Titanic captains house sold by ghosts

April 9, 2012 9:20

House Captain "Titanic" Edward Smith for sale. Mature wife Louise and Neil Bonner decided to give up his two-storey house of the nineteenth century., Located in the British county of Staffordshire, for 80 thousand pounds.

Edward Smith (right), captain of the "Titanic."

According to Daily Mail, on the move prompted the owners of "mysterious events" that occur in the home. Bonner confident that their home wound up the ghost of the deceased captain of "Titanic."

"Smith was not wearing a naval uniform or anything like that, but this was definitely it" — told the

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The experiments of Dr. Duncan McDougall

April 1, 2012 11:12

April 10, 1901, in Dorchester, Massachusetts, was conducted an unusual experiment. Dr. Duncan MacDougall was going to prove that a lot of the human soul can be measured.

What is the weight soul?

In his clinic, Dr. Duncan MacDougall built a special bed, which was a huge scale with high sensitivity, up to a few grams. He was laying on the bed in series six patients in dying stages. Observed, mainly tuberculosis patients, as they are in the dying hours were in real estate, which was the perfect occasion to exact mechanism of thin

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The winner of the Battle of psychics Vorotnikova Natalia was born dead

March 23, 2012 16:11

The winner of the first "Battle of psychics" Natalia Vorotnikova really was born with no signs of life, as there is documentary evidence. Taurus is like blowing, when baby zadrygala feet and screamed. Doctors numb with surprise.

As a child, Natalia Vorotnikov literally hounded peers, after one of them, she said, in a sandbox, "You know, your father is ill and will die soon." The prophecy was fulfilled, and the neighbors began to consider her little witch.

On the set of TV broadcasters have often noted: in the presence of Natalia Vorotnikova broken camcorder, exploding lights,

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Day of cosmic history. Forever born

February 24, 2013 0:59

German scientists have found genes that prevent aging. Does this mean that you can create a "pill of immortality"? ..

Ancient Temple of the Sun discovered by archaeologists in Bulgaria

March 16, 2012 21:02

Bulgarian archaeologists have made a sensational discovery — they found the world's oldest temple of the Sun.

British Stonehenge will be postponed to the second place, the scientists believe. Bulgarian church for 3000 years older than his English counterpart. Found sanctuary near the village Ohoden (northwestern Bulgaria) archaeologist Georgi Ganetsovskim.

Local people have used it for about eight thousand years ago to determine the time of sowing and harvesting. Besides, there sacrificed to the Sun. Paul sanctuary paved with large cobblestones, and the plan of the temple to the form of the letter "P". Open

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Molecules can now be seen!

September 30, 2012 0:36

Graphene molecule atomic force microscope IBM. Photo: IBM Research — Zurich

In recent years, the advent of precise scientific instruments, scientists are provided the opportunity to review the structure of matter into smaller and smaller level. For example, scientists have been able to see the individual molecules and even the trajectory of the electrons. Recently, scientists at IBM Research have published new images of molecules of the substance, details of which can be seen not only intramolecular interatomic bonds, but also to define "by eye" differences. This image shows nanografena molecule consisting of several

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There is a UFO. 2012, Nibiru, UFO TOP

March 5, 2012 12:21

Flying yoga Tenerife

February 24, 2012 14:50

Secret areas: Mars. Birthplace of the Gods 02/17/2012

February 17, 2012 20:41

About who and when lived on Mars.

UFO in the Netherlands, one of the best video evidence

February 11, 2012 17:48

Shooting from a helicopter over the water. sudden passing at high speed flying UFOs — unidentified flying object.

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