Locust attacks Stavropol field

3.06.11.Sarancha occupying farmland south of Russia, including the country's agriculture Stavrpole.Ministr Elena Skrynnik videoconference held an operational meeting with representatives of the agricultural departments.

It was noted that the meadow moth and grasshoppers have already "made itself felt" in a number of regions, including in the Stavropol region.

According to experts, the centers of the Italian locust noted in Arzgirskom Levokumskij and regions with an average strength of 21 instance on each square meter.

Arrival nongregarious locust revealed an area 54,000 hectares in 7 copies per square meter.

Elena Skrynnik emphasized the need for urgent measures to

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A cup of coffee — a pleasure or an environmental disaster?

As it turned out, the western part of the Pacific coast may be the main supplier of caffeine pollution in the ocean, as in the countries located on it, coffee has played an important role in everyday life. The effect on marine life from coffee residues containing a powerful tranquilizer, can be unpredictable.

Proven that caffeine from sewage in Oregon, USA, easily falls in sea water, and in the current near the mouth of the river. Moreover, the level of pollution in bodies of water in the city is not as high as in some parts of the sea

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Canada: Failure in downtown Vancouver puzzled city services

In Vancouver, argue that a large gap formed early Friday morning at a busy intersection of Seymour and Robson, has no rational explanation.

"We do not know what caused this crisis," said spokeswoman Wendy Stewart Hall. "The earth was dry. There was no water or damaged pipes and communications."

She added that the dry summer weather — it's not the typical conditions under which usually occur failures.

Movement at the intersection was blocked until the completion of the liquidation of the failure, according to

Vladivostok because of the storm interrupted the movement of boats and ferries

Vladivostok canceled because of the storm movement of sea boats and ferries to the islands.

"Out of — the strong wind, which on Monday reaches more than 20 meters per second, ad storm warning. Low-foot boats and ferries to the islands of Russian and Popov after 13:00 local time (6:00 MSK) canceled "- quoted by RIA" Novosti "representative maritime company" Mortrans. "

The ban may be extended if the afternoon the wind will not decrease.

Recall eastern Primorye are influenced by a tropical storm. There, in the last 16 hours is heavy rain, followed by a cold wind. Precipitation

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Azerbaijan will continue showers

Forecasters warned the citizens of Azerbaijan to continue the heavy rains, which can trigger mudslides and flooding.

According, according to the Bureau of hydrometeorological forecasting Hydrometeorology Department of Ecology and Natural Resources, in the next two days on the territory of Azerbaijan remain unstable weather conditions.

According to forecasters, unstable weather conditions are associated with the cyclone, extending from the Mediterranean Sea through Azerbaijan.

Note that for two days in all regions of the country are predicted rain.

June 25 in the eastern regions will intense rainfall. As a result, most of the rivers of the Greater Caucasus

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3.6-magnitude earthquake occurred in western Georgia

© Alexander Imedashvili

TBILISI, June 8 — News-Georgia Tsitsiya Mamulashvili. Earthquake of magnitude 3.6 occurred on Wednesday at noon in the village Gebi Oni area, told Trend. "News-Georgia", the representative of the Institute for Land Tbilisi Ilia University.

According to the Institute, the earthquake occurred at 12.12 local time in the seismically active region of Georgia — Racha, 19 kilometers north of the regional capital Oni.

"The earthquake was so strong that some have felt it, and some do not. As a result of the demolition of buildings aftershocks have been recorded," — said the representative of the

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Anonymous hackers attacked the site of the Kremlin

In the microblog on Twitter hackers, from the so-called movement Anonymous, representing the Russian wing. Was taken by the message in which they state to launch attacks on the Kremlin web resource. As it turned out during the inspection of sites and prezident.rf at 13:00 Moscow time really have a problem with access to those resources. Before May 6, before the action "March of a million" was a promise from the Russian wing Anonymous, support for the opposition in the form of hacker attacks. Their intentions hackers also reported May 4 with a video posted on the Internet, in

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Nakula Nakula Bessli arrested

Creator of the provocative film, which cost all of the Internet and created so much noise and debate among the citizens of different nationalities, and provoked some unrest in many countries of the world, "innocent Muslims" was arrested in the United States, the state of California. 55-year-old Bessli Nakula Nakula, the name of the producer of the film, according to a local prosecutor and the company ITAR-TASS, is now under arrest and would soon be responsible for their actions before a federal court. The reason for the arrest was a violation of the conditions of his parole.

Producer himself has

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Media: heavy rain caused this flood in Odessa

Heavy rain literally flooded Odessa, said on Thursday Odessa TV "ATV".

"Some areas of the city is completely flooded. On the roads due to heavy rain formed massive traffic jams. Motionless are Greek, Catherine and other streets. Bulkowski on Gators. To get home by swimming motorists and the 2nd station of Big Fountain. Similar situation in Siltings Street Sakharov and the French Boulevard "- according to the site of the broadcaster.

Odessans spread in social networks photos, which show that in some parts of the city cars literally flooded to the roof.

Cause flooding of streets was debris collectors. Public

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Chinese fish contaminated with industrial waste

Severe pollution of the Pearl River (Pearl River), metals and organic compounds has led to the accumulation of these substances in the bodies of river and marine life, the eating of which has become dangerous to human health.

For example, in the oysters from Guangdong Province copper in 740 times higher than normal.

According to the publication "Yanchen Vanbao", according to the recently promulgated Maritime Bulletin of Guangdong Province in 2010, 40% of the pollution discharged into the sea of industrial waste overfished, 16% of the sea water is polluted.

It says that in 2010, eight of the rivers flowing

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