Church and sobriety incompatible

Russophobes against true history of Russia

Basis for understanding the wards

Amulet — the word has its origin from the root "edges." Ber — uncontrollable spontaneous spirit, violent, wild, wild. Baer our ancestors called the Bear, awakened from hibernation too early, has left his lair, den Ber. In this state, bear is a special danger, destroying everything around and making a bezlad. So it was forbidden even to mention the name of Bera, so as not to invite disaster. The word charm, understood as a defense against Baer. Elemental Warding same humble spirit, makes it all right, brings to life Lad, order, beauty.

From the root "ber" came words such as

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Meeting with PhD, writer, researcher, Church Slavonic, a prominent figure in the Russian national revival Leonidovna Tatiana Mironova, in the studio "Slavophil."

We will study the Old Russian language, and, in comparison with him, drevleslovensky. Otherwise, plunging into the elements drevleslovenskogo without relying on the old-we pretty much just do not understand or misunderstand. The emphasis will be on imparting the rudiments of creative thinking, not on phonetics and morphology, both in academic textbooks on Old Church Slavonic language. Why is that? Phonetic interpretation of the ancient drop caps does not give access to the understanding of

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Jews do control the media

Jews do control the media

We Jews are a funny breed. We love to boast any Jewish actor. Sometimes we like to think that the actor — a Jew — just because he likes us so that we consider it worthy to be in our company. We boasted of Jewish writers, Jewish politicians, Jewish managers. Every time one of them would give a hint of some movie, book, or other work of art, we always give out something like: "Do you know that he is a Jew? '.

We — a group that is all behind him, and

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The report of the UN Commission urges countries to legalize prostitution and drug use

Established by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon The Global Commission on HIV and the law also recommends that the social norm is to recognize homosexuality.

The report "HIV and the Law: the risks, rights and health", published in July 2012, including more than one hundred pages of text, said that to prevent HIV nations of the world should legalize and destigmatizirovat drug use, prostitution and homosexual behavior.

The report suggests, in particular, the following recommendations:

"Countries need 3.2 … …

3.2.1. Repealing laws that prohibit the free consent of an adult to buy and sell sex, as well as

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Russia is a great and ancient. Russian people will return to their roots …..

"And another one carried the wisdom of the people of Russia through all the trials of the last century: Who loves the Creator, that He did and experienced.

And it's the truth! For in order to entrust to a very important thing is to check the reliability of the person to whom you trust!

This explains why the transition will begin in 2012 with the Russian people. "Foam", which in recent years has emerged in Russia and violently "blossomed" — though it is the representatives of the people, not the people. And so can you believe that the Creator

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Spiritual Energy (Mind in Nature)


Celestine Prophecy — a spiritual film, chronicling the adventures of discovery of ancient scrolls in the rainforests of Peru. The prophecy and its nine key insights predict international awakening, arising within all religious traditions, that moves humanity toward a deeper experience of spirituality.

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A man of conscience — the smart, strong-willed, morally.


What is conscience? Who has it? Congenital or obtaining of this quality? These are questions constantly arise in many people and residents. As for the man, he knows this phenomenon, as it is guided in his life.

Image-CONSCIENCE understood as co-lead in turn lead — Veda words firmly. Veda — Veda is good Az. Word — stock, output, display. Firmament — an assertion firmly.

In total, it turns this: Conscience — a joint statement embodiment and will of the Creator. Will of the Creator — life and its development in the variety and

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People fly like birds?

It would seem that only in fantasy today can read about levitating people have telepathic abilities that own ways to magically change the thoughts and feelings of others. But is it really?

Superman today

It is believed that our intellectual and physical abilities have their limits. Only a few of the living due to some subjective reasons live 90 or even 100 years, put in mind the number of multi-valued and demonstrate phenomenal memory. Of course, we know the developed sensing abilities, such as the Bulgarian prophet Vanga, but the generally accepted standards developed foresight is "guessing" more than 40%,

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