bystrushkina, which in 1990 was -91 researched Arkaim as an astronomical observatory. It describes itself Konstantin Arkaim — building not just difficult, but even sophisticated complex. In the study plan immediately revealed its similarity to the famous monument of Stonehenge in England. For example, the diameter of the inner circle of Arkaim indicated everywhere equal to 85 meters, in fact it is a ring with two radii — 40 and 43.2 meters. (Try to draw!) Meanwhile, the radius of the

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At a rally in support of Colonel Kvachkov arrested in Moscow Yuri Ekishev

Today, after a meeting devoted to the political prisoner Kvachkov was severely delayed known nationalist, the guiding "Sturm TV." rather strictly speaking at the rally, and immediately after that he tried to unscrew. But the people vpryagsya and were repulsed. In this case, one of helping to fight off and thrown into the window of his face is cut by broken glass. When they began to disperse, Ekisheva been guarded in the alley, and when he's left a few people, allegedly attacked riot police and perpetrators. All this managed to shoot, as well as the number of machines on

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Dolls — motanki

Doll motanka — amazing and mysterious creature, the secrets of which was left to us by our ancestors. By way of manufacturing the doll is universal: it is made by the same principles, regardless of whether it is done in order to harmonize relations, attract wealth, proximity and speed events or as a charm.

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Wanderer of the Universe — Sergei Salty


Olesya Berdnik words, the music of Sergei Salt. Recording with the Festival "Caravan of Love Sunny Bard" Dzhankoy, September 2007.

UFO active worldwide

Several reports were received from different parts of the world.

UFO active worldwide

All flights were recorded at different times of the winter season, but the network only released in late January, early February 2013. Mexico

In the skies over Mexico was seen just eight UFOs. Video taken January 26, 2013, and the network is laid out on January 31.

First, by roller Miguel Aguila took UFO over flock of seagulls. Seemed very much like the shape of objects on the silhouette of this bird. But then, looking closer, Miguel said that "seagull" moving too synchronously and not

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Mother-heroine in Belarus received about $ 80 as an allowance for children

Order of the Mother. Photo: from the site:

In Belarus, the mother-heroine gets about 700 thousand rubles allowance ($ 80) to all children. This is stated in a survey conducted by journalists "ERB" on November 16.

Belarus President awards the Order of Mother women who have had five or more children. In addition to the order they're supposed to, and a one-time cash award — 2.5 million rubles ($ 285 at the exchange rate of the National Bank of Belarus).

Elena Rabkovskaya Trokeniki the village, which has five children — two girls and three boys. She said

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People and events — the last point on the issue of elections



Legitimate, whether the election?, If participants take off at the start, without explanation. The game only decoy! For good, power, Rogues and Thieves will not give. People will have to take it …

Russia will be a 90% credit the Minsk plant

Russia will give Belarus a loan for a minimum of 90 percent of the total value of the contract to build the first nuclear power plant in Belarus.

According to the Deputy Minister of Energy Mikheil Mikhadyuk, the loan agreement is "in the high availability."

What kind of amount involved — is still unknown.

The first block of plant scheduled to enter service in 2017, the second — in 2018 — says the Russian service of BBC.

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