Russian military bears

May 27, 2012 18:34

Bear — the symbol of Russia, Yaroslavl legend

The coat of arms of the city of Yaroslavl depicts a bear with his ax. In "Legend of the castle building Yaroslavl" is a legend that in times of Yaroslav the Wise in this place was the tract Bear Corner, where they lived pagans — worshipers of the god Veles, who allegedly engaged in hunting, herding and robbery sailing the Volga merchants.

Yaroslav decided to put an end to this outrage and appeared to restore order with a team Locals released some "ferocious beast"

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Off the coast of Britain, were found the remains of saber-toothed tigers

May 24, 2012 23:15

In the North Sea were found remains of a saber-toothed tiger. As shown in further examination, the animal was about the size of a horse. Bones found off the coast of the UK, there are about two million years. Scientists have called this type of saber-toothed tiger yataganskoy cat. This is the northernmost part of the world, where they found the remains of the animal. First partial skeleton of a saber-toothed tiger was found in the North Sea.

Dry steppe landscape, crossed by many rivers, which once lived millions of years ago yagatanskie cat was flooded

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The relativity of time in the universe

May 22, 2012 9:33

All processes occur naturally in the universe. Scientists at all times trying to find these patterns. Space and time are more interested in the ancient Greeks, who believed that the time has no linear structure on forever in both directions. They were convinced that the study of the concept of time would not be possible if mankind had never seen the stars, the sky and the sun. Lucretius in his poem "On the Nature of Things" wrote: "Also, there is no time itself, but the objects themselves lead to a sense of what the ages

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Siemens brings the era of electric vehicles

May 20, 2012 13:32

International Symposium on electric vehicles (Electric Vehicle Symposium), held in Los Angeles, the company Siemens has announced a new proprietary technology called eHighway. Within this technology, hybrid diesel-electric trucks are equipped with slip rings, through which the energy required to move comes from live lines laid along the highways and roads. Siemens representatives argue that the use of such technology will significantly reduce pollution in the highway, where the main factor is the exhaust of polluting diesel trucks. The first tests of the system were to eHighway equipped conductive lines land highway in Germany. Reaching such

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Unidentified object nearly caused a disaster in the skies over Denver May 14, 2012

May 19, 2012 13:29

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the incident in mystical sky. Mysterious object flying over Denver, nearly causing a crash, as it became known edition 9 Wants To Know. As far as the participants of the investigation, a mysterious object did not show up on the radar Monday. The researchers believe that this may be a serious threat to the safety of aircraft. Broadcast confirms that the pilot reported a strange nervous facility at 5:17 pm on Monday. The pilot hears the dispatcher: "Remote-controlled aircraft, or what? Just something goes wrong …

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Sirrush — a strange beast of Babylon

May 14, 2012 9:05

Babylon … The name of the city — the Bab-Ilu (Gate of God) and the strange beast on the gates of his …

Sirrush — a strange beast of Babylon

In the heart of Berlin — a ten minute walk from the Brandenburg Gate, the "Museum Island" is the famous Pergamon Museum, named in honor of him being in the altar of Zeus from the city of Pergamum. It is the most visited museum of the German capital, last year it was visited by about 660,000 people. Pergamon in the masterpieces of ancient Eastern

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Clerics wooden airfield

May 14, 2012 8:22

The origin of religion — a phenomenon to say the least unusual. How would you introduce yourself? Perhaps the sight of the picture come to life from the myths and legends: the majestic voice from heaven, the gods are mortal, miracles and cars … Oddly enough, the process of a new faith can be much easier, if not comical. It is a cargo cult that was circulated among the native inhabitants of the islands of Oceania.

Every year on February 15 gives an official marches, drawing the letters USA on his chest and hoisted

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Robot bird, landed exactly on the mans hand

May 10, 2012 11:14

Flying robots are already widely used, it is relatively large military drones and tiny children's toys, helicopters capable to get up in the air very complicated pirouettes. But none of these robots can not waving his wings, and then land exactly on the man's hand, repeating the motion, which carries a bird landing.

Two researchers from the University of Illinois, Chang Sung-Jo (Soon-Jo Chung) and Aditya A. Parandzheyp (Aditya A. Paranjape), designed and built like a bird robot aircraft, which, having flexible and movable wings, can perform complex maneuvers and land exactly at the specified

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Gold Hun — Heritage smokers

May 24, 2012 0:00

The history of gold discovery era of the Great Migration, found at Kursk land turned into a real detective. It had everything: the unlucky "black diggers" who ran into parts of horse harnesses V century and cunning dealers historical values, and the gallant officers of the FSB, which would not allow the historical discovery "sail" abroad. Point in the complicated case put the employees of the Kursk Regional Museum of Archaeology, who organized a unique exhibition for smokers: the so-called "golden Hun" is now available for everyone to look at the decorations can be in the

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Celtic tomb reveals secrets

February 1, 2013 5:50

Scientists continue to study the unique Celtic tomb discovered in Baden-Württemberg. More recently, the name Bettelbyulbah creek that flows near the village Hunderzingen in the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg and flows into the Danube, even the locals know not all. But after the summer of 2010 on the bank of the stream was made a sensational discovery — a Celtic burial of the 6th century BC, it became known to archaeologists around the world. At the very least, experts in the Celtic civilization.

A giant block of land with a Celtic burial was cut

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