Rite harmony of heaven and earth

February 3, 2012 21:33

Ukok plateau — one of the most important and sacred place for many people of Eurasia

This year, in the Altai Republic four South American tribal leaders from Bolivia and indigenous Altai mountains made rituals to protect the sacred Altai territory. They visited the Ukok plateau — one of the most important and sacred place for many people of Eurasia.

The leaders of South American tribes arrived on the plateau Ukok to hold rite dedicated to the harmony of Heaven and Earth. Now Altai live not only representatives of different nationalities, but also of

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Why the UN Office officially established relations with aliens?

February 1, 2012 15:29

Officially launched at the UN Office for Relations with the aliens. This is a very important event, seen by the way, a few have happened in the past year. What representation is involved, have not been able to find out. Lead him Mazlan Othman of Malaysia, a specialist astrophysicist dismisses generalities. Such example: "Now almost every year in the depths of space, found the planet, in principle suitable for life. So it is possible that one day mankind will take them to signals … When that happens, we will give a coordinated response that takes into

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Nibiru, as the end of the world

January 31, 2012 15:01

The first time, back in 1982, NASA recognized the possibility that there is another new planet in the solar system. A year later, in 1983, NASA Launches Infrared satellite, which was able to take pictures and zafiksiforovat rather large space object.

Newspaper The Washington Post summed up the results from interviews with scientists from the program: the outer body is likely to have a significant size, compared to the giant planet Jupiter, and, most of all, by their size, close to the ground, can be part of the solar system, was discovered by space telescope in

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Secrets of the Lake District

January 30, 2012 15:52

Lake District keeps a lot of secrets and mysteries, not fully disclosed to the present day

In the British national park "Lake District", located in the mountainous region Cumbria and famous for its mysterious green valleys and no less mysterious lakes, in water and on land recently discovered strange gelatinous white clots.

Park rangers say that similar "goo" is here and previously, for example, two years ago, and the earliest mention of it, according to historical archives, refer to XIV century.

According to those residents who do not scruple to pick up a nasty-looking

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Mermen and mermaids — a reality?

January 30, 2012 2:50

Really fabulous mermaids can be very real creatures that lived from time immemorial in the seas, rivers and lakes? A positive answer to this question is difficult to imagine, but the evidence suggests that human-beings can actually live in the water.

Her back and chest were women … her skin was very white … She had long black hair and a tail like a dolphin

In 1963 Kagul Meadowlands, near the Soviet-Romanian border, a young lieutenant A border west to hunt in the reeds heard the man moan. It was coming from the other

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Fantastic reality of the Crystal Cave

January 30, 2012 13:45

Spectacular cave crystals, similar to the fantastic unreality under the earth, which in 2000, by coincidence, was seen in a small town Nike silo point in the "Land of the Four Seas" from the depth of 300 meters.

Cave — is a hollow hole in the mountain, shaped like a horseshoe. Crystal size in height of the huge trees of similar size, and the bulk of their external diversity is unique. Extraordinary crystal cross all the space in the cave for quite chaotic directions. The surface of the floor is covered with almost Accurate and

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Ancient Indian yogis astronomers calculated the speed of light only with beads

January 29, 2012 19:20

Invisible attacked a very entertaining story. Generally articles of this nature "Ancient navels calculate something long before modern scientists" come across quite often, and have a lot of debris, and other opuses. Some others are sometimes really interesting material. They Invisible always wondered the same question: "How?". Imagine that you do not know how many days in a year, what is in the Sun, the Earth is round and much more — you'll be able to calculate the speed of light?

In this article will talk about how the ancient yogis astronomers (and they

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Scientist: Aliens avoid meeting with humans

February 1, 2012 9:48

Aliens know about us, but do not want to mess with. Photo NASA.

Aliens, if they exist, have long had to make contact with humans, and because of this they have not done so, deliberately reveal themselves. This conclusion mathematician Thomas Hare of the American University of Florida.

At the conference, the Mathematical Association of America expert presented his modest calculations of time, which should be enough for you to accumulate the resources to do all the necessary scientific discovery, to learn the technologies, to leave home world and fly to another star, reports compulenta.

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Shang Shung: Atlantis in the Himalayas

January 27, 2012 17:53

A traveler from Munich anthropologist Bruno Baumann searched the mythical Himalayan Buddhist shrine Shangri-La and was in the real cradle of Tibetan culture — a silver palace of the kings of Shang Shung. In the harsh edge of the mountain for more than two thousand years ago was ruled by wild fearless warriors and bloodthirsty shamans.

At first glance, the area in the southwest of the Tibetan plateau is nothing special. In the deep mountain valley village nestled Kyunlung. There have been no road. Bruno Baumann was getting in a canoe on a mountain river

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Meganom — Valley UFOs and ghosts

January 26, 2012 20:47

Some tourists visiting Cape Meganom claim that they see in the sea strange ghost ship

"Strange flying objects" were recently reported in the skies over Sudak in cape Meganom. Eyewitnesses observed accumulation of luminous and bright moving lights, which then moved erratically, then froze in place, dissolve and reappear. Witnesses watched the objects from the lookout track Sudak — New World. One of the witnesses "flight newcomers" under the name Sandro took a few photos and posted footage on YouTube.

Experts who are familiar with the images, suggested that these objects are "essential elements"

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