Health without vaccination

It turns out that there are still honest doctors! And they are now trying to make sense of what they were doing all your life? And others that dishonest, prefer not to think about, easily bribed his conscience higher salary …

Françoise Berthoud pediatrician child health without vaccination

Increasingly, doctors are honest West pay attention to the contradictions in modern medicine. Trying to understand and explain the fallacy of vaccination, for example. Increasingly emerging issues to understand the fundamental approach to human health, based on the latest scientific research in medicine.

One day in April 2009, I was invited to

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The end of planet X, but not Nemesis

Nearly a century of attempts to find a distant "Planet X» can be terminated, and 25 years in search of a hypothetical Nemesis companion star, the Sun goes on. As shown by the Italian physicist, if "Planet X» exists, it must be either very small or very far away and unable to cope with the tasks for which it was invented solutions astronomers. The author of the original work by Lorenzo Iorio found a significant error in their work, the rectification of which returned the Nemesis to be present in the Oort cloud (see specification). The following text corresponds to

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A womans body is able to stop time

Renowned gerontologist closer to unlocking the secrets of the female longevity. He compares the human body to a car, which must constantly keep on the straight road, and that is "driving" women are better at it.

Professor Tom Kirkwood of Newcastle University, made a sensational discovery. It turns out that the cells of the female body can do to cope with the "routine maintenance" and fight the natural aging changes. Before the advent of the theory believed that this ability is available as a once male cells. But Kirkwood offers not consider the fact that the external age-related changes in

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Slavic Gymnastics: Basic Concepts

Slavic gymnastics — it energogarmoniziruyuschaya healing system psychophysical exercises. Slavic gymnastics is preventive, curative and wellness section of the Slavic martial practices and is rooted in antiquity. Healing system Slavic gymnastics helps solve problems of self-improvement, as it is a must for self-realization, samozakalivanie and harmonization of all human activity. Contents Slavic gymnastics versatile: it is physical exercise, breathing techniques, and psychotherapy, as well as a special process of conscious efforts to develop and strengthen the body and psyche.

The object of the Slavic gymnastics acts proper human body, focusing on the state

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Slavonic Drop Cap

Russian language was and still is still the language of images of deep meaning, as opposed to European, giving the surface (in breadth) understanding of the information. In simple words, the structure of the Russian language laid the fundamental knowledge about everything. And everyone can remember them, who knows Russian. Only one study of the depths of the Russian language (images) and open communication with the mother nature can awaken the genetic memory and rid the psyche of many "zombie" …

Rule the world aspiring priests — Atlanta blazed trails lead to a repetition of the fate of the world was destroyed Atlantis

"… Meteors rain fell from the heavens, and the earth itself opened up beneath them. The waters rose and covered the valley from one end of the earth to the other … "

Atlanta — The ancient, very advanced civilization. Atlantis, which in one night was flooded completely. Poseydonis — the last of the once great island of Atlantis disappeared around 9500 BC After a disaster, the surviving Atlanteans came to Egypt and started a pyramid in memory of Atlantis. The first priests of Egypt were surviving Atlanteans. It is they who built the pyramids of Chephren, Cheops Mikkerina

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Siberian mysterious place

Back in the forties of the last century visionary from the U.S. Edgar Cayce predicted flooding of America, Japan, England, which will occur sometime in 2015 as a result of a global cataclysm. The tsunami and earthquake destroyed California, most of England, Holland, Japan and Hawaii. Least affected Russia, and Western Siberia and will do intact.

But will remain intact only a small part of this region, which is in one hundred and fifty miles from the city of Omsk. And that is what will be the new place for the ark of humans, from which to begin

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Power Frets

Magus Rod Veleslav of Alexandrovsk.

In this life there are no coincidences, all natural. Here we are on the first day of new year came not by accident.

We, that is charge of the Slavs, from different cities of Perm region, gathered at the ruins of the ancient Vedic temple, which for a long time looking for. (If there is Vogulsky shrine — a place of great power, which hosted the initiation — POSVYASHENIYA, temple Yar Russia — funeral complex, we should be for the Vedic Temple.)

The purpose of review, activate a place of power, turn ladovanie. The

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Beautiful green. Forbidden movie.

Film-comedy was filmed in 1996 and banned in his home country, France. Director — Colin Cerro. In Russia Film of solidarity forbidden to be shown on TV.

But to understand why this is so difficult. At first glance, La belle verte harmless as a children's tale. Nothing shocking, nothing provocative … nothing at all would cause any strong emotions. From this point of view, the film stands out madly total weight of modern cinema art that somehow try to touch the most sensitive part of human nature, whether it be fear of death, pity, curiosity, aggression …

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Sounds Russian Cosmos. Magic rituals and spells of Old Russia

Incredible, amazing, knocks down and echo-balance music, and in general, all the work of Artists of the "Live Earth" are embodied in this film.

How amazingly talented and great these are people who know how to create these musical masterpieces, how little we pay tribute to them honors and just words of gratitude — but, by and large, it's right — the Nature of the Spirit, and the Life — no name.

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