Slavic features: what is it, the real evil?

Today, all sorts of evil is not on the TV screens, pages of books … And yet, in this stream is almost erased our classic features, Slavic vermin. So, what are they — Old Church devils? According to Slavic beliefs, traits existed long before man, before the creation of the world. Legend, known in Volyn, tells the story of a devil who was in his evil deeds all alone the whole world. This solitude he was tired, so he asked his sister Bjelobog create. Belobog allowed demon dunk your finger in the water of life and shake off his

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New Year and Calendar

Letter Boerboel Ruslan Kudrin to readers:

Calendar (Latin calendarium — debt book: in ancient Rome, the debtors to pay interest on the day of the calends, the first of the month) — Wiki

Why, I expressed the meaning of the New God 'and' in so harshly? Here's why:

K'o'Lyady .. Dar and 'calendar' is not the same thing. The meaning of "Kolo" — "circle", "Sun", "light" From here went and carol-caroling, carols, winter crazy woman eventually spilling into Pancake Day — Drop off byby Winter and touting a virgin (virgin-purity) Spring. A little over 300 years ago by Tsar

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Flats can cause inadequate

Flats can cause inadequate — Lugansk doctor Sergei Scherbatykh.

Residents of the city is more common, because more are the negative factors of the environment. Told said neurologist Lugansk hospital № 2 Sergey Scherbatykh. "Human health is influenced by his surroundings, his habitual way of life, bad habits. Negative impact on health has equipment: phone, computer, TV. I can say that the people closer to all the natural, nature, the more he is healthy. Why summer everyone wants to leave the city and relax in nature? Because it gives a boost of energy and health. In the town are many

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Slavlenie our gods and ancestors

Relatives in my glory, ancestors and forefathers — The roots of the tree of descent, the butt, the barrel so the branches! I bud on our Tree, after cold winter Moisture knowledge engorged by spring rains. Mother Earth gives Crude for growth effect My every zhivatmu Yarylo illuminate.

Bozhychi in Svarga Blessed! Come on Midgard, Forest Tree of labor from enemies rescue! Gray creature attacked — cut, burn oaks Rob Earth, its resources, they had no council. A cloud of locusts crown serfs greedily gnawing. Disperse the whole pack

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Climatic transformation readers eye

Gulf Stream. Photo: Planet Observer / Universal Images Group

Completed its work the UN climate summit. However, despite the fact that the long-awaited Kyoto Protocol adopted, not everyone is happy with implementation.

Already at the beginning of the summit (November 29) in Mexico City was a protest of environmentalists who called the summit participants more thoughtful approach to solving problems related to the lives of everyone on Earth. They believe that it is necessary to listen to the opinion of workers and farmers, who know "how to act without harm to people and nature." One view

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True, the root cause of the events taking place in Russia

In Russia, all over the world, except there is a third of the authorities force. This force — behind-the-scenes puppeteer skillfully manipulated the cards in the pack. Particular threat to the force represented and represent Rusichi, as carriers and keepers of the soul of the planet. This force came and comes to us, capturing the mass consciousness of the person playing and arranging permanent war, terror and revolution in Russia. We have all heard and know about Power of human thought. The strength of collective thinking can work wonders. In the invisible puppeteers game wins are always the side that

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Slavic beliefs — Ingliizm

Ingliizm — Originally, the ancient beliefs of the Slavs — light and spirituality, where is of paramount importance such thing as conscience and worship their wise ancestors. For all its complexity and diversity, Ingliizm is the most affordable and easy of belief, because it brings harmony not only the existence of man and the gods, and harmony with nature and the harmony in the relationship of man to man. The original sources of Ingliizma to be found in the depths of antiquity, and the grace of the legendary country Daarija, which was at the North Pole. The name "Ingliizm"

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Enough to lie and steal

His sense of honor is and pickpockets, and port whores

(Ernest Hemingway)

The ruling bureaucracy has consistently denied all human rights, one after another, the latest innovations is intense clarification of what is normal in other ways just does not happen.

The truth, told me a few years ago, the phrase "Your democracy and the common good is hostile propaganda of Hollywood" still does not sound on TV, but that is a form rather than content.

After all, we offer a draft law "On Police", which gives the right to future Polizei break into our apartment without a

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The military came a step closer to creating a hologram of the battlefield

This is one of those grand ideas that word of mouth passed Pentagon scientists, and come up in the press every few years. "The Face of God" will beam holograms realistic battlefield, projecting the image of a deity "to incite fear in soldiers on the battlefield."

The last time we heard about the holographic weapons two years ago, when the University of New Hampshire has worked on some projects funded by the Pentagon. Since then, another team of researchers has made a hologram in reality, not as a weapon of war. At least for

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Yoga Slavic — Aryans

What do you know about the Slavic-Aryan Yoga? I do not think a lot and this is a logical explanation. The fact that the system of the Slavic-Aryan Yoga has never been made public until today it has been preserved thanks to communities Kapenov-Ynglings. Many believe that the birthplace of yoga is India. This is not entirely true. In India, yoga was a "new life" and a new development, but initially the yoga system was introduced in India Kapenov-Ynglings from modern-day Eurasia during the legendary expedition of Rama (Rama's campaign you can read in the book of

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