Collider risk planet. Why?

"Physical books are full of complicated mathematical formulas. But the beginning of every physical theory are thoughts and ideas, not formulas " Einstein.

The Large Hadron Collider, as the theory of relativity, the Big Bang theory, nuclear and thermonuclear bombs, loans, banks, mortgage invented probably brilliant Jews. Unique device to search for the Higgs boson, parallel worlds, creating on Earth equivalent of the Big Bang, have formed the universe, other unpredictable cosmic events — all for $ 10 billion.

Do not feel sorry for money geniuses (we are not paying, and the curious), the trouble otherwise. It was recently

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Twisting the water in the water

Without domestic filter — either the amplitude or sudi The tap water: to drink or not to drink? The survey on the subject, held on the site "Arguments and Facts" shows that in Russia there was tap revolution. We stopped drinking the water as it did in the early 1990's — straight from the tap or boiled.

So continue to drink only a third of respondents, a quarter of all those involved in the survey boil water, and another 11% drink it without using any cleaning filters. Eight percent of the hunt for spring water, seventeen — prefer bottled, and

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Russia 8 percent live in the XVI century, and 40% — in the XIX

Currently about 8% of Russia's population live in homes where there is no running water, the study concludes Rosstat "Results of comprehensive monitoring of living conditions." Periodic interruptions in the centralized supply of cold water occur in 36.1% of citizens, permanent — at 5.6%. No hot water in the homes of a quarter of Russians. With periodic interruptions hot water to the 40.2% of multi-family homes, with constant interruptions — at 6.5% of homes. The poor quality of the water complaining about a quarter of the respondents. Additional sources of heat to warm their homes, we have to use 28.3%

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Zadornov: Letter to the Presidential Administration

I came back from America. Interviews with scientists from Harvard, as hoped, is strong, sensational. You'll see in the documentary film on the evening of December 12 REN TV.

Now I want to send a letter to the heels of the President's Administration. With hope! What if? And the internet I saw fit to publish it, so that those who believes me, know that I do not sit idly by and Noah, as many do on the web. And if a letter gets lost in the "up" and then read it at least close to me in spirit people.


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Slavic heritage. Answers to questions (part 1 — 2)


Do anger against the enemy? What is meryachenie? From what is sad and how to get rid of it? What does the word "witch" and who they were? What will happen after the summer of 7520 (2012)? Is there a ceremony releasing the soul of plants, animals and people? When and where you will see the star of Mary? What do the names of modern Tatiana, Nicholas, etc.?

If Simulation starts of invasion, as distinguished from our psevdonashih and not ours? These and other questions are answered by the

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Children of the Gods: On the trail of white Indians

June 4, 1975 GV "Pravda" flashed interesting article. Here's an excerpt: "An unknown Indian tribe found the expedition Brazilian National Indian Foundation (FUNAI) in the state of Para in northern Brazil. White-skinned blue-eyed Indians of the tribe living in the dense tropical forest — skilled fishermen and fearless hunters. To further explore the lifestyle of a new tribe, the expedition led by an expert on Brazilian Indians Raimundo Alves intend to conduct a detailed study of the life of this nation. "

Photo: Image of white Peruvian god Viracocha

In the autumn of the following year to the

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Why do you need alcohol?

My parents gave me a poor part of the inheritance of my grandfather — wrote LJ users ig_kuv. Among the interesting and fascinating book written by a famous pre-revolutionary fighter against drunkenness Gavrilovich Dmitry Bulgakov. Simple, straightforward and a little naive lyrics, life and moderate exaggerated illustration of Alexander BOLESLAVOVICH Skirgello. Check the book suddenly introduced as these pictures show with magic lantern and read the text. They have that kind of volshebnofonarnost.Searching the internet for Bulgakov, found: At the beginning of XX century. the name of the DG Bulgakov was known in Russia as

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Mystery blood terrible Aids


MYSTERY OF BLOOD is a stunning discovery scientists geneticists that found in the blood chuzherodtsev and who they actually own. Modern studies have refuted once and for all religious-Darwinian theory of the origin of mankind from one common ancestor.

Sources: "The method of distinguishing races in the blood." E.O.Manoylov. — VII International Conference "Molecular Genetics of somatic cells," 2009 Report "natural focal induced mutagenesis and its pathological effects on the internal and external features of the human body." — Doctor of Biological Sciences P.Garyaev "Wave Genetics", "blood type. Homoeologous chromosome syndrome, immunodeficiency (SGHID). " — Doctor of Medicine, Professor

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Russian language. What we do not guess

The fight with the Russian language, as well as with themselves Russ, is not the first century. Our sworn enemies know well what they are doing and do not spare the green wrappers to bribe officials to help them turn us into animals …

We live in the 4th world war being waged against the person in all possible directions: the war the economic, political, information, food, alcohol, tobacco, drug, war in art (avant-garde, underground, "Black Square"), war in music (hard rock, Metallica, pop), and, finally, the war with the Russian language, which few people know.

With the coming

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Medicinal plants — the main means of sorcerer

Italian ambassador, who visited Moscow in the middle of the XVI century, wrote: "The Russian is not philosophical, astrological and medical books, there are no doctors or pharmacists, and they treated the experience of proven medicinal herbs."

Knowledge about the healing properties of medicinal plants were kept in people's memory for many centuries, they are constantly enriched with new information and passed from generation to generation. Today, drug treatment plants and drugs derived from plants, called phytotherapy.

This name is formed from the Greek words phyton — «plant» + therapeia — «Care" "treatment." But in the early XX century,

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