Lecture Marina Gribanova — The Truth About Drugs


Addiction? Contact me on Skype: arnis.rnn Gribanova Marina, renowned expert and lecturer for more than 10 years of experience in drug education, held about 10,000 lectures on "The Truth About Drugs", appeared on many TV channels, as an authority in the field of drug prevention and drug education .

Priest ROC: Krymsk — the sins holidaymakers

Priest ROC: Krymsk — the sins holidaymakers

Rector of the Church of the Holy Trinity in the town of Rybinsk Kamenniki diocese, Fr Sergius Karamyshev, reflecting on the tragedy in Krymsk, came to the conclusion that the punishment for the sins of Russians vacationing on the Black Sea coast, reports "Rosbalt". "As Orthodox Christians should relate to natural disasters? As to God's punishment for sin, "- says svyascheniik. As proof of the quoted Christ in response to the news of the deaths from various surprises, including even from lawlessness authorities: "… some that told him of the Galileans

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Dogon — the descendants of aliens from the Sirius system


Means zombies

Veda — The Word of Wisdom Prophetic Oleg

The publication of the Krasnodar Slavic Orthodox community "Age of Ra" Krasnodar, Summer 7510 from S.M.Z.H.

1. That is born, dies and then. 2. Wounds characters heal faster than wounds losers. 3. Magi — healers, casters, vedmachat, kudesnichayut, akudnichayut, charm, portend. 4. Meat prevents Wizardry from him zvereyut. 5. Magus is able to hide the pain and disappointment. 6. Any magician seizes destruction before creation. 7. Behold the relationship of words, be able to retrieve the magic only takes one to the other. 8. Our everyday life can be for some of the worlds creatures — hell, and for

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Tools Masonic Information (7 — 12)

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Numerical values drop caps

Consider the features of the numbers, the example of the Cyrillic number system, which is used in Russia to the XVIII century.

1. The number is written in the usual manner (hundreds, tens and units), but the numbers ending in 11, 12 … 19, the last two digits rearranged according to Slavic reading (one-on-dtsat), ie "One," and then "dtsat" = 10 2. Before and after the number, and sometimes between the "numbers" to put points 3. Number 6 in antiquity designated as common initial letter «S» — [ds] eating and inverted mirror 4. Number 10 (izhei) — written without

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Gammatichesky cross Romanov

Swastika on the hood of the car of Nicholas II

"On the night of 24 to 25 July 1918 by the White Army took Ekaterinburg. And in the morning, all the officers, off-duty and military outfits, were drawn to the Ipatiev house, where the Detained and 8 days ago was shot the royal family. "Everyone wanted to see the last refuge August Family … Everyone felt that something happened, something big, dark and tragic … But what? Killed? .. Yes, there was blood. It can not be thought of almost everyone. And the brutality is the limit. And,

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The old man sold a cow

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