Java island was cut off from the outside world due to the volcano

JAKARTA, January 29. Tengger Caldera volcano eruption on the Indonesian island of Java disrupted air traffic over this most populous island in the world. According to ITAR-TASS, as a result of canceled dozens of international flights that connect the resort island of Bali to other corners of the world.

Thus, according to Australian airlines Jetstar and Virgin Blue, about 4.5 thousand passengers stranded at airports two countries.

As the representative of the Ministry of Transport of Indonesia Bambang Erwan, ash emissions hit airspace within 200 nautical miles from the epicenter of the 2329-meter-high volcano.

However, the reports of the destruction

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Leesburg continues to closely monitor the failure, to absorb some of the building


June 28. Failure early Monday, abruptly emerged near the business center and "swallowed" part of a commercial building, it seems not increased, as reported today the city authorities.

"It's still about the same size," — said the coordinator of public relations in Leesburg Robert Sargent. (Leesburg — City District Lake County units. Florida U.S. — annotated. Translator).

But even in this case, city officials said they are closely watching the failure of a width of about 18-21 meters. Periodically, a small amount of sand slides off the outer edges of the hole.

This morning, the engineers of

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Marine life is threatened mass extinction

Pollution and global warming have put the marine life on the brink of mass extinction, which can be compared with what happened millions of years ago.

Death of coral reefs, loss of biodiversity due to invasive species, the spread of "dead zones", blooms of toxic algae, depletion of fish stocks — all on the rise, according to a new report, sponsored by the International Programme for ocean monitoring. Moral of the document is that the marine life is dying faster than the most pessimistic forecast predicted a couple of years ago.

These symptoms can be seen as a precursor

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USDA increased the Gulf dead zone


18/06/2011 USDA caused extending the boundaries of the "dead zone" in the Gulf of Mexico. Because of the flood of the Mississippi River, which washed away everything in its path, the state of the Gulf of Mexico has deteriorated significantly. To the formation of "dead zones" lead toxins that enter the waters of the Gulf and prevent oxygen into the water, suffers from the flora and fauna of the underwater world.

Due to the flood in the Mississippi Gulf of Mexico got a huge amount of toxic agricultural origin. Toxins — are

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Krasnoyarsk zoo offered to care for the character in 2013

Krasnoyarsk park flora and fauna "Swarms stream" Krasnoyarsk offered to care for the character in 2013, a snake, said on Friday the zoo.

The park has the largest east of the Urals aquaterrarium, which contains a large collection of reptiles, including 30 species of snakes. The cost is calculated based on reptile care of her diet. For example, a small mangrove snake will cost 550 rubles, but the big tiger python will cost 1.6 rubles.

"In the cage with the animal is placed on the label information of who lovingly takes care of the animal. Moreover, the trustee may

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In Mironovskoe Reservoir — Zamora carp

To the Editor of the newspaper "Donbass" turned fisherman Paul Ignatenko, udivshy fish Mironovskoe Reservoir, near Debalcevo. He complained about the sea of silver carp in the pond and sent photos, which it was evident that the whole shore strewn with dead fish. According to him, the body of water for several days there was a fetid smell, so normally fish and relax here was simply impossible.

Journalist "Donbass" immediately went to the scene to determine the cause. The local fishermen are mostly guilty of the power station, which is serviced by the reservoir and suspected chemical release into

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Dangerous virus killed 60% of the harvest of oysters in France

Flora and fauna of the coastline of France suffers from a dangerous virus, which has killed at least 60% of one of the most popular commercial groups of marine invertebrates — oysters The situation is complicated by the fact that in addition to France, most of the population of oysters died in Japan — because of the disaster on March 11. Thus, France, supplying an elite meat to world markets, can not compensate for damage to imports. As reported by Bloomberg, the situation in the industry vendors, delicious food, restaurants many times already forced to raise prices for shellfish dishes.

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The critical level of pollution. Oil destroys the life of the Caspian Sea

Level of industrial and oil pollution in the Caspian Sea has reached a "critical level." With such a warning made yesterday expert from Iran, head of the research institute of the Caspian environment Porgholam Reza (Reza Pourgholam). This he told the Iranian news agency Fars, reports AFP.

Exploitation of oil and the movement of large oil tankers cause annual discharge 122 thousand 350 tons of oil polluting substances into the largest inland sea in the world, said R.Porgholam.

Sea poisoned many heavy metals, which are also dangerous as the hydrocarbons, he said, adding that "304 tons of

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Fish kill in Denmark

Fishing Association Denmark announces the start of the flowering period of sea water, which is accompanied by the massive loss of fish. Brown water, saturated many unicellular algae has always characterized the spring to the east of Jutland.

In the early spring season sea trout fishing almost always historically been characterized by poor catches. The reason probably lies in an unusually extensive algal blooms in February and March, caused by the multiplication of toxic phytoplankton Chatonella, that at high concentrations it can cause even death of the fish. In this regard, the Danish Union of Fishermen encourages its members to

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Elchin Khalilov: nature start the timer. Interview

Exclusive Interview with President GNFE, chairman of the International Committee on Global Change subsurface Professor Elchin Khalilov.

Courage, fortitude, humility and generosity, which met the Japanese greatest catastrophe of our time — cause great respect and great compassion of people around the world. Qualities inherent in this historically hardworking and dedicated people, once again helped him to unite in a single monolithic force together to survive and withstand the elements. But will this highly civilized, industrialized and economically developed country to cope with the cataclysm, the consequences of which have stirred the entire planet?

The catastrophic earthquake in Japan,

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