Scientists are trying to find out why the Sayano-Shushenskoye reserve dying fir

Scientists State Biosphere Reserve "Sayano-Shushenskaya" in Krasnoyarsk explain the reasons for the death of fir on the area of about 100 hectares, according to the association reserves and national parks in the Altai-Sayan Ecoregion.

In recent days, the inspectors of the Department of Sayano-Shushenskaya Reserve take measures for the forestry arrangement conservation area — are engaged in cleaning of trails, construction and maintenance of transitional huts (called winter camps).

"In addition to work on the improvement inspectors conduct observations, noting the animal encounters and various events that could have implications for future activities in the field of science and conservation.

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Amazon lowland withers

The year 2010 was abnormally hot, not only for the European part of Russia, or, as shown by recent studies, such as Greenland. A group of researchers from Brazil and the UK, led by Dr. Simon Lewis (Simon L. Lewis) from the University of Leeds found that the summer of 2010 was the driest in the last 100 years for the Amazon forest. Event of global scale as the authors note, the implications of this major drought should feel the entire planet. The fact that the forests of the valley of Amazon — the world's largest absorber of carbon dioxide.

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France: Record rainfall and flooding in Nancy

Heavy rains in eastern France last night led to flooding in the city of Nancy, whose mayor has demanded the government to declare the region a disaster. Flooding in Nancy serious material damage, accident without its casualties.

Last night in Nancy dropped record rainfall — 103 mm in just 4 hours (almost monthly average for the region). At night, 200 local firefighters received more than 800 calls and conducted dozens of evacuations of flood victims. In some places, the water level in the reservoirs up to 2 meters — said AFP. Nancy morning fire truck collided with a city bus:

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In Chicago, the snow fell after the heat

This year it was the heat in Chicago earlier than usual. As soon as people have time to feel the spring, the weather suddenly changed — the snow fell, according METEOPROG.

In the first half of April, visited the Chicago heat. The official weather station at O'Hare International Airport said 28 degrees in the shade, and in the center of the city — 30 degrees Celsius.

However, residents of Chicago not long enjoyed a warm spring day, after 10 days the weather changed dramatically.

April 19 the temperature dropped to 0 degrees and snow began

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Runoff from sulfuric acid threaten Yekaterinburg

Life is like on Mars — waste water containing sulfuric acid threaten to reach Ekaterinburg. Where did they come from?

NASA has calculated the speed with which the Arctic ice cap melts

Scientists have found that Arctic perennial sea ice melting faster than annuals, not having time to grow ever shorter season of ice formation, the website of NASA Earth Observatory.

"Arctic ice is getting thinner, because it is rapidly losing its long-standing component of … The thickest part of the Arctic ice cap is melting faster than first-year ice at the edges," — said the study's author, a member of NASA's Joey Comiso (Joey Comiso), quoted at message.

Scientists compared the rate of melting of ice ages sites from 1980 to the present time, based on data from NASA satellites, "Nimbus-7"

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Heavy rains have damaged villages in western Georgia

TBILISI, July 11 — News-Georgia, Eka Javakheti. In Zugdidi (Samegrelo region, Western Georgia) as a result of heavy rain in the village Dzhihaskari Tarchen river burst its banks and flooded the house and grounds.

According to the correspondent. "Georgia News" on Monday the head of the municipality of Zugdidi district Alexander Kobalia, the flooding was so severe that it would be swept over large livestock. In the area of damaged roads and bridges.

According Kobalia, now a special commission is examining the damage area elements.

"The flood severely affected families 7.8, which local authorities would help. Municipalities will get acquainted

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Off the coast of Sweden, a major oil spill

On the western coast of Sweden rescue services likviliruyut major oil leak. After the collision of two ships in the sea near the island of the archipelago Churn Boguslaw found about 110 cubic meters of oil spilled. This is one of the largest oil spill that occurred in Sweden.

10 September in the coastal waters of Denmark, two vessels collided. Early reports on the oil spill there on September 15.

The operation involved five ships and aircraft involved about 50 staff Coast Guard sends Swedish edition Local. According to rescuers, the last day of oil is no longer distributed by

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Zoozaschitniki Moscow, with the victory! Take the example of all!

14/02/2011 at 18:40, on our website under the article "Arrows sadistic killing dogs paralytic poison" was left a comment:

"We zoozaschitniki-guardian dogs killed in December and January in depot Kiev railway station. Detective We also line department depot Kiev station, refused to open a criminal case, despite the fact that we have the videos and witnesses the murder., But prosecutors said, that the offense is and extended the term of this investigator to rassledovanie.My believe that we need to be united in the struggle for the humane treatment of animals and do not stop halfway. mail us. in.gruppa @

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In Australia, people save bats orphaned

In Australia, the heavy rains have brought disaster not only people but also animals. The emerging flood was one of the strongest in the last fifty years. Water flows almost completely destroyed the entire population of bats.

Small flying mouse, who are without parents, who died in the streams pods, required care, and the staff of the local veterinary clinic rushed to save the life of one hundred and thirty kids bats for only 3-4 weeks from birth.

All pups are wrapped in small pelenochki, they are fed from bottles. As soon as the danger of falls in nature, and

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