In Azerbaijan, there was another earthquake

In Shirvan region of Azerbaijan was an earthquake.

As reported the Republican Seismological Center of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, the earthquake occurred at 15:23:51 in Shirvan region.

The coordinates of the earthquake totaled 40,270 with 48,960 V, the magnitude of — 3 points, depth-11 miles. The earthquake occurred 35 kilometers north of the city of Shirvan. The earthquake was not felt, no casualties or damage.

Recall that according to official data of the National Seismological Center, Academy of Sciences, in the Shirvan region of Azerbaijan in the morning there were two strong aftershocks.

The first occurred on

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Weather in Moscow will be variable

The next week the weather will be changeable: and the atmosphere will take turns to do that portion of the cold, then warm air. The difference between night and day temperatures increase. So, on Monday night in colder to -3 … -8 ° C, and in the afternoon on Monday, the temperature rises to +2 … +7 ° C.

Tuesday to the capital will be a new cyclone, the sky clouded over, will sleet and snow and rain, and the wind shifted to the south-west to north-west. Warmer at night to -2 … +3 ° C during the day will

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Freezing rain in Moscow killed 12 thousand trees

Deputy Mayor for Housing and Public Works Pyotr Biryukov said at a press conference that the fallen trees in the icy Moscow from December 25 to 371 damaged car. According to him, due to icing in the city during this period dropped about 12 thousand trees. 11 thousand of them already cut and removed, the remaining will be taken today during the day.

P.Biryukov said that motorists should pay attention to parking their cars and not to put them at an oblique trees. "Insurance cases must be residents worked. If a citizen has insured his property — the insurance company

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Heat in Germany almost broke the record in 2003

Last Sunday was the hottest day in Germany, the temperature fell short of one degree to a record in August 2003, said on Monday edition Suedwest Presse.

Near the town of Gelhaym the south-west of the country the temperature climbed to 39.2 degrees. According to the weather service Meteomedia, August 19 in Germany was the hottest day of the year. However, the temperature record heat in Germany this year has not yet beaten. The hottest day in the history of this country was recorded in August 2003, when the city of Freiburg in the air temperature was 40.2 degrees.

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Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii. Video



We can only exclaim in surprise! ..

March 2, in the Korea Strait dominated cold northern, north-west wind. This wind nearly blew a right angle to the island of Jeju, stretching from south-west to north-east. The highest point of the island is Mount Halla, which reaches 1950 m This is an extinct volcano with a large crater at the top. Mount Halla blocks impinging air. He is forced to flow around the obstacle, and the result on the leeward side of the turbulent eddies arise. This is reminiscent of the flag, which develops on the flagpole. A phenomenon KARMAN VORTEX STREET — is the creation and

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Five people were killed in floods in some states in the U.S.

Storms with heavy rain and wet snow, raging for more than two days in a number of states in the Midwest and southern United States, caused flooding that killed at least five people, said on Wednesday the Associated Press.

According to the National Weather Service, due to heavy rainfall threat of flooding was formed in all 88 counties of Ohio.

The most difficult situation is in Findlay with a population of about 36,000 people, where the river Blanchard Tuesday morning rose to 1.7 meters above the critical level, inundating nearly half of the village.

In Norwalk drowned woman whose

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Siberian tiger was trapped in China

MOSCOW, November 3 — RIA Novosti. Siberian male tiger died in the Chinese province of Heilongjiang, suffocated in poaching wire loop, said on Thursday the Amur branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia, with reference to Chinese colleagues.

"The discovery of a dead tiger, unfortunately, did not a surprise to us, the death of the animal was predictable. Working a year ago in the neighboring province (Jilin), on each route, we found a number of loops that hoofed animals that live there, there was no chance of survival … landed in the trap adult male may well have come

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Wildfires in the area of 50 hectares in the Rostov region acts

Wildfires in the area of 50 hectares acts Oblivskaya district of Rostov region, the risk of ignition of the local forestry, told RIA Novosti the regional GUMCHS Abramchenko Marina.

"The message about the fire was received at 17.20 MSK. Landscape caught fire near the village of Pine. Flame front stretched for three kilometers," — said Abramchenko.

She added that the site are 27 vehicles and 347 people from various departments and agencies.

The eruption of the volcano in Kamchatka threatens aviation

Erupting volcano in Kamchatka Shiveluch emits a column of ash many kilometers, the train on which threatens aircraft.

"At Shiveluch registered a series of seismic events, which lasted 20 minutes, and then threw a giant column of ash from the gas to a height of 6 km. Next ash explosions was already 7 feet above sea level ", — the representative of the Kamchatka branch of the Geophysical Service RAS.

According to him, from the slopes of Shiveluch go hot avalanches and volcanic crater detected thermal anomaly.

"In addition, ash plume stretching to the east and southeast

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