Forecasts for quantum surgery in 2016

October 14, 2011 15:40

QUANTUM FORECAST Transformation Planets in 2016.


Increasing the capacity of the brain involves the energy blocks of the body through a modified grille and a hologram block channels flowing body. Collection of new formations of life in highly magnetic opposition alters the molecular composition of the air enters into the vacuum (medium) detached stage, allows mutational processes and periods under pulsating energy protecting the planet. Image rejection is the power buzzer.

Materializer dimensional space alters the DNA, the compiler removes the used vacuum spatial transformations degrading lower astral intelligence. Communications center produces a

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Stellar Memory

October 13, 2011 19:17

This information is based on personal experience and is designed for people who want to self-knowledge. I understand that all the information we have is ourselves. For people becoming Man and followeth Vedichestva. For those who follow in someone's life installations in their worldview based on someone's book-pointers and dogma, this information is unlikely that it will bring, and may be dangerous, so please do not read it.

What is the Star Memory. The present day through the eyes of the soul.

We know of several types of memory. This Generic Memory, Race and Memory soul.

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Within our planet there is another civilization?

October 12, 2011 22:53

Mystics believe that it is near the North Pole are hidden from the uninitiated, the entrance to the legendary Hyperborea, Shambala and even Plutonia

Since ancient times, North mystery. There were eager adventurers, scientists, adventurers — in search of the "world tree", which are, according to legends, in the far north, uncharted "Sannikov Land", an unknown island. According to many legends and tales, to the north is the entrance to the underworld, which left the legendary tribes of ancient inhabitants of the earth. Mystics believe that it is near the North Pole are hidden

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Through the light

October 9, 2011 16:40

In 1982, the artist Mellen-Thomas Benedict survived clinical death. He had been dead about a half an hour, and during that time he left the body and went into the light. Expressed a desire to know the universe, was taken to the depths of being ancient and even more in the energy Vacuum — Nothing prior to the Big Bang. Regarding this near-death experience Dr. Kenneth Ring said: "His story is the most remarkable of those that I've heard in several years of research of similar cases."


In 1982 I died from

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Aliens abduct earthlings thousands!

October 7, 2011 10:22

We go in the footsteps of the most truthful stories related to the mass disappearances.

Michael Gerstein, chairman of the UFO commission of the Russian Geographical Society:

There is a legend, the authenticity of which no doubt made. And pointless. Because to get to the truth is impossible — for a long time happen. For example, how much of what is told in the Bible. A similar situation exists with the writing UFO. Individual stories are so firmly in it have eaten that go from one book (newspaper, magazine, website) to another without any doubt.

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Secrets of the megalith

January 5, 2013 19:47

In many countries of the world and even on the sea floor are mysterious constructions of huge stone blocks and slabs. They are called megaliths (from the Greek words "megas" — big and "Litos" — stone). Still do not know who and why had in very ancient times in different parts of the planet as a titanic work, because the weight of some blocks in the tens or even hundreds of tons.

Altai megalith. Photo:

The most amazing in the world of stones

Megaliths divided into dolmens, menhirs and trilitis. Dolmens — the most

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Philippines and Brazil are terrorizing the werewolves

January 2, 2013 0:38

End of the world in Dutch

Many residents of the Netherlands believe that the Apocalypse will come in four years and has already begun to take some steps to prepare for the terrible events that report the Dutch media, which conducted a survey of several thousand of their readers, asking when, in their opinion, will be the end of modern civilization .

While the responses were a very wide variety, most agreed that the date of the Apocalypse — 2012. That was the year the last cycle ends the Mayan calendar, the end

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In Africa, a tribe of pygmies studied with monkey feet

January 2, 2013 1:58

Anthropologists have found that the unique foot pygmy tribe "Twa" allow them to climb trees like a chimp — it is likely that with a similar device muscles our ancestors to live in both the savannas and forests, according to a paper published in the current issue Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

"The structure of the feet Afar australopithecines being hard ankle and a curved foot, which has not been adapted for grasping. These anatomical features of their feet are often interpreted as evidence that they were not adapted to climbing trees, and

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Scientists have discovered the underground world!

February 21, 2013 17:32

Rumors about the existence of some underground civilization there a long time and they appeared in the mid 20th century by an amateur researcher. Mysterious underground cities and many kilometers of tunnels, have clearly artificial origin are found throughout the world — from the Altai to Turkey and South America. UFO UFO mystery has been associated with the underworld, as very often the UFO witnesses watched their emergence from the ground or from water depths. For a long time, evidence of the existence of a mysterious underground world, having hidden from technology, disregard, but recently scientists

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The Nature of Things: anomalous zones of the Earth

December 27, 2012 22:24

On the planet there are a significant number of places where there are very strange and mysterious events. Such places are called anomalous zones. They, according to ufologists, very common to see a UFO. In addition, in such places there are natural disasters, industrial accidents and various natural disaster.

However, quite often the so-called "flying saucers" are showing considerable interest in and to certain regions and cities, where at the time does not appear to be any accidents. So, for example, for a dozen years in the Ukrainian editions available information about that over the

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