Raw Food Diet — the ecological food in the world

We have repeatedly written on our website about how raw food is reasonable, appropriate and beneficial to human health. Today we'll talk about how living edaono good for the health of our planet. Rawfoodist army in the world is growing. Many personal experience convinced of the real benefits of this diet. Many did not have any doubt that the raw food diet — this is the only type of food for humans (not including pranic). Unless, of course, that person is committed to a healthy, happy, fulfilling, conscious life.

What is sustainability in raw food diet?

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Mothers Day Raw Earth

Lto in 7519 from S.M.Z.H., Month Elet (crops and named), 37-day, Ponedelnik Day, honoring the Mother Goddess of damp earth. On this day, she sacrificed the best seeds, fruits, vegetables, and ask that everything that goes into the fire, was abundant in labor. On this day, many fruits and vegetables are planted in open ground, and planted a variety of cereals.

MOTHER EARTH CHEESE — Heavenly Goddess Pokroviteltsa Midgard-Earth (Midgard-earth — the Slavic-Aryan peoples, the ancient name for the planet Earth.). Goddess of fertility and rich, abundant harvest. Before planting all Slavic and Aryan Goddess Childbirth brought

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Methods of purification of space and energy security

If you want to succeed in personal relationships and business, you need to create in your home and in the workplace all the conditions for a good flow of qi energy, have an unlimited life-giving force.

Upgrade the space where you spend a lot of time, energy magically change the entire room and promotes success in all matters. Cope with stagnant negative energy in the room allows inflows of young and fresh energy that fills the house and supports chi energy indoors healthy and strong.

One of the most effective ways to enhance

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Grove Saints

Sacred Groves were among the Slavs and samymrasprostranennym main object of worship. Ancient princes went deep into lesreshat power issues to resolve them fairly, in the presence of the gods. As a rule, the Grove is a sacred center where stoyalodrevneyshee tree, which subordinates all its adjacent area lesa.Hotya in gardens, and plant fires, there could not break trees and trepatlistya under penalty of Gods. Cutting down trees in a Grove led to skoroysmerti woodcutter. A built from sacred trees house quickly sgoral.Raspashka land in the immediate vicinity of the border Grove also was unacceptable.


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Clean energy from waste water

In the Californian city wastewater after treatment is injected into the ground to generate electricity.

Residents of the city of Santa Rosa in California are a small discount on electricity. In the city yesterday of the sewer drain for the next day is electricity.

Santa Rosa and the power company Calpine Corporation cooperating in the world's largest geothermal power project on wastewater. They are used to produce electricity, urban wastewater, which not only improves the lives of people, but also fish. Cooperation with Calpine Corporation allowed the city to get rid of the penalty for the discharge of waste water

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Generic Transformation

Literal meaning, in this case the word transformation — rebirth, the original development, the natural human nature, sometimes referred to as the method of becoming human.

A distinctive feature of technique is that it is not just the application of thought forms and shaped vibration and deeper into new sensations worldview, health, and the general state of mind. That is a transformation of the highest level.

The man remembers consciously experiencing a state — intuitive sanity blagorecheniya, health, strength, optimism, cheerfulness, etc. All that is open to a memory Rod. It is worth noting that the information from

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Old Russian language.

I love fairy tales. As a child, a lot of reading in the library and always had a lot of books with fairy tales. But to get to the tale, we should talk a little about the origins of our Slavic alphabet, our language, and even our heritage. Initially we had no written language, because we communicate by telepathy. This is the language used by animals and plants. But then some people started to fall behind in the evolutionary development, and they had to use language to communicate. "Thought expressed — is a lie" — an axiom. And then

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Resettlement and autonomous life

Given the trends in ever-increasing pressure of cities and threatened with the events of 2012, many have decided to move to some of the most secure areas of Siberia, and some have already gone beyond the Urals. In general, the reasons for that would move out to the countryside abound. After all, urban lifestyle — a way of life imposed by a Russian man, the spirit which seeks to nature, to its roots. We'll try to briefly give some advice that will help wishing to equip and prepare everything for the move, and the doubters may help

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Torsion fields — had spoken to the human DNA

A man surrounded by biofield, in today's presentation — aura, a set of torsion fields (special state of matter existing in the physical vacuum of the universe.) The term "torsion fields" appeared in 1922 to refer to a hypothetical physical field, which is generated by the torsion of space, ie torsion fields are everywhere, where there is a twist (rotation). Rotating planet, the solar system, the galaxy, etc., so torsion fields surrounded by all. Stone, wood, people, planet surrounded by torsion fields, which interact with each other, changing and creating new torsion fields. Torsion fields are a

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The legacy of their ancestors. Part 2


Who We Are — The Slavs and Aryans? They arrived on planet Earth?

In one of the battles of the Great Assa spaceship like "Vaitmar" carrying settlers, was damaged. Vaitmar called intergalactic spaceship ("Big Sky Chariot"), capable of buffering "in her womb" to 144 spacecraft Wightman. Wightman — it spacecraft ("Little Heavenly Chariot") adapted to travel directly between the Earth different solar (star) systems and landing on them.

Damaged Vaitmar was at that time in the system Yarily-Sun. Two Earth — Oreya (Mars) and Dey (stayed asteroid

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