The great mystery of Russian dolls

There are many legends about the origin of walking doll

At the end of XIX century in Russia there was imported from Japan a figure of the Buddhist saint Fukuruma. Figures depict the sage with elongated head of much thought and was a five nested one inside the other figures.

Turner Basil Zvezdochkin machined from a tree similar figures, which are nested one inside the other, and the artist Sergei Malyutin painted their particular painting. In the first doll was displayed in folksy town girl costume and the toy consisted of eight figures.

According to the first legend —

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Slavs gathered near Kiev to prove his prowess and share ancient knowledge

July 21-22 in the "Park Kievan Rus' (p. Kopachev Obukhov district) the International Festival — a tournament of martial arts" Slavonic valor. "

This is reported by the organizers. "This holiday will combine several eras — from pre-Christian times to the Cossack. Festival proves that all the time on this earth lived a strong, brave and wise people. They had a special knowledge of union with the forces of nature, the spirit was strong and had a healthy and agile body. And the modern descendants of the ancient Slavs deserve the glory of their ancestors, "- said in a statement.

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Checking on reproduction

It turns out that all somehow forgotten (probably due to an excess of information) innovation of the Russian authorities, are the procedures to monitor reproductive function in adolescents who are already being implemented in the Chelyabinsk region. It is reported that for this assessment will take a blood test, and the results will inform the parents that they can avoid all sorts of problems, including bezplodiya.

First, once we note that the Western media hysteria about the fact that they will take samples of germ cells, and this procedure is quite painful and traumatic psyche, not unfounded.

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The United States in the Caucasus a special interest and a sound policy

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton toured the South Caucasus. Within this framework, she visited Yerevan and met with the leadership of the Armenian Republic. This year, the United States and Armenia celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. And in the course of negotiations with President Serzh Sargsyan Hillary Clinton stressed the importance of alliance between Washington and Yerevan. Hillary Clinton, the U.S. secretary of state: "It is an honor to be here again in the year of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. In the last 20 years, the

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Caddis fly-embroidery

Rare local holiday or festival in Rivne region Ukraine stoneflies do without: that there is a great team at the City Palace of Youth with the 1983rd year. They are also one of the few who still remembers and is able to spend a longtime Polissya rite — keeping Scrub at Trinity or Green party. This ancient Slavic pagan actions, which came to our times and now it is done only in a single village in Ukraine — Svaritsevichah. However, spring has already met him and Peresopnitsu.

Bush choose and decorate the most beautiful girl in the village. She

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Found in the Caucasus, Russian Stonehenge

A striking finding Russian ethnographers in the North Caucasus. In Cherek gorge revealed cyclopean stone wall 20 meters high of unknown origin. The wall of the family of attractions of the southern region of Russia and become a tourist attraction.

Found in the Caucasus, "Russian Stonehenge» © Photo: Victor Kotlyarov

Local residents have long known about this phenomenon of stone, but only recently have shown its scientists. Wall as it blocks a mountain pass and is an array, a height of 20 meters and a length — more than 50. In this huge blocks very precisely adjusted to

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In the Russian Orthodox Church made a list of sins: it is impossible to dance and enjoy your cup

The Internet erupted another scandal with the ROC. On the Internet a "new" list of sins of the Russian Church. Bloggers accused the church of obscurantism, which gives the Middle Ages.

Scandalous "list of sins" called "Memo Confessor" in question was found in Vologda, in the Holy Prilutskaya monastery."Corrected and amended in accordance with the current political situation and raising the faceless herd of slaves"— Wrote in his blog one of the "pioneers" list, says "argument."

Against the background of scandals with Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church (the road for hours, quarters and so on), this leaflet looks

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What is simplicity

Many know that the distinctive feature of the Russian character — simplicity. Now you can hear as a fool, and ignorant, and too trusting of us call a simpleton. But is it. All will remember Yemelya tale of "Po-wave of the wand …" or Ivanov, who, as you know, they call the people stupid.

Upon closer inspection of the word "fool" gives a very interesting picture. Vseyasvetnaya charter tell: the first letter "D" is called "good." In another still "OsPoda", where the upper part of the letter does not form a lodge, and a circle, symbolizing the sign

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The Mayan calendar has a more ancient source — Slavic calendar

People turn to the true values.

Immediately a number of serious scholars and researchers point out that the famous calendar May has a more ancient source — Slavic calendar. Turns out to be Maya predicted the end of the world, and the Slavs predicted recovery and purification of Russia, her ascent after 2012.

"… How much did not argue the scientists and how fiercely they did not prove their case, the truth they are no longer able to hide … calendar of ancient Slavs in their grants much faster than all the others and has its roots in

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Its time to live

Everything that happens on the day, one way or another connected with the Sun, Earth and Moon. With their energies. Each planet your character and you need to know how to build them with their relationship.

Our ancestors know what they need to live by the sun, as it is the main force in this world that gives life to all living things. What does this mean? This means that to get up and go to sleep, eat and work, as well as perform other actions a timely manner.

Mother to child in the morning comes and

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