Happy God Veles!

Patron god of cattle and livestock, and tribal patron Western Slavs — Scott (Scots).

God Veles, guarding Heaven's Gate Mezhdumirya, misses in Svarga-Pure Soul only those dead who did not spare his life in defense of their fathers, in the land protection fathers and grandfathers, sewn up in the ancient faith; are hard and creative work for the prosperity of their family and that of the heart performed two great principles: Honoring the gods and their ancestors have lived and Conscience in harmony with Mother Nature.

Thank the gods and the ancestors of ours!

Veles — one of

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The most dangerous food additives E

Coming to the store, we are constantly confronted with the products, which include various food additives E: preservatives, dyes, emulsifiers, etc. Studies have shown that a number of these substances poses a serious threat to our health. Below is a table of the most harmful food additives E.

In the table, opposite the food additive E, indicate the nature of its harmful effects on our bodies in accordance with the below table legend.

Example: P — crustaceans carcinogenic food additive.

Food additive

Harmful action

Food additive

Harmful action

Food additive

Harmful action

Food additive

Harmful action


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Forest spirits of the ancient Slavs

Our ancestors believed forest area where, according to ancient beliefs, the soul acquires ancestors, sacred, mysterious. Therefore, in the views of the Slavs it was inhabited many spirits. In today's story, we will focus on those who did not belong directly to the family of the Goblin and had little inclination to play pranks.

Grandfather Treefolk.

It is often confused with Leshim for the reason that that is so called in some places, but in others it was an independent character, even the portrait is very different from the "namesake". This kind grandfather arms and legs

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About that, by means of what politicians lie and hide the truth

Over the past decade, many of the concepts in the United States have developed their politically correct equivalents. However, more and more often these terms are used not to protect anyone's interests were, and to conceal the true nature of things. Report RT correspondent Marina Portnoy.

Popular sovereignty in Russia

Popular sovereignty — the joint management of people of public processes.

Old Russian popular sovereignty — one of the most interesting phenomena in Slavic history, performance, it remains unique in our eyes. Osprey council, board, council, council

Historians tell us that in ancient times, long before the existence of states, various non-Slavic tribes existed in the principles of leadership — led by the village leader.

In Russia as a special kind of control — popular sovereignty, where people together to solve all problems.

Many centuries of this method of control allows the society to live in prosperity, family and

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Rodnoverie. New turn in the development of the Slavic Faith

New turn in the development of the Slavic Faith, which developed after thousands of years of unsuccessful attempts to squeeze the spirit of Slavs brought with them new ideas and understanding of spiritual practice. Sorry, but we must recognize that these trends were less useful for spiritual self-discovery by people themselves and the world around them. They are not able to deduce the person and the family of the victim status of the Slavic state to master their own destiny. Any spirituality, if not display in the corporeal world, no more than barren imagination. CAUSE This is understandable, since

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Who really hit the glass of the Government House on December 19?

Who was breaking windows at the Independence Square? Provocateurs or real people who are confused in their own political preferences? This issue was the reason for the heated discussions on the Internet and beyond. The network was born a lot of versions. One of the strangest: Government House crushing undercover police officers. Our reporters tracked down one of the "heroes" of the area and found out about his real life.

To paraphrase a famous expression — rumors shell attack aircraft of the Government House on December 19 is greatly exaggerated. Our channel decided

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Chur our ancestors was not the deity of the highest rank, but his name is still known and honored everywhere. He was honored patron and savers borders agrarian holdings.

The furrows of their plots farmers piled mounds enclosing their stockade, and this hill no one could dig out of fear of angering a deity. Barrier strip is sacrosanct, no one could cross it willfully.

On certain days, the head of family ownership of the rounds on the line sang hymns and brought gifts of god, here, at some distance from each other, were placed large rocks or tree trunks,

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Carol — the ancient god of cheerful feasts that his name comes from the word "colony" (circle), carols may have something to do with witchcraft.

In ancient times, his name is always mentioned next to the roof, they were called small creators, as opposed to the great creators — Rod and Svarog. The name of the Russian God known. From Christmas Eve until the day of Veles from house to house went mummers kolyadniki and sang special songs — carols. He was born 8500 years ago (that is, seven millennium BC. E.) To save mankind from the spiritual

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Trees — protector

Since ancient times, people endowed trees divine power. Worshiped them and ask them for protection. Fruits, leaves, bark, used in magic. Wooden carved magic items, divination supplies, as well as amulets and talismans, which were always with him, or to keep in your home. Amulets, made of wood, seeds, fruits, leaves or tree bark, and are now used for protection from the evil influence, and mascots of the same materials to help people to fulfill their existing capacity and develop it necessary for the success of quality.

The magic power of trees

To take advantage of the magic power of

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