An earthquake with magnitude 5.6 occurred near Sofia

Earthquake of magnitude 5.6 occurred on Tuesday near the Bulgarian capital, reports the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

According to seismologists, the epicenter of the earthquake was located 24 km west of Sofia. Hearth quake at a depth of 9.5 kilometers.

Bulgarian information portal reports that the tremors, which began at 03.00 local time (04.00 MSK), were felt throughout the country. According to the portal, in the city of Pernik in western countries, some buildings collapsed wall.

No casualties and no injuries were reported.

According to the USGS, a half hour later, at about the same place, near Sofia, there

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3000 years ago the Earths magnetic field is changing faster

Ancient slag suggest that the magnetic field of the Earth is more variable than scientists ever imagined. The geomagnetic field is the result of the movement of the molten iron in the core. The strength of the field and its structure is constantly changing, but slowly. Paleomagnetisty believe that secular variations do not exceed 16%. But the new data obtained in a copper smelter, located near drevnegipetskimi mines in southern Israel, suggest that the strength of the magnetic field could grow by 40-100%, and then return to the "normal" state in less than twenty years.

If the metal is frozen

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Excess wind energy to be stored in liquid form

As reported by the London organization of mechanical engineers, now do not have to use a special battery and hydrogen to store excess wind energy, obtained by wind farms. This function will perform liquid air.

The principle of operation of the new opening will be next. Electricity produced at night, for example, wind farms in Tehachapi California, will translate the cool air in a special cryogenic low-temperature state in adapted for the vacuum vessel. Once the windmill will need more energy to continue, liquid cold air will be heated and fed into the turbine. For turning air into the

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The hole swallowed a house and pond in Central China

Relatives of the missing have organized excavations in the hope of finding it. Photo from

China. Early in the morning of 14 July villagers Bayshen central Hubei province found that disappeared from the face of the earth house and pond with all the water and fish, and in their place a huge gaping hole. The house was one person, who is now considered to be missing. As reported by the publication "Wuhan Morning", now the fish pond, which covered an area of 2.1 hectares, remained bare place, there is not even a single fish. At the place

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In Ukraine comes currency turmoil

In early November of this year, the Ukrainian Parliament adopted at first reading the draft law "On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine regarding the increase in credit instruments to influence the market." The developed document specialists, the National Bank of Ukraine shall be fully entitled to six months to determine a completely different time calculation operations on imports and exports, in contrast to the established in the Law "On the order of payment in the currency of" one hundred and eighty days. In addition, for a period of six months is established a claim for the mandatory sale

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Land threatened deadly cosmic rays

American astrophysicists have concluded that the Earth is threatened by a new threat from outer space — a special type of gamma radiation, which can destroy all life on our planet. Scientists suggest that these "death rays" have killed the dinosaurs. This is reported by the U.S. media.

Threatening Earth, gamma rays produced by collisions of stars and supernova explosions. As a result there are so-called short gamma-ray bursts. How do I find the staff Uoshbernskogo university in the state of Kansas, this type of radiation was more dangerous than the long gamma-ray bursts.

These pulses last less than a

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Man-eating tiger keeps central India at bay

NEW DELHI, Sept. 18 — RIA Novosti, Evgeny Pakhomov. Tiger, who killed, according to official figures, at least one person, and dozens of pets, the disruption of normal life in the villages of central India, said on Sunday IANS news agency citing local authorities.

Came out of the jungle about a month ago, a huge predatory cat killed a woman, more than 30 pets and virtually paralyzed life in dozens of villages in the west of the district in the central state Radzhnandgaon Chhatttisgarh.

Moreover, according to some media reports, casualties may be higher. Tiger attacks continue.

"Fear swept

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Argali population in the Altai-Sayan rose to almost two thousand individuals

Ecology of Russia and Mongolia in the fall counted a Red mountain sheep (argali), living in adjacent areas of the Altai-Sayan ecoregion, and found that its population had grown to nearly two thousand individuals, but the proportion and the number of poachers on the Russian side, told RIA Novosti the head expedition from the Russian side, researcher Altai biosphere reserve Sergey Spitsyn.

Argali (the largest subspecies of argali) is found only in the aisles of the Altai-Sayan, in the border area of Russia and Mongolia. Herds constantly migrate from Russia to Mongolia and back. Recent studies have shown that the

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Sea ice at the North Pole has never been so low

Researchers from the University of Washington say that the volume of ice in the Arctic Ocean shrank to a record high. Glacier area of 4.6 million square feet. km. Forty years ago it was 7 million square feet. km.

Based on the data received from the satellite, scientists have created a computer model to reduce the volume of ice, said study leader Alex Schweiger. According to him, every summer the glaciers are melting in the Arctic, reaching its lowest level in mid-September.

The biggest concern of researchers is the fact that the tendency to reduce the amount of ice is

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The ensuing week in central Russia will be cold

Hold out the cold in the central regions of European Russia, at least until the weekend, according to the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

According to meteorologists, the day before in the CFA was snow. In particular, in the Tver region fell to 14 millimeters of rain in Smolensk — up to 11 mm, in the Moscow region — up to 9 millimeters. In Moscow — 7-8 millimeters. "Supercooled and freezing precipitation, ice form, were observed in the south of the district — in Bryansk, Kursk, Orel, Lipetsk and Tambov regions", — the report says.

In Tuesday night the temperature drops to

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