Testament grandparents in here and now …

Set Axis and establish high-vertical relationship with Rod, Power to restore order and to fulfill the duty to his ancestors, For the prosperity of the Russian land!

Ancestors of a task set: first define a vertical relationship with Rod, all the experience of our neighbors, shtob everyone knew who he was, what lives what climate change on Earth occur and will occur, where the settlement build based obscherodovoy "plan = Cards" Cloths alive. ie first vertically and then horizontally = association in power. All siddhis = ability to identify people and and events are given to

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Belobog and Chernobog

And Navi, in the Black Mountains, in a tangle of black snakes coiled up himself. After the defeat at the Battle of Svarog and welded zhichami scattered across the face of the Earth of its soldiers.

And then flew to heaven But the very Heavenly ancestor. Injustice remained on the damp ground. Injustice suffered across the earth, beneath the sky throughout the kingdom-trials.

Black snake god of cold, destruction, death, are black magicians, magicians. Crawling around his palace Snake Lamia. Sprites and werewolves roam the Black Forest.

In the darkness swirling clouds and crows circling flocks.

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Our ancestors defined the Life

Our life consists of Doom Tickets and Destiny.

ROCK — is a set of tasks that a man came to decide the course of its life. Solving your Rock, Live it, one realizes idea Rod wisdom of Nature, the sense of life itself. Hence the word "lesson", "vice", "izrok." Wish "Novi NW rock" (in Ukrainian) is also associated with the most profound understanding of the importance of Doom in our lives. Rock — something with which we come into the world — destination. If a person ceases to solve your rock, it is called vicious. If a

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Generic Memory and Memory Enhancement

There comes a time when anyone who follows the way understands and acknowledges that the trust written sources, in which the enemy can easily implement their information and the more trust people who claim to be the teacher and priest while speculating on the shrine, a decoupling mezhSlavyanskie war — already not like before. Such a person, how would open the eyes. Become clear the obvious, which he had seemed to notice. The books — there is no truth. It must either look so much that can go on and life is .. And whether, if all the information

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Old Slavic Drop Cap

Az God knows, Veda Verbs Good, Good is Life

Old Slavic Initial letter had 49 initials. For translation of the Bible in our language Cyril and Methodius altered our ancient Slavic drop cap and gave the Greek letter names, and they did not understand the letter was removed (the ones that were not in Greek). Yaroslav the Wise, his wisdom removed another letter. Reformer Peter I removed the five. Nicholas II three more.

After the 1917 Revolution, Lunacharsky removed three and added the letter "e." Lunacharsky removed the images from the Drop Caps

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The primacy of Heaven Kinship


"Imagine Space (the universe, or even life itself) as a whole as a three step design: Worlds Jani, Navi and the Government.

Reality — This is our world, flesh, and the Middle … the world of physical incarnation and the existence of solid matter.

Nav — the world of fine-material, woven from the subtle energies and energy structures (akin to the astral world.) It is like a layer between the world of waking and rules, all that were born in the right in Navi formed and comes into reality (is we)

Regulation — the world's first

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Living light! Self-healing and event management. Clear-Vision

Fight! Sons and daughters of the light! Information is ripe for the publication of important. Much time has passed since the time when there has been a trial and gain experience. It is time to realize all the experience and display their divine nature. The last decades have given you knowledge related to our true essence. We are sons and daughters of the gods of heaven learned and practiced, and remember who we are, we are worthy to bear the name of our ancestors. We are the ones who have kept, learned and transmitted to their descendants important knowledge. Our

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The meaning of the Slavic-Aryan holidays

The days of Alexander the Founder Vinitar Warrior, Gorislava Martyr, Svetozar Eternal Haryana Righteous — Commemorated Pater Diev.

Day Ramhata Wanderer — Day Belovodsky Prince, who brought order and Dravid Dravid and Nagas banned human sacrifice the goddess Kali Ma, giving them the wisdom of auroras (Rig Veda). In the Indian epic Ramayana, it is known under the name of God — King Rama whose leader Rakshasa — Rabban (Rabbi) stole his wife Sita.

Dida Day — a commemoration of the birth grandparents Lines (paternal) visiting cemeteries, graveyards etc.

Temple of the Soul's Day — a day when people should

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Why amulets help? The scientific explanation

Studied physics objects that protect people from harm, using the discoveries in the field of light phenomena.

On the nature of amulets written a lot, but more things in this thread is not solved, not explicable in terms of science, magic, and even magic. However, the fact remains that if something works, but it is not clear why — then it's the lack of depth of our knowledge. In this article I want to lift the veil and describe the mechanisms of the amulets, in the terminology of modern science.

As you know,Amulets are divided into two main groups:

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Combat power. Engineering attacks

1. Basic Shield.Despite its simplicity, this method of protection is quite effective. Due to it, he is quite popular. It is desirable that you have enough energy. So surround yourself with a cloud of energy. Then give it a shape of a dome or bubble gradually compacting it and trying as much as possible to clearly visualize generated dome. Continue as long as do not feel that is enough (when is enough — you will see it.)

2. Psionic Bolt.Collect the energy in the palm of your hand, now collect it in a little warm ball.

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