We are not slaves

January 25, 2012 19:38

Humanity according to the Bible, was created by the gods to the 6th day of creation (but as different gods that people also differ from each other), and on day 8, when the gods rested began to create the first-to-pod (translated as god pod, Assistant god, half god), who also produced his humanity. At first (the Bible), he created only the soul and put it to the east of our land on the planet Eden, and then split in half separating the soul from the masculine female. But the living soul is not a person

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Krasnodar ghosts

January 23, 2012 16:08

"It was not a dog sticks, and Sobachkina capital" — once said of Krasnodar Vladimir Mayakovsky. Krasnodar like lines written by the great poet, and in 2007 a monument in love with dogs. Since then the matter is a belief that if you rub their noses in these dog, something good will happen. Piggy bank so many legends of the Krasnodar increased by one.

Gold happy Kuban

In May 1918, the city of Krasnodar, still bore the name Ekaterinodar approached the Bolsheviks. White Guards could not leave them to the treasury of the Kuban Rada

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Where the wandering rocks and people disappear

January 20, 2012 19:50

People in the know say that the whole of Central Russia these places no more than half a dozen. Yes, this place is really amazing. In particular, it is famous for its Blue-stone, boulders weighing 12 tons.

He used to lay on top of the mountain and the Alexander was an altar slab ancient sanctuary. Since the beginning of Christianity Stone was declared "merskim God" and is surrounded by all kinds of taboos. However, the new Christians, apparently, those prohibitions are not particularly heed what and complained chronicle of the time: "Being in the

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Children neutrinosphere

January 18, 2012 16:01

Bearers of telepathic signals, in their opinion, are neutrinos, elementary particles, which account for 97 percent of the matter in the Universe

Since the end of XV to the early XX century, there was a very profitable and very specific kind of commerce — trade secrets of the so-called magical connection. Sellers usually outstanding people, successful to "Sorcerer" field, a lot of money want to teach techniques of clairvoyance, demanded not only eager to know all the individuals, and government agencies such as intelligence, army. This business, however, began to decline as soon as the

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The end times

January 18, 2012 15:34

One of the threats to space are asteroids, ancient debris left over from the creation of the solar system.

Wipe us off the face of the universe may, for example, the asteroid Apophis. He is named after the ancient Egyptian god of darkness and destruction. Opened in 2004 an asteroid the size corresponds stoetazhnomu skyscraper and weighs 20 million tons.

Zipping at speeds of hundreds of times the speed of a bullet, it is not a lower energy than all the nuclear weapons on the planet. Astronomers know about where it is going. According to

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Tuareg — free people

January 18, 2012 17:51

The war in Libya drew attention to the problems of the tribes of North Africa, as it turned out that experts from Western countries did not accurately imagine the role of the tribal structure not only in politics, but also just in the behavior of the Saharans.

Special attention is attracted Tuaregs, who took a completely independent position. Meanwhile, a lot of people wrote this before, but only as a kind of "exotic", often based on data from anthropologists who have studied these people a hundred or more years ago. But what about the

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A mysterious ball of explosive

January 18, 2012 14:37

Mysterious spherical object was discovered on a farm in Brazil in 2008. According to Sebastian Marquez, who found the object, the sphere was one meter in diameter and, most likely, is of extraterrestrial origin. Australian farmer James Stirton also found an object that has a striking resemblance to the Brazilian ball. However, under assumptions farmer object could be a fuel cell or a rocket spaceship crashed on Earth.

The media occasionally there are reports of all kinds of things that fall from the sky, from gold coins to a piece of fresh raw meat. If gold

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Air ghosts

January 14, 2012 17:18

At the end of XIX century German meteorologist N. Bedige published a startling message. "Night March 27, 1898 the crew of the Pacific Bremen ship" Matador "was not a little scared amazing Fata Morgana.

In the seventh bottle night (otherwise — half an hour before midnight) on watch noticed on the leeward side, about two miles, a large sailing ship, fighting the storm, although the range of ocean was completely calm. Meanwhile, an unknown vessel exert all their strength to fight raging elements. In bright moonlight tropics, when the night is almost as light as

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Where hidden flying saucer of the Third Reich?

January 14, 2012 15:25

In 1947, when a wave of mass UFO sightings swept across America, U.S. intelligence began to frantically search for the answer to "flying saucers."

Of course, the first thing they remembered about the achievements of the Germans since the war. Captain Edward Ruppelt, who led the project of the U.S. Air Force for the Study of UFOs "Blue Book", recalled: "At the end of the Second World War, the Germans have been a number of promising projects, new aircraft and guided missiles. Most of them are at an early stage of development, but only these

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Amazing secrets of the old masters

January 13, 2012 12:11

XXI century has brought many surprises. He reiterated that the apparent power of modern science is as yet only a reflection of the ancient and forgotten knowledge, humanity once enjoyed.

Most old batteries: in 1938 during the excavation of the ancient city of ancient Seleucia in modern Iran were found small clay loans baffled archaeologists. They mounted a copper cylinder with iron cores. Cylinders used for soldering alloy of lead and tin in the same proportion as that used in modern electronics. Scientists have made an unexpected suggestion: the remains of galvanic or electrolytic cells. According

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