Earth takes revenge for people to create chaos

Stories of unexplained failures of soil encountered here and there, long excite mankind. Underground car fail and people go garages, playgrounds and at home … Last soil collapse occurred in the Perm region in the station Berezniki where 25 November went underground railway carriage. The cause of this phenomenon, scientists have not yet found.

Recent collapse of the soil, made a lot of noise in the Perm region occurred at a railway station Berezniki. There Nov. 25 for an unknown reason formed sinkhole, which literally left rail car loaded with potassium fertilizers.

Initially, the size of sagging plot of

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Race — Births in the country Aces Aces


Race — Childbirth Aces Aces in the country. If, say, an old Latin spelling race was RASA. But note — the countries of Aces. And the country — STATE. It then subsequently changed to CONTRY, which means both the country and the village. And in today's world the concept of race is written now as Race — RACA — is the word now represent the human species. White Race — the white race, black Race — black race, elou Race — the yellow race, the Red Race — Race Red, Gray Race

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The meat from a test tube

People dreamed of dinner in one tiny pill. Did not happen. The time is approaching when the meat can be grown in the laboratory, but if that resolves the problem of civilization? Everyone knows from school, that work has made a monkey out of man (it is, however, quite a controversial statement, especially in light of recent discoveries, but we are not talking about it.) But if you continue the logical chain on, it becomes clear that it is the work, it turns out, and brought humanity to the deplorable state in which it is now.

Great difficulty —

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Home Mystery Lake Baikal

Against the background of events almost nobody seems strange attention of some foreign organizations to Lake Baikal. On the contrary, signed the new "joint" projects on Lake Baikal and to keep trying. There is a purpose for which the money is always, in any crisis. Usually it is Extremely urgent goal, is not it? So what are looking for foreigners Insiders at the Baikal bottom? Discover the secret. They seek a nondescript gray rock-crystal, and the modern language — USB flash drive, the content of which is invaluable in the right hands it can change the destiny of mankind, save

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In 2012, once awake all the volcanoes?

End of the world can come out of the ground. The time is right …

Mankind, it seems, does not rest until he has passed the notorious date on which the Mayans supposedly appointed end.


Numerous educators are tired to explain: the Maya predicted the end of the world is not on your calendar. Both the calendar does not terminate December 21, 2012, as some people think. On this day, just give another great cycle period of 5126 years. Fifth Sun, or, in the terminology and beliefs of the ancient Indians. And begin

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In Russia, the drug industry is developing at home

Russia develops illegal business of growing marijuana. Seeds of narcotic plants ordered over the Internet. And punish the senders and recipients of such parcels — impossible.

Carrots improves blood

The word "immunity" is familiar, perhaps, even to children. But what is that from a medical point of view? How to prepare your body for the coming winter, when the sun does not appear over Moscow, and fresh herbs from their own beds remained in the memory? In every immunomodulator and stimulants on the market today, there is no shortage. But what of the natural products and their derivatives are actually able to help us in a protracted fall and the coming winter? For advice, we turned to our regular consultant known herbalist, Head. Department of Family Medicine at the

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Schepnoy bird — Ward

In the far north in Arkhangelsk province lived — was a hunter. Winter in the north of the long, cold: a blizzard, the blizzard, the severe cold. And in this year's winter was delayed for a long time; vystudila human habitation, and the hunter became ill younger son. Sick a long time, emaciated, pale, and neither the doctor did not help, nor sorcerer. Mount Hunter. Sorry for his little son. Hunter asked his son, "What do you want?" Softly whispered the boy, "I want to see the sun …". And where can you take in the north? Thought hunter heated

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History oblivion willow-and replace it with Russia foreign tea.

The fact that the Chinese tea first came to Russia (it was in the first half of the seventeenth century, it is the beginning of tea and coffee global expansion), but as foreign goods cost a lot of money, the alternative to it in Russia was obvious! The alternative of course was the "Fireweed" that the Russian "chaevniki" brewed and drank back in the twelfth century!

Brewed "Fireweed" in such a way that it has come to resemble taste and color subtropical tea. Produced it: the leaves 'Ivan-tea' dried, scalded with boiling water in the tub, triturated in a trough,

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Russian people are waking up!

Russian people are waking up! It is a reality to be reckoned with now over! Russian people are waking up from the mental sleep, during which he tried to destroy all conceivable ways. Russian people are waking up …

In late October, in Volgograd, a round table on "The genocide of the Russian people" — an event whose value is difficult to overestimate. This round table has caused a lot of different opinions, but clearly showed: the genocide of the Russian people — real, hide from him in his private, warm little world will not be able to anybody, however,

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