Rescuers warn of avalanche risk in six districts of Sakhalin

Coming up on Friday to the south of Sakhalin cyclone could trigger avalanches in the six districts of the island, the press service of the regional Emergencies Ministry.

According Sahgidrmeta, in the south of a strong storm with visibility less than 500 meters in winds of 20-25 meters per second. Declared a storm warning.

"According to the forecast center Sahgidrometa avalanche, avalanche in Dolinsky, Tomari, Kholmsk, Nevel, Aniva areas and in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk," — said in a statement.

Rescuers recommend hunters, skiers, hikers avoid movement on the slopes, where there is no tree cover. Organizations and agencies, the objects which are

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6000 wild camels terrorizing a small town in Australia

People living in remote communities in central Australia is 350. Thus, the "strength" of people and animals are not equal.

In the village of Docker River (Docker River), located in the Northern Territory of Australia, home to about 350 people. People are afraid to leave their homes to avoid becoming victims of 6 thousand wild camels who came to the village in search of water. Animals trample each other, destroy infrastructure and prevent air links the village with other settlements, reports ABC News.

Local authorities appealed to the Northern Territory Government. They promised to provide helicopters with which camels'll

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Provision of mental health services

Provision of security services on a commercial basis by many private organizations. These services are provided to owners of shops, bars, banking institutions in order to avoid theft and attacks of robbers. It can also be other objects. The main thing in this business — the ability to monitor the situation and truly immense patience.

Installed at these facilities alarm is unlikely to produce the desired effect, since the criminal environment are increasingly skillful, capable to cope with any such constraints. As you know, there are several types of organizations providing mental health services. One of them is —

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Snowfall in Georgia do not stop

Georgia snowed. In many areas there is no electricity, no running mobile, sometimes even no transport. Height snowdrifts reach five feet. Canceled classes in schools, many shops do not work. People are trying to once again not to take to the streets.

Snowdrops bloom in Kuban

From residents Novokubansk yard bloomed snowdrops. All the fault, says Elena Fushtey, warm winter. Snowdrops on a bed usually appeared in March. And this time the buds bloom right before the new year. The woman says, could not believe her eyes. Relatives and neighbors are now more likely to come to visit, to admire this flower miracle

Because of the warm winter in Latvia continue to grow mushrooms

Because of the warm winter in Latvian forests continue to grow mushrooms. As told LETA was head of the Latvian Museum of Natural History Botany, mycologist Inita Daniele, can be found in the forests of chanterelles, which is not typical for the winter season, and the familiar for winter mushrooms as winter estimates of location and oyster mushroom oyster.

She reminded that the mild winter — not extraordinary phenomenon for Latvia. Mushrooms continue to grow in the winter when the temperature went scratch.

Because of the warm winter observed other phenomena, in particular, at the end of December in

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A fish kill in Germany

3.12.11.Posle death of fish in the lake Baldeneysee in Essen, the fire brigade on Saturday continued to drag the corpses of animals.

In the artificial lake in the Ruhr area on Friday as a result of poisoning by unknown poison killed thousands of fish. Find the culprit is not brought results, said a police spokesman in Essen on Saturday.

Fire and water rescue team from the company «DLRG» collected floating on the surface of dead fish until late Friday. On Saturday they were searching the lake. Has collected thousands of fish. The exact number can not be called rescuers.

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Massive fish kills occurred in Chinese river Haihe

Since July 20, the surface of the Haihe River, near the city of Tianjin in the north of the country, tens of thousands of floating dead fish. Environmentalists suggest that fish kills occurred as a result of strong pollution of municipal waste in the river washed out by heavy rains.

Officer of the local environmental monitoring station, told The Epoch Times, that the massive fish kills associated with poor urban sewers. When the rain, especially a large, urban wastes fall into the river.

He also said that it was unclear what might fall into the river at this time,

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Baikal pulp and paper mill will be closed, said Dvorkovich

The Russian government has decided to gradually close the Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill (BPPM) with the transfer of production to other plants, told reporters Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich.

"We decided on a gradual closing of the Baikal Pulp and Paper Mill production of the necessary transfer products to other plants. This is a complicated process, but in a few years it may make," — he said.

Problems BPPM is now engaged as a principal lender Vnesheconombank and its structure. Thus, the general director of "VEB Engineering" Dmitry Scheibe February 19 said that within three months will become clear

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Lego toy story

Exciting stories and adventures that are full kits allow kids to enjoy the new game. Playing many scenes with favorite characters, you can play a long time. So parents can safely go about their business, not worrying about what people are doing their child.Lego toy story — A collection, which includes kits for young children. Baby room, was presented with Lego this collection, filled with magical characters in the animated film "Toy Story." The creators know exactly what you can please children once again. This series sets, like all others, is designed to encourage creativity in children and a certain

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