Miraculous place of Russia: Blue-stone save from harm?

December 6, 2011 13:12

For centuries, people believed in the existence of sites which can do wonders. In these corners, covered with ancient legends, travel to find happiness or despair by giving the "place of power" the last hope of a cure, here with child care and trepidation perform ancient rituals to attract the love or luck or to protect the family from harm. One of these amazing places — Blue-stone at Pleshcheeva lake.

How to Find

Blue-stone lies at the foot of Mount Alexander's (this is the current name of the ancient geographical Yarilin bald head), which is near

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Ultrasound weapon Nightingale the Robber

January 16, 2013 4:29

In world folklore there are many amazing creatures that only remotely similar to those known to modern science: centaurs, lapith, griffins, and others. Many of them, with uncommon appearance, do not have any with extraordinary abilities. Incomparably greater interest are mythical beings endowed by some supernatural properties, which scientists are sometimes quite convincing explanation.

Winged horses — business as usual!

The fact that Pegasus flies, not even wonder kids — if the horse has attached wings to fly him around the state should be. Centaurs — a wonderful cross between a man and a horse,

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Story of the fall of Atlantis

December 3, 2011 18:18

Atlantis existed over 200,000 years. For the most part the time of Atlantis were epochs of light! Only the final phase, the period from 17,500 BC to 10,500 BC was in your terms, a dark era, but at the same time a valuable lesson.

Golden age

We say to you: in fact, the Golden Period of Atlantis was the highest level of the light of consciousness, ever achieved on the Earth plane in any advanced civilization higher than Lemuria, higher than Mu, higher than Rama. It has become fashionable to consider the

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In Moscow found the remains of an alien probe

December 2, 2011 15:01

Strange stone excavated from the crater next to the river Istra, all strewn with mysterious signs.

Obviously — INCREDIBLE

Aeronautical engineer who worked for many years in the "Vympel", Ph.D. Sergey Sukhinov was determined. Considered an object, hitting him in the arm, "a gift of heaven", "finding the Millennium." And no doubt that we are extremely lucky. Since it was discovered in Russia probe sent to Earth by aliens.

— To explore this space artifact should establish an international commission headed by Academician Jaures Alferov and Professor Sergey Kapitza. It must enter the leading Russian and

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Time machine to transport people

November 30, 2011 18:07

Kaliningrad scientist said MK.RU, the time machine is possible.

There may be a time machine, they are stable, and their existence does not have great energy, the researchers said Artyom Yurov, Pedro Gonzalez Diaz and Martin Prada Marun. In an interview with head of the Department of Theoretical Physics MK.RU and Doctor of Physics and Mathematics of the Russian State University named after Artem Yurov Kant told what was done in conjunction with the opening of Spanish scientists.

DA: Artem Valeryanovich, your opening an energy source for the "time machine" pushed away from the ideas of

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The great magicians of the past

November 29, 2011 20:25

The great magicians of the past impressed contemporaries incredible miracles that even today scientists are not able to explain. And a warning to others, has turned to his wife … a cat!

So, around the year 1400 in the court of the Bohemian King Wenceslas was famous wizard named Zito. The eyes of the court, he sat in a nutshell, drawn by a pair of trained beetles, and rode in it, as in a wheelchair. Also made from rooster to raise huge log, and with such ease, as if it was a dry twig, paid

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Great foresight Cyrano de Bergerac

November 26, 2011 22:56

Cyrano de Bergerac. Image: krugosvet.ru

Sometimes the ability to see into the future is found as a result of a serious illness, and the unhappy seer sees its vision signs of mental disorder. This happened to a famous French chevalier, with remarkable accuracy to predict advances in science and technology today. Name it — Cyrano de Bergerac. French writer Jules Verne is the most sagacious among writers — he predicted many scientific inventions. But Cyrano in his book described space travel is 200 years before him. If Jules Verne sends his hero to the moon

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The daughter of the creator of the universe are identified by DNA

November 25, 2011 18:04

Hatshepsut (1490/1489-1468 BC. Oe., 1479-1458 BC. Oe. Or 1504-1482 BC. E.) — Female Pharaoh of the New Kingdom of ancient Egypt.

For her to ancient Egypt changed the system of government, where the first place so first belonged to men. But for some reason it was buried in the royal tomb nurse. Identify the famous female pharaoh help computer analysis — and a broken tooth … Name of Queen Hatshepsut — one of the most famous in Egyptian history. No, it was not the "only" female pharaoh, as is sometimes written in the newspapers.

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Do not wake a sleeping Tanya-fa!

November 24, 2011 15:19

Image source: aucklandmuseum.com

Mythical monster threatens multi-billion rail tunnel in Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand. The project is on the verge of collapse after the members of the Maori — the indigenous population — expressed their disagreement with the fact that the tunnel has to pass through the countries, has long been owned by … ancient monsters! Oakland authorities regard the draft cross-city rail link, which will cost 2.6 billion New Zealand dollars, as vital to tackle congestion.

However, Glenn Wilcox, a member of the Maori, said at a meeting at City

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Somatic keep humanity?

November 24, 2011 12:32

In the state of somatic people are conscious, and can get out of it at will. Image source: zdorovie-i-garmonya.ru

"It's a fantasy" — a phrase can be heard frequently. It strongly breaks the flight of thought. But if you view the works of the first science fiction writers, is not alone: they are 90% of all current developments anticipated! And when comes another "crazy" idea, you should not shy away from it … "- offers an esoteric Belgian magazine" Garden of the Gods. "

In 2004, in the presence of relatives and forensic Itigilova

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