A child of the homeland

10-year-old boy — Leo Protasov from Yekaterinburg wrote a poem, which has caused a storm of emotions in the reader.

You read it slowly, and then ponder: what books, toys, movies, cartoons, one must educate their children to 10 years of writing such masterpieces, had such a high level of awareness in their lives and feel personally responsible for the fate of their homeland ? Rossiyushka

Small yet, but I reasoned in force And no I do not blame — No country is more beautiful than Russia! This conclusion is know in advance!

Grow up — I poezzhu the

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What is skirts or skirt as a determinant of age

What, you do not understand what it did for the animal itself — skirts? Yes, this is the most that on is a normal lady's outfit — skirt! Have not heard? But listen …

Vinogradov. "Tula Baba", 1889. — Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Skirts the south of Russia — a piece of checkered fabric that wraps around the hips and waist vzdergivalsya with gashnika — woolen cord. According to the fashion of the time or another (or one or another of the village) skirts down below the waist, or, in contrast, rose above, under the breasts. If we consider

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Offer support important bills!

Officials want to prevent a property and accounts abroad! Central Bank of the Russian state must obey!

If you agree with these ideas, you can help to implement them.

The draft law on "Prohibition officials have assets abroad" was prepared by a working group with the participation of the Union of Russian citizens and submitted to the State Duma deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov. It is not only the fight against corruption, but also the struggle for the sovereignty of our country. Can not work for a government official to Russia in the critical areas,

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In Zhitomir in the construction of the museum of nature archaeologists have found artifacts of Kievan Rus

The well-known date of the founding of the city of Zhytomyr today questioned.

Indisputable facts of our existence as the regional center long before the year 884 AD, archaeologists have found the Kiev on Castle Hill.

The history of today's findings began last year. Then, near the church of Saint Sophia Cathedral Kiev on the street, archaeologists found several human burials of the 18th century.

And now, while digging the foundation pit of the new Museum of Nature was discovered laying foundations and walls of the 17th century.

— We started digging and this corner of

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On children and on the bodies

Juvenile Laws governing the removal of children (out!), Should be excluded from the practice immediately, because they are contrary to human nature and wildlife in general. Who would have imagined that the foal can be a seven-day drive away from the mare and not give him milk? The same sadism. The world would have stood up to the ears, hearing of this atrocity! Humane Society would be bristled — who dare!

Now tell me, who need to be to take a seven day grudnichka mother and forbid her to breastfeed? Mothers have three hours of breast milk break tide. What's

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Ukrainian hut — an example for ekostroiteley?

A man in his life has to raise a son, plant a tree and build a house, it was believed in ancient times in Ukraine.

Kiev region. Eco-friendly house made of straw and mud. Photo: Vitaly Beans / toloka.info

Time passes, and the popular wisdom faced with the realities of the modern world. If you plant a tree at the present time is not difficult, the appearance of the boy in the family — is, in the words of their ancestors, "as God wills", then how realistic in today's world to build his own place to live, and

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Slavic-Aryan Vedas

Slavic-Aryan Vedas

Slavic Veda — one of the oldest writings that exist on Earth. Ancient people left their message to future generations, sharing with them the secret knowledge and dictating to them the true virtue which is to adhere to the purity of the spirit. Aryan Vedas were no exception, they were written in the first priests, although the word "written" is not suited to them, each character has been carefully removed, and in some cases cut into the metal, which did not take the rust and where hidden knowledge, not intended for the announcement of

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Slavic calendar — Pantheon of Gods

Presented here is a flow chart illustrates, both listed in the "Book of Veles" pantheon of Slavic gods easily fit into the seasonal calendar, reflecting the core activities of our ancestors: agriculture, hunting, fishing, bee-keeping, as well as major festivals, which begin and end each cycle.

Slavic calendar — Pantheon of Gods

In ancient times the year was divided into three main seasons: the period of agricultural work (spring), the time of ripening and harvesting (covered summer and autumn) and winter. These three seasons are shown in the diagram in green, yellow and blue color, allowing you to

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Slavic writing is the oldest in the world

Day of Slavic Writing itself is missing: what is celebrated on May 24 to consider properly the death of Slavonic Literature Day. In all Slavic countries celebrate the so-called Day of Slavic Writing and Culture, praising Byzantine monks Cyril and Methodius, who allegedly belong laurels creators of the Slavic alphabet. Come say next overseas educators to "unreasonable and wild Slavs" and bestowed upon them in writing.

In fact, in Russia, there were many native scripts. And Cyril and Methodius is not something that does not create, but rather, successfully conducted a special operation to the impoverishment and simplification of the

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Scientists believe that needlework affects the level of female hormones!

In recent years, in different countries, there is a surge of interest in needlework. Nature takes its toll, and women want to feel again women — weak and defenseless. They cross stitching, weaving products from beads, beads dumb wool and clothing, do patchwork, quilting. Perhaps it is a kind of "unconscious psychotherapy."

In the bustle of city life with the ladies left hemisphere is activated rational logical thinking, leaves little room for creativity. At the same needlework runs hemispheric process illogical, spontaneous — creative. And needlework can be called the real psycho, thanks to which we reconstruct ancestral

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