Vietnam and the strange giants (humanoids) in time of war

December 26, 2012 1:28

In the late 1960s, the United States was involved in the conflict to assist South Vietnam, and, of course, to support the ongoing efforts while promoting democracy in parts of the world, still imbued with communism.

Vietnam still remembers the years of conflict as one of the darkest periods in its history, yet, in his vague shadows have some interesting posts and rarely mentioned the mysteries that have existed for many years, beginning with the question of what kind of a country of operations may have taken place, as it

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Man is teleported to another universe

December 20, 2012 16:42

In the last few hundred years periodically appear people talk about how they are thrown into a different reality. Sometimes they wake up in a different world, which at first glance seem the same, until they begin to notice subtle changes. In other cases, people are moving to another reality, after being "dragged" "somewhere else, and only after a series of disturbing, sometimes scary, incidents."

The strange case of Pedro Olivia Ramirez of Alcala de Guadeyra, the city, a few miles southeast of Seville, Spain, have been documented by the researcher Joaquin Mateos Nogales. Like all

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For a resident of Penza UFO flies

December 20, 2012 3:04

Many do not believe in UFOs, they say that it is fiction or natural phenomena. Pensioner from Penza Hope Artamonov had also not believe it. But this fall, it took an unusual case. The case was far from Penza, Aleksandrovka in local gardening association.

Calls hunters

The woman watched the UFO is October 19. She was so impressed by what he saw that appealed to Penza ufologist Sergei Volkov, and he used this incident in his program "The Other Side." Volkov told this story in his usual manner. In his version,

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Finders. Ghost Island (2/11/2012)

December 8, 2012 7:56

In 1810, the Russian merchant and traveler Jacob saw Sannikov from the northern tip of the boiler house in the Laptev Sea, a hitherto unknown land. And from that moment begins one of the most exciting scenes in the history of Arctic navigation. A few decades after the first mention of a new unknown land geologist Eduard Toll conducts research on the island of the boiler house. August 13, 1886, together with his companion in a completely clear sky, he saw in the north, "the contours of the four mountains in the east that were connected

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There are more things on earth, Horatio, than are dreamed of in your philosophy

December 6, 2012 9:53

During his life, pretty shook the world, I came to the conclusion: our planet is unique and mysterious, and the secrets that it holds, it is unlikely to be revealed until the end. But we tend to think of the long expanses. What do we know about their land, their city? Is there and there is something unknown and preservation? It turns out there, and plenty.

Guests from space

Traveling to Madagascar, I watched a huge cigar-shaped UFO flying size of a football field. It happened in the evening. From its square windows shone unpleasant

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Give birth in space

December 1, 2012 20:46

Earth is in danger she faces global warming or an asteroid collision-killer. Caravans spacecraft with humans on board to go and find a spare planet. To save mankind, there is the main question: how to keep your line in zero gravity or in the same spare the planet?

"I think that the selection is small. In fact these planets, which can absorb at least hypothetically, only two. This is Venus and Mars "- said a senior researcher at the State Astronomical Institute of the PK Sternberg (SAI) Vladimir Surdin.

But if the conditions on Mars are

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The military said they would do when encountering a UFO

December 1, 2012 16:00

Photo: RIA NovostiLeonid Savinov

According to the Russian military, they never saw the alien ships, but the army is ready to meet any opponent.

However, they say the military, with the alien ships while they do not have to meet.

Alexander Golovko, head of state testing cosmodrome "Plesetsk" Major-General: "As for UFOs, unfortunately or fortunately, we did not see him."

He added that often take the UFO satellite launches. Most often about what they saw aliens, according to residents of northern regions due to launches from the cosmodrome "Plesetsk", "Ekho Moskvy".

In turn, Major-General

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In Ireland and Iceland can not be built on land of fairies

November 28, 2012 3:08

Responsible people who make decisions in Ireland on the construction of roads, we have to be very careful not to accidentally get on a territory they have already chosen local fairies.

Despite the fact that the majority of Irish people say they do not believe in the stories of the fairies, is still common practice for roads and highways route changes if the "experts" claim that a certain piece of land may serve as a gathering place for small winged creatures.

Folklorist Eddie Lenihan says that if you build a road to the land

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Mysterious people whites live in the Atlas Mountains in North Africa

November 27, 2012 5:21

White-skinned people live in the north-west Africa

Some 500 years ago, their ancestors built the pyramids unique in the Canary Islands. And in the Sahara are the same people in ancient times created the irrigation system, which operated until the 1950s! These tall, strong people — descendants of the Atlanteans …

One root

Scientists haunt whites haired people living among enough blacks in the north-west Africa, especially in the mountain areas. But until recently, they were not alone. "Next" on the islands of the Canary archipelago, to the end of the XV century civilization

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Case X. Is there a UFO?

November 27, 2012 4:16

TV Channel "Russia" one of the last decided to take the subject of UFOs.

Other channels make the state structure to be more mobile in the selection of interesting topics to discuss. Audience share of unknown transmission is now about 20 percent. Pass up an impressive fan base UFO in "Russia" deemed criminal negligence and started the show, "H. The case investigation is continuing." Behind the channel twenty years …

In the first program of invited celebrities. Among them — singer Willie Tokarev, astrologer Pavel Globa, a UFO researcher Nikolay Subbotin, the test pilot Marina

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