New species: fantastic flying frog

January 17, 2013 18:11

Scientists have discovered a new type of flying frog (copepods frogs).

First frog discovered in the woods not far from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Although the new species was discovered in 2009, a description has been given only recently.

Jodi Rowley (Jodi Rowley) of the Australian Museum said: "We came across a huge green frog, get a log."

Rowley later realized that this creature, 9 inches long, — the representative of a new species of flying frogs, known for their ability to plan, jumping from tree to tree, because of the "special

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On the new Alexis from Petrozavodsk bullied Western media

December 13, 2011 13:48

Pensioner two years kept in the refrigerator alien corpse —

Petrozavodsk pensioner Martha Yegorovna two years and kept them in my fridge alien corpse, said Karelian site "About Petrozavodsk." The publication has become an object of ridicule Western media.

The pensioner said that a strange-looking alien, from which supposedly was unbearable heat, she found in the courtyard of the country house in the autumn of 2009. Nearby lay the remains of the aircraft that are "just a day" taken "men in chemical protection and some citizens in suits." A humanoid she brought to

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Mysterious Russia: Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. Curse of the Shaman?

December 12, 2011 19:33

Mysterious Russia: Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. Curse of the Shaman? Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. The population density in these lands — less than one person per square kilometer. It is home to the Nenets and Khanty, who, like many centuries ago, the deer graze in the vast plains of tundra.

Their only road — the river, their only healer — shaman. And they — the keepers of the ancient knowledge of these people. But every year the shaman is getting smaller. Their strength and knowledge go together with the death of …

Why is this

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Do not cut the Dragons Tail

December 11, 2011 16:50

In the early 20's of our century old English businessman and part-time amateur archaeologist takes a walk through the hills of native Hierfordshira. Suddenly, a familiar landscape appeared to him in a very different way. He saw that the whole area in front of it is lined in squares straight lines passing through the churches, buildings, ancient monuments. Gentleman realized that saw a map of ancient Britain — the landscape, covered mesh perfectly straight roads, the majority of which is associated with the movement, or the sun, or with the paths of the stars. It was

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Two cases of UFO sightings around Vancouver

December 10, 2011 16:15

1. Date: April 30, 2011 Time: Approx: 1:00 am I went near the river in Kokuitleme, British Columbia and noticed a round red ball with light, which flew in the sky. This was about the same height where the planes fly. I am very interested in everything that concerns UFOs. I could not believe it, but it was in reality.

I tried to get a better look it, but the ball disappears and then reappears. Finally he began to fall, I stopped the car and ran skipping to the place where I calculate that it can

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Underground Empire PC Orion

December 9, 2011 7:17

In 1929, in Western Europe, thousands of amateurs caught an unusual transmission. Someone named Nick, who introduced the messenger of extraterrestrial civilizations in four languages (English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese, for two hours in each language) read the text, went down in history as the third letter of ufology KOH (Coalition Troop Observers) mankind. At the time, this caused a lot of noise transmission and content of the message is still in many books on UFOs.

Secret is not revealed until now

Even among ufologists opinions about the message KOH 1929 diverge. Some believe

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In England, witches hut excavated the mummy cat

December 8, 2011 16:57 Unearthed house in north-west England

In the excavated house in north-west England, found a sealed room with a bricked up in the wall of a cat. This area is in the XVII century was known abundance of witches.

The cabin was discovered near the village reservoir Barley, at the foot of the hill Pendle Hill. This area in the north-west of England called "The Land of the Witches."

Summoned to explore the construction site, archaeologists first encountered the fragments of the old building, completely covered with soil and grass.

Historians believe that

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Brave people — elves. This is not a fairy tale

December 7, 2011 16:33

The world has changed. I can feel it in the water … I feel in the ground … I feel in the air. Much of what was — gone. And no more of those who With this in mind … And much has been forgotten — Why should not forget. History became legend. The legend became myth … (Early trilogy "The Lord of the Rings")

At the root of the history of our world is civilization, all value systems which are fundamentally different from all the value systems familiar human communities. For this civilization was mainly

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Levitation: man must learn to fly?

December 7, 2011 15:41

Most scientists categorically deny the possibility of levitation, if they believe, "born to crawl can not fly …" However, a person can still fly, because throughout history witnessed levitation were very respectable people, the evidence of which is difficult to ignore.

Flying in a dream … but in reality?

Almost every one of us ever (usually as a child) had an unusual feeling in the dream of flight. In this dream body becomes a fantastic and very pleasant light, we soared above the ground and hovered in the sky, and below us floated forests, rivers, cities

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Mayan mystery death

December 6, 2011 16:52

The staff of the Institute for Space Studies at NASA's Goddard (NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies), United States, argue that the Maya themselves destroyed their civilization. Deforestation in Central America before the arrival of Europeans to the drought in the region. Scientists have long believed that this drought has caused the death of Maya, although its role in this could have played, and other factors such as conflicts and overpopulation. , Reports Live Science. Using new methods of reconstruction of vegetation up to 2 thousand years ago, climate scientists have found that deforestation Mayan farmers

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