How to learn to inspire a man? For example, my husband does not want to work or it is nothing interesting. So as we look first at yourself, look for its flaws, weaknesses, then in that case, you should ask — what am I doing wrong? How can I encourage her man to become his muse?

Man needs a woman's energy

God created man as a driving force. He gave him all the qualities necessary to make a man could reach any goals. Only one God has limited his ability — left without the possibility of their own energy

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Since ancient times in Russia, the wells are treated with reverence. Well water were attributed to various healing properties. Is to say that is not irrational. Wanderers, whose path passes through the well to draw water in a flask and left near a thing, believing that mystical power will allow them to safely get to the next one. Perhaps more attention and mystical podchteniem in Russia than the wells, use only the bell.

Lovers girls according to the belief in awe counted how many seconds will fluctuate in a bucket of water with well water, if it omitted a ring,

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Kummir — Ecumenical kinsman

Kummir word means "godfather" — a relative, "MIP" (world) — the universe, that is Kummir — Ecumenical cousins. Kummir helps us establish and maintain two-way communication with the generic God and His Siloy.Slavyanskie gods — are our ancestors, and we are their descendants.

Therefore, cutting Kummira from the tree, people carve statues of his ancestors and the purer the heart and soul of the Master, the more correct it depicts toro or no God, without distorting its image. Images of gods usually create from the male species: oak, beech, ash, elm, cedar. And the image of the Virgin of

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Who stole the story and why Russia?

Heard this famous Russian name — Karamzin? A sort of Russian Herodotus. His "History of the Russian State" was revered and Russian tsars, and the people. In reading his books in the original impression that it is something not agree. Kind of like and agree with the fact that the Vikings were Scandinavians, and at the same time suggests, they say, could be wrong. Several times draws the reader's attention to the phrase "Vikings-Rousseau," and even tries to explain who they were Russa. Like Nestor, persistently identified exactly that phrase. If something did, but had to obey to conventional wisdom,

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Find out today on the radio, "Veda Ra" that in Absheron district court will consider the complaint counsel with administrative arrest Trehlebova AV

I arrived to the courthouse on time and went to see what the judge and how the meeting room will be considered a complaint. The usher at the entrance did not miss me at the courthouse and could not give me any information on my questions. But he said that according to his knowledge, no one has the process in the afternoon to begin. Advised to go to the electronic device and the information

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Knowledge of the ancient Magi

When a person follows only his whims — it develops on its own, without the support of the outside world. When one follows the tradition — it takes a collective force. He is stronger in terms of individualist Force and is able to reach greater heights in the Company, or in his art form.

Living alone — less power, but to a certain extent free. This freedom is twofold: it either kills the person, or give him unlimited possibilities … Both — worth a look. The way of the human Harmony — is to follow both paths …


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As described in the annals of our Ancestors

A description of the ancient Slavs.

"Justice, they had etched in the minds, not the law — wrote a Greek historian, noting that the Slavs at the time there was no written law — theft was rare and was considered more important than any crime. Gold and silver are just as despised as other mortals wanted it. " And this is the testimony of another author: "The tribes of the Slavs are a way of life is the same, have the same morals, love freedom and can not tolerate slavery. They are especially brave and courageous in their own

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The internal energy of a person

The question of energy — the most important question. From the level of the internal energy depends everything: health, its success in the community and financial well-being. How much will be balanced by the three — separate conversation.

Chinese medicine distinguishes between innate and acquired energy. Congenital stored in the kidneys, depending on its level of human activity and its longevity. It is consumed in the process of life and usually are not reversed. Purchased energy is replenished by external sources of energy, such as food, air, earth, the sun, etc.

The higher the level of internal energy, the more

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Honor Code Slavic husband

No rudeness and arrogance, meanness and not slander, not beauty and sexuality, not lies and hypocrisy, not bigotry and ignorance, not cowardice and betrayal, not the material enrichment and money — typical real man. Real men live by the high ideals of soul and spirit, always placing in the top: Honor, Responsibility, Duty to ancestors and descendants. CODE OF HONOR these men:

1. Be true blood and soil. In your blood — the power of race, in your world — remains Ancestors. 2. Be brave and proud. He who conquers his fear, he who does not give way

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Initiation and initiation in the Slavic tradition

But the path of reaching a rule, follow the ancient Pocono that the gods themselves were left to our ancestors, necessarily reached Initiation, which is carried out by the gods of the Magi, or the gods themselves.

But the path of reaching a rule, follow the ancient Pocono that the gods themselves were left to our ancestors, necessarily reached Initiation, which is carried out by the gods of the Magi, or the gods themselves. In ancient times, the young boy went for nine days to live on the Sanctuary, where you were all alone. There, after some tests (9 days

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