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Traditional Russian culture. Moral

Ancient rusichi followed all the Vedas (ancient texts). This article will touch on some aspects of the ancient Vedas, which teaches people to live in harmony with nature, and taught high morals.

Our ancestors gave meaning Truth (right) and vedaniyu Truth, which is perceived as a conscience and a sense of loyalty to the action. They believed that man, being a creator, creates around his universe — a circle of friends, acquaintances, interests, events and experiences. All that is happening around him and with him, is a manifestation of his inner self, those desires, needs, or problems

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Traditional Russian culture. Forgotten Laws Lives

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How lived the ancient Slavs and Aryans, we can learn from ancient texts, such as the Russian Veda. Slavic-Aryan Vedas were written on gold plates over 40,000 years ago. They set out the history of settlement of the Earth, knowledge of the laws of nature, the commandments of our ancestors and forecasts for the future events. Although these sacred texts were for a long time, now they are made public and available for inspection to the public.

In hard times, the gods came down to earth and people were asked to leave their precepts by

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Realm of the Russian bear. Master of Taiga

The famous BBC series, filmed with the participation of the famous Russian naturalist Nikolai Drozdov, and represents the most comprehensive study of the nature of Russia and countries of the Commonwealth, was created more than 3 years. For this work N.Drozdov was awarded "Gold Panda", also known as the "Green Oscars".

Master of Taiga

Territory of the countries of the Commonwealth of the land occupies 16 of the planet. Its northern coast is washed by the Arctic Ocean and covers almost half of the world, passing through 11 time zones. Here is the biggest forest of

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New Year

Happy New Year, God cut off (Godom, Gottom) or the memory of our ancestors and the gods — you choose!

13 BeyLet on KolyadyDaru / or 22 December to modern. calendar / — God Perun freed from hell our Ancestors lured there by deceit. BeyLet 22/31 December / — God Perun flunked Mezhdumirya gates leading to hell Caucasus mountains. 23 BeyLet / or from 18-00 December 31 and January 1 to 18-00 modern. calendar / — Slavic-Aryan Week (9 / nine / days of the week, not seven days a week, as it is now in the lunar cult!

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Zbruch idol Svyatovit

Zbruch idol Svyatovit — the most rich in composition, is the most interesting of the surviving statues of Slavic deities. The complexity of its composition allows researchers to draw conclusions about the reflection in her ideas of our ancestors on the structure of the world. Therefore, since its discovery in the river Zbruch he was always the center of attention of historians and fans of the Slavic antiquity. First of all, striking tiered sculptures, reflecting the world in a three-tiered view of the Slavs.

In the lower tier displayed Nav — the lower world, who left his name

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Sanskrit — a simplified HAriyskaya Karuna — proof

A careful comparison of individual lexical units, written in Sanskrit, with those words, not even taken out of ancient and of modern Russian, Ukrainian, and especially, we find the roots of a single parent language of the Aryans, are easily traced in the directories. Durga Prasad Shastri — renowned Indian Sanskrit — writes on this subject: "If I were asked what would be the two languages of the world are most similar to each other, I would answer without hesitation — Russian and Sanskrit. It is surprising that in our two languages are similar word structure, style and syntax, to

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Secrets of Ancient Civilizations (Svetlana Pavlova)

What is being hidden … Author of "Field of the Earth and hyperboloid secrets of ancient civilizations" — presentation … Terrific information lucidly presents … Magnetic Pole is its nature, time portals Land, Antarctica, Chinese pyramids, ancient artifacts and a lot of what else …


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The American Dream

When a person shmonaet purses in transport, housebroken or by fraud seizes people's property — he is a thief and a sharpie. According to the law of any state, he gets to prison. However, there is theft and fraud of unimaginable proportions, enshrined, legalized and protected by the laws of each country. "The American Dream" — an explosion of online cartoon about the nature of the world wide web banking and principal on the planet Vendor Air.

Russian voice — Endgame (Chisinau, Moldova), translation — NEMO (Kaunas, Lithuania).

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People get rid of programs imposed — debunking the myths

Myth number 1 — Vaccines strengthen the immune system.

Annual vaccination of children against influenza adversely affects the formation of cross-immunity against different types of the virus, Doctors Medical Center "Erasmus" (Rotterdam, Netherlands).

The conclusion is simple — used today inactivated seasonal flu vaccine does not protect prostone vaccinated against pandemic influenza, but also prevent the formation geterosubtipicheskogo immunity, which does not help protect vaccinated infection.

A revision of the existing strategies of influenza vaccination to the development of vaccines that can protect children not only from seasonal and pandemic strains of influenza virus.


Myth number

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Of the virtual world to the spiritual world

In accordance with the "pyramid of Maslow's" self-expression is the supreme human need, even ahead of the recognition and communication. And the means of its realization in our time is the Internet.   Social networks have become a place to create a virtual "I". In addition, each user has the ability not only to communicate and create, but also to share the fruits of their creativity with an audience of millions in a particular social network.

Man is by nature selfish. Well, these days everyone has grown so selfish that we are unable to communicate directly with

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