Glasgow will be heated by thermal springs

Soon the British will move to Glasgow greener type of heating. At one time it did in Hamburg and Stockholm, using warm underground springs to prevent icing of roads and sidewalks in the winter. Scientists from the University of Glasgow about the state of local abandoned mine to know, can I take advantage of being in their geothermal resources for heating settlements. Under some sections of Glasgow has already begun construction of underground storage tanks, from which hot water will be served in the room. In order to fully form the heating grid of the city, will take about

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Tigress rescued in Primorye Light is doing better

Tigress orphan Light caught in Primorye emaciated condition after surgery on leg started to recover and put on weight 15 kilograms, said Tuesday the wildlife rehabilitation center "cliff."

In early January, around Pozharsky district of Primorye were seen four cubs. Later, the three went into the woods, but one of them stayed at the village and killed a week for about two dogs. To protect animals from local residents, protection of wildlife management specialists Primorye caught predator and sent him to a rehabilitation center "cliff" in the Khabarovsk Territory. Here she got the nickname Light — under the name of

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Ukraine is stormy

In Azerbaijan, there was an earthquake

Earthquake of magnitude 3.3 occurred on Wednesday in 01.12 (00.12 MSK) in Jalilabad Azerbaijan (about 400 kilometers south of Baku), reports Seismological Service Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan.

Center of the earthquake was at a depth of 20 kilometers.

Death and destruction as a result of the elements is not fixed.

Hong Kong authorities seized elephant tusks party for $ 1.4 million

Hong Kong authorities seized another large batch of contraband ivory per month, which cost up to $ 1.4 million, wrote on Friday by the Associated Press.

According to local authorities, border guards on Thursday confiscated a batch of 569 elephant tusks weighing 1.33 tons, which were in one of the containers to arrive at the port of Hong Kong freighter.

Previous smuggled tusks were seized in the port of Hong Kong a few weeks ago. Weight parties reached 4 tons, and the cost — $ 3.4 million. According to local authorities, it was the biggest party of illegal ivory seized

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In Congo, began erupting volcano Nyam Lagira

The most active on the African continent. Its crater is the world's largest lava lake — 600 feet in diameter. Now it burst its banks and started to run down the slopes of the fiery mountain. Eruption threatens national park, home to rare animals and birds. How long is an active volcano — scientists do not know. Interestingly, the residents of nearby settlements nobody evacuates. For the authorities, they are an indicator of threat. If you do begin to leave their homes, so the situation is serious.

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Abnormally low temperature is in February in southern Russia

The greatest deviation from normal temperature observed at present in the south of Russia, told reporters on Thursday the weather specialist center "Phobos" Vadim Zavodchenkov.

Extreme cold in Russia this winter held around mid-January.

"It's cold almost everywhere, but if we compare the degree — the least abnormality seen in the northern part of Russia, and in the south, by contrast, colder," — said Zavodchenkov.

He said that in the south of the country in the daytime air temperature does not exceed 10-15 degrees below zero, and in some places falls to minus 18 degrees. The weather on the Black

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Outbreak of intestinal flu in Kiev

On the outbreak of the disease was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Health and the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of Ukraine.

The first case registered on 12 September at 21:00. On September 13, found for 16 patients. The patients' age to 17 years, the initial diagnosis — rotavirus infection. All patients were treated.

In the area of disease are specialists and Obolon Kyiv City district sanitary-epidemiological stations. Clinic in a skin-mycological department of the Kiev City Hospital for Skin and Venereal suspended.

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In the Novosibirsk region earthquake

Underground power in terms of 3.5 points were recorded in Suzun district.

Even on the night of January 2, villagers Malysheva Porotnikovo Kargapolova and heard a strange sound, like an explosion. Many villagers in panic ran outside with hastily gathered belongings. In the morning the "explosions" ceased.

Long time residents of three villages were perplexed about what happened, and just the other day vyyasnilast cause "explosions." As it became known, in Malyshevskoe Kargapolovskogo village councils and district Suzun recorded earthquake of 3.5 points, with the epicenter in Kamenka region. No injuries or damage.

The last time such an event

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In the Khabarovsk Territory under 40 degree heat


In the Khabarovsk region have established a very hot weather. On Sunday, the temperature is increased to 34 .. 36 degrees at the station Tumnin the thermometer stood at 39.5 degrees. This hot weather in the region: firstly, because removal of the south-westerly winds of hot air from China, and secondly, its additional heating in anticyclonic weather conditions. Fortunately, the hot weather that increase fire danger will remain in the region only until Tuesday. And then, with the approach of a cold front from the north-west, the rains begin, the temperature behind the front will drop by

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