United Russia deputy Yevgeny Fedorov on the Belarusian authorities

Why in the Belarusian national power? What is the impact on the U.S. and Belarus in what way it is?

Military Secret (15/10/2012)

Ukrainian women are taught to tie vintage hats


This is now the women's hats — mostly caps, hats and scarves. Several centuries ago, the Ukrainians were more hundreds of species. Just one scarf tied in several different ways.

U.S. tests on children vaccinated against the swine GRIPPa


7 facts about alcohol

Religious (Lesson 1 — On faith and religion)

Ancestral Heritage (Veda) ASGARDSKOGO religious school will help reveal the essence of the way of life, habits and world views of the Slavs, Rus, Rusich — people have preserved their original faith. This information for a long time is not covered by staying in the shadows, or presented in a distorted way. You will learn and remember that you knew your ancestors, and you will understand many things, and they come into your heart confidence, joy and peace. Stir your ancestral memory and you will gain the knowledge sought by, and who you know,

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Bowl time. Altai (Prof. Alexey Dmitriev)

Sorry for the quality of this video is all removed — this is the only thing that could be found.

Red Flower — Fairytale

The merchant was going to trade in distant lands, and before leaving he asked his three daughters what Gostintsev they bring. The older daughter asked the expensive clothes and jewelry, and the youngest Alyonushka asked scarlet flower, which is not beautiful in this world. The merchant found that flower on one island and tore it, but was taken prisoner by monsters — the owner of the island and vermillion flower. Monster had to promise that one of his daughters to go to him to the island.

About the film: Year: 1977 Genre: Fairy Tale, a children's Made

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About horseshoe

Truth Serum

Pharmacological properties of drugs that use the security services allow anyone to start a language. What this means? How do they work? Why not introduce the use of "truth serum" in the broad practice of law enforcement agencies?


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