Conscience and morality to — Jews

What is conscience? — This term is not in the Scriptures, and therefore it does not exist in nature. The term is no morality in scripture for the same reason that there is no term conscience.

Pyramids of Primorye

Near the city of Nakhodka photo was taken mountains "Brother", in this photo were visible outlines strict geometric shape of a pyramid.

The height of the pyramid was about three hundred meters. Unfortunately, the Soviet time has not passed in vain for the pyramid's left of a small part. More precisely it savagely destroyed, as the pyramid consisted mainly of limestone, is in its place made a quarry produce limestone for construction. But do not take it from the side of the pyramid, and from the top. At one third from the top builders have finished their work, it

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How are Fedoskino

History Zhostovo craft dates back to the nineteenth century, when a number of suburban towns and villages of the former Trinity parish — Zhostovo, Ostashkovo, Khlebnikov and Trinity — there were workshops for the production of painted lacquer ware made of papier-mache. The emergence Zhostovo painted tray associated with the name of the brothers Vishnyakova.

The price list Factory stated: "The establishment of brothers Vishnyakovo lacquered metal trays, sugar bowl, trays, made of papier-mache boxes, cigarette cases, caddy, albums … there since 1825."

By the middle of the XIX century in Zhostovo formed its own original artistic style and techniques

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Jewish mafia in Russia

"Russia — mononational country. In her more than 82% of Russian and about 3% of the Jews. Russian does not reign in Israel. Why Jews rule in Russia? "Every nation has the right to a place under the sun, but not at the expense of others … who in the course of a crime and is silent — the accomplice and no better than the criminals … The goyim. Gentiles are called all non-Jews, regardless of color, and the so-called nationality. Gd identified only purpose of existence of the goyim — to serve the people of Israel,

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America without makeup


In the film, America without makeup Belarusian TV channels unmask and reveal the true nature of U.S. owners and their plans to enslave the world under the guise of the United States. Owners of U.S. global government declared itself a bulwark of democracy in the world and under this cover are to sow chaos and war, except in countries golden billion — the so-called theory of controlled chaos. See the truth about America. The film is not only for the true anti-globalization and antiamerikanizatsii. Expanding horizons useful for all. The film features the "winged"

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Amazing nature of White Russia

Belarussian nature and folk music (playing "Stary Olsa").

Social networks have become a cause of divorce

Facebook is becoming a significant factor that plays a role in the breakup of the marriage, and is increasingly used as evidence in divorce proceedings, the lawyer.

The law firm Divorce-Online has named the famous social networking site for one third of divorces caused mainly by inappropriate behavior.

The company claimed that over the past two years the number of applications for divorce, which contained the word »Facebook» rose by 50 percent.

Mark Keenan (Mark Keenan), managing director, said that for many people, Facebook has become the main method of communication with friends.

People associated with the ex-partners and the

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Slavic Holidays Prosinets (January)

Veles day — Midwinter. All nature in the icy dream. Photo:

1 — prosintsa — Beginning of year in Veles dney.Novy spiritual Jews (do not forget that this is the holiday was the time of Peter I, the Slavs it was celebrated in the spring on the vernal equinox and the Beginning of the Indiction called) 1.6 prosintsa — Veles dni.Velesovy days — another name for these festivities Volosova days (holiday fully matches the yuletide in the Christian religion).

We can assume that the service Slavic god Veles had restrictive framework themselves prisoners in the daytime winter

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Apples can rejuvenate at the age of 17

The absence of them in the diet increases the risk of chronic diseases. The professor made a list of products, which includes and apples. According to British researchers, regular consumption of apples can slow the aging process by 20%. The study found in apples complex element, rejuvenating the heart, improves blood circulation and boost the immune system.

This element has a complex called "polyphenols epicatechin." He is able to have a positive impact on the cardiovascular system and maintain the elasticity of blood vessels.

The experts found that volunteers in the study consumed the greatest amount of apple juice,

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Gods commandments

Commandments of God Svarog

1. Read each other's son — her mother and father, a husband and wife live together in harmony.

2. On uniform wife husband should encroach — otherwise you will not find salvation.

3. Run away from falsehood and follow the Truth, honor your Rod and Rod Heaven.

4. Read you three days a week — the third, seventh and ninth. Read a great holiday. Therefore ought to fast all the people in the third and on the seventh day. If anyone in the ninth day

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