Of the world, a hologram and light BODY

I'd forgotten all about this story, which is here, in this world — it is considered fiction, fantasy, and never more than — the real. The reality here in the physical world — is all that anyone — then allowed to consider real. So true, not true fiction. In reality, the local rules and canons. They are very tough — step left, step to the right — and you're a potential patient psychiatric hospital or an outcast in the eyes of the public.

Not resent, dear, in the generally recognized sense, normal people, if you accidentally finish reading

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Secret societies of the world

Man has always attracted and frightened uncertainty. Maybe that's why all known human history is closely linked to the existence of secret societies? The fact that such societies have existed and exist today, few of us doubt. Some no doubt in the fact that their activities became a planetary scale, and that it is the secret societies have those invisible puppeteers who really run the world.

What is a secret society? Speaking generally, the secret society — is different, for the number of groups of people united by a specific goal, which, guided by different considerations, prefer

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Candor — the basis of your relationship

It does not matter, these relationships with family, friends, loved ones or strangers.

Look at the children, they are open and lively. Fear nothing, always ready for new experiments. But also very vulnerable, they need parental care and protection. As adults, we have bumps and fills kopim grievances are becoming more serious and strict.

And less cheerful. Gradually we close from the outside world, because we understand their vulnerability. For many, it turns into fear, and the fear that he was a first for us, deep in our subconscious mind settles. This is a necessary evolutionary process of

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Code White Warrior

1. Be true blood and soil. In your blood — the power of race, in your world — remains Ancestors.


2. Be brave and proud. He who conquers his fear, he who does not give way to the Force, is the real hero.


3. Honor the truth on which your ancestors lived. Follow the path of the Old Gods, as they once were men of your blood and heroic deeds have gained immortality.


4. Be true to his blood brother. True friendship is known only in combat. A

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Mysterious Russia. Sacred Numbers Ingliizma

Ingliizm — Ancient Faith Slavic and Aryan peoples

Sacred numbers in Ingliizme are: 3, 4, 7, 9, 16, 33, 40, 108, 144, 369.

This is due to the history of our ancestors and the whole of humanity Midgard White Earth. Each number has its own special character, and the ratio of the energy structure of a certain event in the historical life of the people and the gods.

3 — is the number of points that we need to: read The Great Reveal Triglav, Navi and regulations; fast on the third day of the week, and

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Ekoposelentsy — white crow or the heroes of our time?

What does an inhabitant of the city today? Chronically tired, bewildered and gloomy — all running, all in vanity, immediately grabs for all but did not really gets done. "Well, what can you do, this time" — doomed summarize many. Many, but not all. Are these people who are not willing to put up with the situation. Whom little periodic forays into nature, often be reduced to a trivial gastronomic feast with all the consequences. And even though these people are perceived by society as freaks, fools, white crow, these "freaks" are increasing. It is about ekoposelentsah

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Religion — a global fraud!

Everything is subject to nature. Religion — is the creation of the cult of personality, based on the laws of nature, to control people.

Why are dying bride

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We are accustomed to think of a Russian folk wedding as many days unbridled joy: guests famously drink, good snack, dancing till you drop, sing themselves hoarse, and then fight with gusto. But in reality, these festivities — only the second part of the popular wedding ritual, once known as the "red table". The first part — "black table" — is almost completely forgotten. In ancient times, according to the rules of the "black table", the bride had to go to the rite of matrimony does not

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Tribal, racial memory and Memory Enhancement


Tribal, racial memory and Memory Enhancement

There comes a time when anyone who follows the way understands and acknowledges that the trust written sources, in which the enemy can easily implement their information and the more trust people who claim to be the teacher and priest while speculating on the shrine, a decoupling mezhSlavyanskie war — already not like before.

Such a person, how would open the eyes. Become clear the obvious, which he had seemed to notice. The books — there is no truth. It must either look so much that can go

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The power of thought — a dangerous weapon

Recently topicality talk of an unknown and incomprehensible, of the esoteric, magic and magic. Once magic and witchcraft was an integral part of the lives of our ancestors. The set of beliefs, signs, rituals and divination determined the lives of our ancestors.

Now various branches of science are changing. Now considered to be not only the visible world that we perceive with our senses five, but a more delicate matter. In addition to the physical body, a person is considered now has energy-field, so to speak Soul or Spirit.

But the most interesting is that the possibilities inherent in

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