60 snow leopards live in Tuva population is stable

About 40-60 species of snow leopard lives in the Republic of Tuva, the number of groups is stable, but the Red predator still threatened by poachers, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, Deputy Director of the Uvs Nuur Basin Reserve Alexander Kuksin.

It is south-west of Tuva, according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), is a priority area for the conservation of snow leopards in Russia. Key habitats of snow leopards in Tuva — it ranges Chikhacheva, Tsagaan-Shibetu and Mongun Taiga (within Russia). These related to the Mongolian population groups of the snow leopard — the potential for backing up

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Straw paper replaces the paper from wood

Company Prairie Pulp & Paper Inc. is a company for the production of environmentally friendly paper does not use the usual wood and wheat straw residues left after harvesting. The company's goal is to achieve in North America transfer paper industry for the use of raw material origin, non-timber.

Many have responded in support of the ideas, as its advantages are obvious, especially when it comes to reducing the rate of deforestation in this way. The cost of production of paper can also be reduced, because the wood processing is expensive, as well as energy and vodozatratnym event. Prairie

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In the Baltic shot a whole flock of young swans

Birds were favorites of the entire city. This winter they barely saved from death. In February Baltiysk leaked fuel oil tank farm, and the swans were his captives. Local residents nursed the world weary and hungry birds. They moved into a warm room, washed, disinfected well then again released.

As it turned out, it was a fatal mistake. Less than a day, as unknown attackers opened fire on the birds. At least six dead swans.

"In the morning when we arrived, found six carcasses of dead birds that had signs of gunshot wounds — said the eyewitness.

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The police stopped the fourth attempt to export merlins in Chukotka

Police officers transport confiscated at the airport three Anadyr Red falcons and merlins one goshawk, which were prepared for shipment to a different region, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday the head of the linear Police Northeast Police linear transport Oleg Yakovlev.

This is the fourth such incident, recorded in the Chukotka region in the last six months. In September alone, the police, border police and FSB officers seized from poachers merlins 27 — 11 in Pevek, 10 in the village of Coal Mine and 6 in Anadyr. Whereas for the whole of last year seized 23 birds, most of

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Germans handed Golden eclair for the most misleading advertising

The most misleading advertising in Germany was awarded the "Golden eclair." According to the website Abgespeist.de, first place went to tea Hipp for young children. Instant tea Hipp won among other applicants due to the large amount of sugar in its composition, which is contraindicated for children from one year. Second place went to semi-finished meat from Netto, the producers of which after the change of packaging increased its price by 30% and reduced the weight by the same amount. The award "Golden eclair" German non-profit organization established Foodwatch, regulating nutrition.

Foodwatch studies the products of German manufacturers, the results

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Stocks Krasnoyarsk reservoir drought to 63% below normal

Krasnoyarsk reservoir due to the abnormally dry summer and minor spring flooding was filled only to 37% of normal, according to journalists at a press briefing the head of the Yenisei Basin Water Management Vladimir boon.

According to him, the adverse weather conditions have meant that the level of inflow into the reservoir this year was the lowest on record since the end of the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric dam — about 11.5 cubic kilometers in total usable capacity of 30 cubic kilometers.

"In the winter snow reserves were extremely low, as a result of the spring there were very low

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An earthquake measuring 5 again occurred in the north-western Iran

Magnitude 5 earthquake occurred on Wednesday night, hard hit by natural disaster Varazkan city in north-western Iran in the province of East Azerbaijan, the Iranian news agency Mehr.

Earlier, on Tuesday, Geological Survey SShAzafiksirovala tremors 32 kilometers from the city of Ahar in East Azerbaijan province at a depth of 14 kilometers.

According to the Iranian Seismological Center of the Institute of Geophysical Research (Iranian Seismological Center, Institute of Geophysics), the magnitude of the earthquake that occurred on Wednesday at 22.19 local time, was 5 points. Hearth quake was at a depth of four kilometers from the center in Varazkan

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The devastating earthquake in New Zealand

About 200 people may be under the rubble after the earthquake in New Zealand. Said today the City of Christchurch. "The data on the number under the collapsed structures people are not accurate, administration officials said. — This figure may vary from 150 to 200 people."

Earlier, Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key in an address to the residents reported that the devastating impact of elements killed at least 65 people and injured dozens more. A powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.3 was recorded today, 10 km south-east of Christchurch.

Its center lies at a depth of

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Whether to wait for freezing rain?

At the junction of two seasons — in the late fall and early winter, as well as rapid warming during the cold period is probably a rare occurrence, as freezing rain. Some call freezing rain solid precipitation in the form of ice, falling at low temperatures. But this is not quite true. Freezing rain occur when the temperature is kept below zero. And for their loss requires that over the cold air near the ground is frozen wedge of warm air with plenty of steam. In this case, a drop from the top layer, falling down, closer

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6.3 magnitude earthquake occurred in Japan

6.3 magnitude earthquake occurred off the northeast coast of Japan in the Pacific, reported mmo country.

The earthquake lies at a depth of ten kilometers. Tremors were felt in northern and north-eastern Japan in nine prefectures, including Hokkaido.

Management cautions that a possible wave of the sea, but no tsunami threat. Information on casualties or damage were reported.

North-west of Japan and a half years ago, suffered otzemletryaseniya magnitude 9.0 and a devastating tsunami. Then killed and missing about 19 thousand people.

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