Concept of God and the Lord God

As usual, an ardent supporter of a particular point of view with great doubt applies to all other sources, other than those recognized in his lap. Therefore we turn again to the Bible.


The iconostasis of the Trinity Cathedral in Gledensky m-re. Photo:

The Bible testifies:

— It turns out that people are descended not from Adam and Eve.

— It turns out that the very concepts of "God" and "God" is a completely different personalities.

— It turns out that the Biblical God is fighting with the other gods,

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Ukrainian talismans and symbols

Millennia tested tradition to decorate and protect your home charms.

Wisely used by our ancestors of plants, flowers and various fruits of our great earth. Amulet not only gives a unique flavor to the "country" style to your home, but also help to keep the peace, love and well-being — so necessary in this difficult time.

Value oberegovi characters:

Cereals, legumes — A symbol of prosperity, full life, thriving in a material respect. Bast symbolize the comfort of home, family happiness. Poppy, corn poppy — A symbol of wish-fulfillment. ToRAAS hot peppers — Masculinity, a symbol of men's

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Gromnitsy (Awakening Fire) (2-15 February)

All nature is sound and animated. Strength of wildlife and the elements is a powerful forces of the Universe, who have their own consciousness and intelligence. Our ancestors of the pre-Christian period, deeply understand and be aware of it, to live in harmony with these forces, were able to communicate properly with them. Natural Colo that time the solstices and equinoxes, the time to fall asleep and wake up these natural, natural forces. Their energies are present not only in the wild, but in humans and other life forms.

Days of waking

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Karelian magic stones sledovikov

Famous White Sea petroglyphs

Karelia (North-West Russia) was a full megalithic region, as the cult of stones in these areas in ancient times not only had its own specific features, but has always been an important part of the cultural landscape.

In the II century AD. e. Roman philosopher and encyclopedist Celsus wrote: "There is the age-old ancient study, which involved the ancient peoples and nations, and the wise men — Egyptians, Assyrians, Hyperboreans, Celtic Druids and geta …". Very little of this "primordial learning" has survived to the present day, and one of the great mysteries

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Ritual meaning Slavic Dances

Since ancient times, people wanted to move. Just born, newborn proclaims itself the world cries and involuntary movements that confirm what has been the life of another human creature. Because we all know that the movement — is life. Even plants, their roots tied to Mother-raw-earth, the leaves turn in the course of the sun in such a way that they have always been addressed as much of the surface of the light.

Once people realized that it is able to control his body, not only to hunt or gather fruits, but also to display their movements habits

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Sources of power and mystery of the pyramid shape

What forces could be used by the ancient Egyptians?

Unfortunately, we do not have the "central repository", compiled by the Egyptians, and they contain information about what forces, where and for what they use, redirected, distributed and accumulated. But we can use some guidance, to draw conclusions about the sources of these forces and for operations with them. So we will be able to identify two of the three unknowns. So we will increase your chances to trace the unknown quantity and the third — the nature of these forces.

Where to use these powers?

To this question we

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2012 — year of World Government

Private global world elite, working with the government, determined to introduce a world government. Let's look at 12 megaprotsessov that they can use to try to achieve their goals.

All roads lead to World Government. This should be no surprise. London's Financial Times openly articulated this view in an article by its external relations commentator Gideon Ruckman, published Dec. 8, 2009, and whose title speaks for itself, "And now for the World Government." Echoed these goals Trilateral Commission, CFR (Committee on Foreign Relations; approx. Mixednews) and Bilderberg insiders — even the Vatican.

Macro-management of the planet Earth is no

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Slavic herbalism

Beautiful of goddesses — Mother Svetlosyaynaya Lada — came to the people on a rainbow with a baby in his head and a bunch of flowers in his hands. Of the Ancient of Days since the creation of the world and created a cult of the Great Goddess of people. This blessed memory was preserved, especially in obryadodeystviyah with flowers and herbs. The plants were in the days of man, distant from us, for tens of thousands of years. About the healing properties of flowers, herbs, fruits of the ancient healers knew then.

Our ancient prazemlya — is the

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Divya people

Legends of ancient times bring us that long ago lived in the Ural mountains mysterious people — Chud, or as it is called, Divya people. For years, they lived happily and peacefully. And lived so until they were on the Ural land to build factories and mills. This situation forced divih people go underground for a long time.


Now for many of us Divya people — only the characters of children's fairy tales. But is it really? Onuchko known ethnographer in the early twentieth century, wrote that these subterranean inhabitants as real as you and me: "In

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Another look at the history of Russia

The war against Russia is already very long and very, very successful. Of course, not on the battlefield, where we are all always beaten and hurt a lot, but where the West has always won and continues to win — in the information wars. The main goal — to show the inhabitants of our country, that they are stupid mindless trash, not even a second-rate, but somewhere 07.06 level, without past or future. And it almost proved — even the authors of many patriotic articles agree with this approach completely.

Examples? Please!

Example 1. Hedavno we celebrated the

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