Dog named Naich that knows how to cure cancer

About this story, few people know it's true (story) is not over. About her one much mention in the media. On the internet — words. In a transfer on local television was a short story, and even then not in the first person, and so, in the status of unverified facts, we can say hearing.

In the Saratov region lived a dog (still alive, but in a different place, which is later), have unique properties. Fur of the animal (and probably not just hair) cures most terrible diseases.

It is known that hair, like other organic substances in

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Five of the worlds worst insect

On Earth at any given time about 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 insects inhabit. Each of us has a half billion beetles. But some of them are so desperate that even one — it's too much. Here are five of them, that you would prefer not to see any cost.

The human botfly

The human botfly, Dermatobia hominis — one of several species of insects whose larvae are parasitic in man.

Eggs gadfly transferred more than forty species of mosquitoes and flies, as well as a variety of ticks, mosquitoes caught female oestrus, attaches to them their eggs, and then let go.


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Birch mystery of tears.

Surprising that tree — birch. Only pripechet for summer sun out of her spare kidney, hidden in the axils of the leaves, roll out faint, fragrant resinous amber beads. They are sticky, and touching them with your finger, we pull out a pretty long thread. Lopnuv, she will leave a trail that will long jets drunk aroma of birch wood. Suddenly you can complain bee. Twisted and seemed perplexed pogudev around you, it will disappear, leaving you to wonder about the purpose of his visit.

These secretions axillary buds in ancient Greece called the "tears" of trees. The observations

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Harbingers of disaster

During the tsunami that devastated the coast of nine Asian countries in December 2004, amid huge casualties (killed 300 thousand people) suffered very few animals. What is the explanation? Hypotheses, a great many. Interest and the public, and scientists is enormous. This is despite the fact that the proactive response of living beings on the impending natural disaster seen by people for a long time.

The first documented example of his age — he refers to the two thousandth BC. It says that on the island of Crete to the strongest earthquake affection left human settlements.

China has long been

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10 of the most resourceful parasites

They are dazzling. And not only the danger posed, but the ingenuity with which the use of others. One can make the fungus beetle, the other — completely change the language fish.

1. Toxoplasma gondii — A parasite that pushes straight into the jaws of mice cat

Danger to humans

T. gondii — a parasite that is capable of sexual reproduction only in the cat. The most interesting thing is how he gets there.

The way this amazing winding. First, this creature enters the rat or mouse, making the latter suddenly develops an irresistible attraction to the

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Animals sometimes fall into unusual alteration …

Unusual case, it is not fit to represent the persistence of quadrupeds, occurred the other day in the Republic of Komi. From Ukhta to Syktyvkar, spaced about three hundred miles, under the hood drove kitten. It was discovered only service station workers, which revealed hood of the car for an oil change.

When workers began to change the oil in the engine, in the narrow gap between the defense and to the engine suddenly discovered black-and-white kitten. The animal was in shock and did not publish a single sound. Employees of the service station shelter kitten-traveler traveling on

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Scientists argue over whos smarter — cats and dogs

Many animal lovers believe that cats — cats smarter than dogs. In favor of this view says, for example, is that the dog in the cerebral cortex neurons is half than that of a cat.

The dog may well have a drink from the toilet, she obediently follows his master everywhere, and even to relieve themselves she needs someone who will bring out. Cats are also completely self-sufficient, if they examine all around the regal look like around — their empire. It would seem that all is clear.

However, cats can make the room: recent studies have

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Drawings on the fish scales

Everyone knows the value of the annual rings of a tree. According to him, not only can determine the age of the tree, but also to reconstruct the climate of the past. How can recover paleoclimatic conditions in the areas of water basins?

On the scales of fish, often found in ancient marine and lake sediments, there are rings like tree rings. Call them sclerites. This ossified portions of scales, which are not closed or serried ridges on the outside of her bed. They appear as a result of changes in food fish.

Gap distance between sclerites depends on

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Dung beetles aliens?

Sacred to the ancient Egyptians insect — the only thing on Earth, in which the brain laid map the Milky Way

Dung beetles, they're scarabs, rolling from place to place dung balls, guided by the stars. Specifically, these insects use to navigate easily visible arm of our spiral galaxy — the Milky Way. Such startling conclusion scientists Swedish University of Lund (Lund University in Sweden), as reported at the end of January this year in a specialized journal Current Biology.

Scarab, to experiment, put special capsPhoto: Lund University

Experiments conducted research team (Marie Dacke, Emily Baird, Marcus Byrne, Clarke

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Cats destroy all life furry pets are killed each year billions of beings

Cats are a real storm wildlife. Every year they kill billions of creatures, including mice and birds. This conclusion, as reported by NPR, made by scientists at the Smithsonian Institute.


As biologists counted only in the United States live 84 million cats. "Approximately 40% — 70% of them are allowed to go out, and we think that about 50% to 80% of them are engaged in hunting," — said of the Institute Pete Marr.

Thus, more than 47 million cats are potential killers. Also, do not forget about the homeless cats. In total, an estimated Marra, hunters are

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