January 30, 2013 20:19

It is difficult to find a nation, in which there were no legends or stories about some creatures living in the darkest dungeons. They say they were descended from the dwarves, so familiar with the stories and somehow disappeared from the surface of our earth. They had a huge amount of knowledge and crafts, and for unknown reasons, to us, the people unfriendly attitude, rather — hostile.

It gives the right to think that after all described in fairy tales quite real, and, presumably, now existing underground world.

One could, of course, this

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In Russia, there will be parking for UFO

April 4, 2012 16:16

Scientists warn that they are close to establishing contact with extraterrestrial civilizations. Australian tracking stations caught the signal from space clearly intelligent origin. It is possible that in the near future on our planet delegation landed alien visitors. Many countries have argued that they do not have much to rebuild the road infrastructure of the city to be a UFO, where land: for these purposes will be converted helicopter landing pad on top of buildings, and a special place in large parking lots.

However, in Russia there is a difficult situation, even with parking

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Call of maddening

April 4, 2012 16:01

In the early 70-ies of the newspaper "Trud" published in its pages a quick note, on which adorned title: "The issue of the prosecutor Seitova", but the content was strange. It was about four participants in the research expedition, which sailed on a boat from the shore of Lake Issyk-Kul. More of them is not known.

The boat was found, it was fully operational and free of any damage, but the passengers were not there. In the boat found only clothes. The body of one of the men after a while found near the shore.


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What is egregors and how they affect people

April 1, 2012 11:46

All who are just beginning to take up the esoteric knowledge, faced with a term such as "egregore." What is it and how egregore affect people's behavior, and even more so as it occurs, with one just can not understand the esoteric literature. Only with experience, knowledge and understanding comes the word "egregore."

Egregors are different. They occur in the surrounding area of the Earth, as a response to this space on the livelihoods of people. Therefore, any purposeful activity of people, even the activities of one man, capable of producing seeds of future egregore.

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How quickly cleanse your energy body with light

March 29, 2012 19:36

There is a wonderful technique that can quickly clear your energy body is light.

Sit quietly, light a candle, sit back, feet on the floor, feet parallel, hands on knees, uncrossed. Say, "I ask the crystal-white space energy wash me all the plans and cleanse me from all the negativity, remove all negative communication and binding negative programs and implementation."

Close your eyes. Feet feel your connection to the land and the crown — with Heaven. Imagine yourself as an egg hanging in the void of space. What is the original color — does

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Calendar Stone — the pyramid of Kukulkan

March 28, 2012 11:22

It seems that we understand why the Mayan Sun God fed torn from living victims hearts. Helped numerous bloodthirsty reliefs of Chichen Itza. With the Mayan "Chichen Itza" can be translated as "the place at the well Itza tribe." It is this tribe has given rise to one of the most important cities of the ancient Maya.

Pyramid of Kukulkan

The figure of the legendary founder of Chichen Itza — Kukulcan — a very mysterious and shrouded in legend. In Mayan chronicles says that Kukulcan came from somewhere in the west. Kukulkan alien

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The fate of the Earth governs the cosmos

March 24, 2012 14:03

Something strange going on in our world. In Dagestan, Egypt, Syria, Israel, there are explosions. In Afghanistan, the ongoing armed clashes in France and Romania do not stop the problem of the Roma, Iran is quietly preparing a nuclear weapon. People die, even in the seemingly peaceful country. Every football game turns into a massacre. Regardless of the outcome fans krushat car windows and beaten mercilessly maim anyone who gets in their way.

Why in the first years of the third millennium, senseless cruelty is a common form of behavior?

Why is that? Why

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Other measurements of the Earth

March 20, 2012 22:09

Since ancient times, people from different countries and continents tell of unknown lands, the passage in which only opens at a certain time and within a given location …

In these unknown lands live amazing people — elves, fairies, banshees, there is an invisible city of Kitezh, Hidden legendary Shambhala, other unknown continents and states. Some of these lands are lost forever people from other back, the road to the third known only few elected and consecrated. First of all it was a myth. Today, however, scientists have proved the reality of the unknown space,

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Tlinkty: living on the edge of the world

March 20, 2012 13:15

Tlingit Indian tribe historically is the area situated along the sea on both sides of the border of Alaska and Canada

Tlingit Indian tribe historically is the area situated along the sea on both sides of the border of Alaska and Canada. Their settlements can also be found further south, down to the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. According to American scientists, the fishermen and hunters lived there for thousands of years. Inhospitable climate of the Pacific coast of Canada and Alaska, with its constant dampness and rain, and the very remoteness of

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World tends to the era of dinosaurs

January 29, 2013 4:37

July 2012 will be remembered many of the tragedy in the Kuban. Heavy rain hit the towns of the Crimean region, Novorossiysk, Gelendzhik, which led to the exit of the river banks and outright floods. From climatic disaster suffered tens of thousands of people.

Environmentalists believe that the enhanced precipitation due to climate change, more powerful and unpredictable are almost all natural elements. But most importantly, as experts believe, humanity will be increasingly exposed to such natural emergencies. All of the natural climate system is out of balance.

In the Kuban flood occurred due to

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