Japan shakes again

October 10 near the east coast of Japan earthquake with magnitude of 5.5, according to Reuters citing television channel NHK. According to the agency, tremors were felt in Tokyo, Japan.

Information about possible casualties or any damage were reported. The earthquake did not cause harm and the nuclear reactor at the plant "Fukushima-1", affected by the earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.

In the spring of 2011 in northern Japan was devastating magnitude 9 earthquake, followed by a tsunami 10 meters high. As a result, dead or missing, more than 22 thousand people.

The earthquake and tsunami caused the accident

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In Japan, the eruption of a volcano

Japan woke volcano located in the southwestern part of the country, which was at rest for about two weeks, according to AFP.

1.4-meter volcano Shinmoedaki (Shinmoedake) threw a height of up to four kilometers ash and rocks. It is not clear whether the awakening of the volcano was a direct result of the earthquake in Japan on March 11, which caused a tsunami ten meters.

However, the authorities have assigned volcano third of the five levels of danger. Rescue services have restricted access to the mountain. Information about the evacuation of people and the consequences of the eruption has

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Biologists have found a gene striped and spotted cat coloring

Taqpep gene was common switch shape pattern on the skin of many species of cats — the normal version of this gene leads to the appearance of tiger stripes and mutant — leopard spots, according to a paper published in the journal Science.

"So far, nobody has been able to explain in terms of biology, where are the spots on the skin of cheetah, tiger stripes, zebra or drawings on the body ordinary domestic cats. Cells dark stripes somehow know that they have to be black and remember this life-long cat. We were interested in what happens at the boundary

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Estonia got a ship to combat pollution of the sea

Ceremony to transfer Estonia multifunctional vessel pollution control area on Friday was held in Tallinn on the peninsula Copley, Estonian Television reported.

The ship, which goes to the border of the fleet of the country, was named in honor of General Ants Kurvits, who headed the Estonian border guards in 1920.

According to the Minister of the Interior Ken-Marti Vaher, the need was felt for a long time such a vessel.

"So far we have focused mainly on prevention and cooperation with neighboring countries. Now, with this ship, we will also in a position to detect contamination and to react

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Hail of a baseball in Oklahoma

Ominous clouds caused severe storms and large hail in northern Oklahoma, causing chaos among drivers.

The scientists addressed the question of disposal of solid deodorant

Most recently, the company Earth911 and Unilever, the company global consumer goods and cosmetics maker Axe, Degree, Suave and Dove opened the public that they are going to be members of a partnership, the aim of which is to define the capabilities of solid deodorants, antiperspirants. In other words, companies will try, see if you can make from the used tubes from deodorants other goods, and whether it is appropriate from a financial and environmental terms.

Unilever thus wants to focus its production into the mainstream of sustainable development and environmentally friendly technologies, and reduce the environmental footprint of

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Drought in the United States. Picture story

One of the famous masters of aerial photographs George Steinmetz did terrible consequences record drought in Texas, New Mexico and Georgia.

In recent years in the western U.S. water problems have become a tradition, but this even here no one expected.

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Famous social projects

A short time since then, when the whole world is literally drawn into the many social projects. Major social websites — communication between users, information dissemination, exchange of images, pictures and video. The data projects are put on yourself as much information. The development of these social networking sites took place very rapidly. At first there was one, then another. Many companies have decided to keep up and also created their projects, which can now be seen on the Internet. Because of the severe competition afloat only a few, the following are the most popular.

The first

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The number of dead in the Philippines after typhoon rising

According to official reports, the number of victims of the typhoon Bohan, or, as it is called in the islands, Pablo, has reached 620-person. Lists of missing enriched considerably and now includes 817 residents and guests of the Philippines.

Unfortunately, the prognosis for finding those whose location is not known, more negative than comforting, and even seasoned rescuers begin to lose hope that they will find the majority of the list consisting of people. However, the search operations are continuing and to keep up the pace, especially since some remote place team has not had time to visit.

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Belarusian hydrometeorological warns of adverse events

According to weather forecasts, July 1 in most parts of Belarus are expected thunderstorms, sometimes heavy rainfall. Day of the Brest and Grodno regions — long heavy rains in some areas increased squally wind gusts of 15-20 m / s. The air temperature will be July 1: 14-20 ° C at night, in the afternoon of 19 ° C in the south-west to 29 ° C in the north-east, BelaPAN.

In Minsk on Friday Cloudy. Showers, thunderstorms. Wind east 4-9 m / s, with gusts of thunderstorms to 14 m / s. Night temperature 16-18 ° C

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