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Sleep that enveloped our nation last hundred years pass. Difficult to wake up, I want to soak in luxury inactivity. But awakening is inevitable. The realities that appear before our eyes, scary. Suddenly waking up, we realize that we do not belong to myself! How could this happen? Yes, just recently, at the turn of IXX — XX centuries, we woke up. Russia seething energy freedom. So what? Unable to escape from the deft hands of the dictator of the world! And he is a prominent strategist and one of his first steps leading to the enslavement of our people

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Standards of Western democracy will win the elections bankers and oligarchs

Americans are preparing to choose the lesser of two evils, the former State Department official George Kenney. On why in the race will not be a positive outcome, he said on the air RT.

On the results of the past two "elections" in the U.S.


The sources and nature of American "good", especially in the pre-election period

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How to give birth in the old days?

At all times people with reverence for pregnant women, maternity, mother. A century ago in the family brought up a lot of children, pregnancy and childbirth were a welcome and natural for any woman's event. Family blessed by children, was considered by the people — will be happy. Be a mother and be her in every sense of the word, every woman wanted.

Veneziani, AG (1780 — 1847)The harvest. SUMMER. 1830s

For most of our foremothers, until the middle of the twentieth century, the purpose of life was performed by maternal and wifely duties as soul-saving service, in

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South Urals began to take children out of school — in 26 families of children educated at home


Today in the Chelyabinsk region 26 families educate their children without the help of educational institutions. In 2011, these families in the Southern Urals was 58. As the correspondent of "New Region", 13 families from Chelyabinsk, Upper Ufaleya and parents of Zlatoust, Miass, Chebarkul, Kopeysk, Emanzhelinsk Kyshtym and decided to educate their children independently. According to head of the general and special Special Education Ministry of Education of the Chelyabinsk region Elena Tyurina, basically the type of education for their children choose parents with teaching. Families with talented children who spend time and energy on further

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Svarog Circle impact on peoples lives

A great impact on human life and nature have different energies moons, which move along their paths around Midgard and other land shading or adding radiation from the Lands, sun and stars. Particularly important influence on mental human activities Yarylo-sun, especially the harmonious flow of particles (neutrinos), and the man — is the only living structure, living on Midgard, which tends to delay this harmonious flow in your body.

Svarog Circle impact on people's lives

Neutrino as a particle can fly through the moon, any land, and getting to a person, it stops, and the body it accumulates.

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