Zadornov: Moscow — Russia is not

Mikhail Zadornov: "Russian will not be given to a third of their salaries to officials at the office, working janitors, cleaners, janitors."

Abroad, when they learn that you're Russian, often exclaim:

— Oh, Russia! I have been to Russia!

— But where?

— In Moscow!

— Moscow is not Russia!

— How is it? — Surprised.

— Clear. They are judged on the map, where Russia, where there is — writesin his blog Michael Zadornov. -How do they explain that in the Moscow subway less often heard speaking Russian?

The assistant told me she had heard in the

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United States — the bloodiest terrorist in the world, — said Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

White House accused of response. At the same time, Tehran has made it quite clearly and perfectly, even after the initial allegations of Washington in his address. So the United States are "the biggest terrorist in the world."

Said on Wednesday during a meeting with Iranian student leader and spiritual leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. According to him, Iran has "hundreds of documents that irrefutable evidence of the terrorist nature of the U.S. and its involvement in the terrorist attacks in the Islamic Republic, and in the region of the Middle East."

"The tradition of these documents

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Libya: 7 months of fiery

Today marks exactly eight months after the start of the rebellion in Libya. February 15, 2011, the country fell into the abyss of war and intervention. End in a bloody orgy doeth it not visible.

Now comes the 5th phase of the war, connected with the struggle for the major cities, the phase transition to the 6th phase of the war-related ordinary guerrilla war, in fact has just begun. And accordingly, as NATO takes Sirte and Bani Walid — sooner or later it will happen naturally (resources of the parties simply incommensurable), we move from one phase of

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Triumphed over death

Death wishes are sent to the creative direction — are put in front of an incredible task. After all, you now have nothing to lose, you're ready for the most terrible, so let it come at the worst moment, when you do the impossible. Superior and prevailed, and demonstrating to mankind that "there is no why not possible."

Fearful of death

Fearful of death, trying to wrap their lives comfortable and protect them from all kinds of shocks and crashes. Fearful of death is already dead, he murdered his own fear. His fear shackled and enveloped him, knocking

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Baba Yaga and God Velez — a harmonious union. Slavic myths

Who has not read Russian fairy tales as a child — this fount of centuries-old folk wisdom? And of course we met many times in these tales, Baba Yaga, a formidable and inaccessible old woman, who lives far away from the people in the magical little house on chicken legs. However, few of us are aware that under the guise of this fantastic character hides an ancient Slavic god Storm Yaga (Yagibiha, Yagishna) embodying the spontaneous, uncontrolled forces of nature.

According to Russian Vedas Storm Yaga was the wife of the god Veles, which sets in motion created by

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Happy autumnal equinox!

At 12:04 Moscow time the sun again crosses the celestial equator and moves from the northern hemisphere to the southern sky and the day of the autumnal equinox, ie astronomical autumn in the northern hemisphere and spring — in the south. On this day, the length of day and night on Earth is the same and is equal to 12 hours. Autumnal Equinox — one of the four sacred festivals that honored and solemnly celebrated since ancient times. In addition to the Autumn Equinox is the Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. Eternal cycle. And so every year in

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What we know about diet of our ancestors?

If you ask a foreigner, which is a Slavic cuisine, you'll probably hear back (if ever hear anything), words such as pancakes, dumplings, but rather vodka. Especially advanced, however, can be called a soup. However, traditional dumplings for northerners — Finnish and Ugrian, on Shrove Tuesday in the old days did not bake pancakes, and biscuits, firewood, and vodka Mendeleev invented only in the XIX century.

Slavic feast called bleed off. From what she could consist of? For the daily food of the Slavs were widely used grains, ie cereals: buckwheat, peas, barley, barley, wheat, except that there was

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Mother-Raw Land

There is nothing for human life is sacred maternal feelings. Son of his native land, living, nursing her bounties, the Russian people, breathing in one breath with nature, full of the Mother-Earth Raw truly filial love and respect. How to survive not one, but two centuries of legends and almost rumor yesterday said the red words, flew from one end to play folk expanses of Russia, unanimously supports this, nor an inch is not consumed with the life-way of the later descendants of the mighty hero of the Russian Land Mikula-light-Selyaninovich living in Holy Russia in the

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Wounds may bleed

The human brain does not care that it is a source of experienced suffering, mental or physical suffering. Each person can recall embarrassing moment of his life, when it is not deserved offended or hurt. Emerged at the same pain as if pierced through the entire body and is given in every corner.

Large number of people able to really get sick as a result of stressful experiences. Actually treating the experienced heartache, people understand that the external causes such pain sensations are absent.

With the current scientific postulate that the soul and the word has an ephemeral

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Dulles plan in Russia — fresh evidence

Schoolgirls Knowledge Day

September 1 editorial news agency "Maritime 24" one of the residents of Vladivostok sent a video, which depicted five drunken schoolgirls could hardly stand. Pay attention to the condition of these girls and their growth, which is just above the car wheel, then it is possible 12 years. From there, it's such a terrible message: "Four pupil of the sixth year of secondary school № 18 in Vladivostok poisoned" counterfeit "vodka, marking the beginning of the school year. When the girls drank vodka purchased, the child's body reacted instantly to a large

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