History of gray people

Grey (Greys) — Slave Koshcheev whisspiritual spiteful people out of the dark worlds, who goes by the technocratic way of development (Imperial laws, the power of the slave-owners, etc.). This TVandrhenium God (Genesis 2), a name which Statanail [Secret Jn]. Gray — the inhabitants of the Earth Eden and Nod with Galactic East (galaxy under named Sunshine, ie baked life, infancy), where he was a bio-cloning to the creation of Adam, Lilith and Eve, "And the Lord God planted a garden in Eden (Mountainous giants) in the east, and there he put the man whom he had formed"(Genesis 2:8).

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Or Jesus Christ?

Throughout the existence of our civilization, of earthly humanity constantly born, those who choose the path or the White god, and those who "hits" on the side of its antipode — Chernobog. Sorry for all the "chosen people", the Vedic tradition and Islam are not in the history of collisions. Does not know them and "Book of Veles", despite the fact that Islam is already rattled by the whole "old" world. It should be noted that it is in the Slavic lands undergoing Islamization pravedizma preserved a living tradition.

"Veda Slavs" was recorded in the Rhodope Mountains in Slavs (Bulgarian

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Fertile soil — its easy!

Now for most people, fertile soil — a utopia. Purely consumer approach to growing plants destroys topsoil. Most agronomists believe that the fertile soil — is a land of a certain chemical composition. This representation is fundamentally not true, and that it leads to the destruction of the soil. Do not believe me? Read on.

Everyone knows that the mold in the soil is relatively small, and is on the ground. If you dig a two-meter hole in the ground, you can see with the naked eye that the fertile soil on the bottom there, but if

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Dolmen Mary

Our ancestors have long rendered habitable territory of the North Caucasus. According to the security of sources, this was more like a thought to 20,000 years ago. Confirmed by the geographical places of the Caucasus, most of which are of Slavic origin. Even the word CAV-KAZ, as some researchers believe, is, perhaps, the Old Slavic origin and means "dividing line." Many place names match the names of Slavic heroes and gods.

Tangible evidence of our ancestors stay in the Caucasus in ancient times are the dolmens. Weight dolmens reaches more than 70 tons, were made they are usually made

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Stonehenge — arch: two incarnations of the same principle

The most noticeable part of the construction of Stonehenge is a dolmen — a kind of "fence" of the exhibited around giant stone monoliths.

Monument researcher Gerald Hawkins was able to "collect" on Stonehenge cromlech 15 significant events (out of 18 possible). In this case, however, none of them can be represented by up to one minute of arc. At best, it could be tens of minutes, because there is no long-range reticles.

Jobs in the build Hawkins has 10 neighbors reticles 12 (as reticles used in some cases and opposing jobs). A total of 22 elements, allowing to

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Mystery stone balls

Call from Kotovsky region Volgograd region of Russia honored cultural, Vasily Krutskevicha, made haste to gather in the street. It was about the stone balls found in the ravines near the village Wet Olkhovka. Stormy melt water from unusually snowy winter brought down the slopes of the ravine, and the world were amazing buildings — stone balls over meter diameter, similar in form, if calibrated.

— Material? .. Well, something like a solid quartz sandstone layer structure, — said Vasily. — But the most striking — the balls are hollow inside! Rather, filled with a sort of grayish-yellow sand.

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Evil spirit in the light of the noonday

Some spirits in Slavic mythology could harm people not only at night but during the day

We used to think that the time for mystery and mysticism — is primarily a night. At this time of day the dark silhouettes illuminated ghostly moonlight creeping shadows, creaking floorboards and mysterious howling wind. Day somehow not particularly suitable for secrets. Everything is visible, the sun shines, there are no secrets.

However, in Russia knew one demon, whose time was just day. Moreover, not just a day, and noon — when the sun is high overhead. It is the celebration of light,

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How to live to be a hundred

Konstantin Vasilyev "elder"

The problem of longevity and quality of life are very important for a person. Doctors say that the physiological potential of the people, allowing him to live on Earth to 120 — 140 years. We also have an average age of a person's life, depending on the region of residence and of 60 — 80 years. And our old age or the last years of his life take place in poor physical condition of illness, disability, dementia and mental illness. No wonder they say: Old age — no joy. It turns out that we are

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Places of power in Belarus (interview researcher S. Ermakov)

About the mysterious places of power that can nourish human life energy, is legendary in different parts of the globe. The consequences of such an impact and safety of communication with the subtle energies we are talking to the Russian expert, writer, researcher, geo-active zones Stanislav Ermakov.

Stanislav Ermakov: 'Altered states of consciousness arise even in the bus, when you go home from work and looking blankly out the window! Staring, thinking — and here you are, you are in a trance".

Stanislav Ermakov in the mid-1980s, as a specialist in the field of museums and preservation of

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Altai sell under shelter elites

Late last year, the public disturbed at reports of mass selling foreign reserve of the Russian land in St. Petersburg, clearly shell companies — see "Zion Altai selling in Europe and the U.S. for the price / agricultural land» — newsland.ru/news/detail/id/602621 / cat/42 /.

9 January, President of Russia signed a decree "On approval of the list of border areas, in which foreign citizens, stateless persons and foreign legal entities may not have the right of ownership of land," the press service of the Kremlin — see http://news.argumenti .ru/politics/2011/01/89857. Among the areas that are subject to the ban, was named

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