Storm in Spain

Abnormal heat is stored in northern Siberia

A powerful stream of Atlantic heat is distributed up to Taimyr, and even to the Arctic coast of Yakutia. That's a long time in the north of Western and Eastern Siberia is abnormally warm weather, with the temperature at 12-14 degrees above normal. Was no exception and the last day of the calendar fall. In Taimyr was only -8 .. -10, and just to the east to -20. Yamal Peninsula -2 degrees — almost thaw, this temperature can be observed in the summer! And it is winter, and fit to crack the 20-degree cold. But while atlanticheskietsiklony drove frost

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Snow and cold stopped the transport system in Europe

On Monday, December 20, the traffic in many European countries remains paralyzed by snow and freezing temperatures.

Closed due to weather conditions Heathrow Airport in London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam and Paris Roissy airport. In Frankfurt canceled 600 flights from 1300.

Snowfall also violated and rail links. Trains all over Germany come very late or canceled. In addition, due to high demand is difficult to buy tickets.

Municipal services are warning drivers not to travel because of ice. On some highways is 20 cm of snow.

In the UK, the temperature dropped in some areas up to 20 degrees below

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Arctic in 20 years will be completely ice-free in summer

Multi-year ice in the Arctic will completely disappear in the next 20 years, and polar waters can not cross the ice-breakers, but in winter, the Arctic Ocean will freeze for many hundreds of years, according to a professor at Cambridge University Vadams Peter (Peter Wadhams), quoted by the newspaper Mail Online .

"Most of the perennial ice ceases in the next decade, and after 20 years, the Arctic will be completely open in the summer … However, first-year ice would cover the Arctic Ocean each winter for many hundreds of years", — said Vadams whose words are reported.

According to

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Appeared in the British city of smart trash cans

One of the cities of Britain under the name Bat decided to use green technology solar energy to create "smart" garbage cans, standing in the streets. To garbage trucks not often traveled and cleaned out the garbage collection point to not have to spend more on packaging waste not harmless plastic bags, 26 garbage cans in Bath have a special compression system for details. The amazing thing is that this system works on solar panels installed on the box.

Signals that the tank is too much waste coming from its two full sensor. Reaching a specified level within the

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The southwest Minnesota blizzard swept

The Midwest U.S. is slowly moving powerful snowstorm. Snowfall is so abundant that after becoming neproezzhabelnymi road and accident-prone. According to reports from St. Paul International Airport in Minneapolis, around 355.6 mm of snow fell. In connection with this weekend Airport canceled 150 flights.

In Minnesota, it's heavy snowfall since then, two years ago under the weight of winter precipitation fell through the roof Metrodoum sports center. In 2012, the roof has been kept as the center owners do their best to melt the accumulated snow, while the air temperature ranges from -1 ° C to -6 °

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Bubbling volcanic lava flowed 17 kilometers and flooded the mountains of Kamchatka

Flat Tolbachik volcano in Kamchatka will erupt for at least two weeks, according to scientists. They had circled the erupting giant, selected samples of lava, ash and gases.

Bashkiria announced 2013th Year of Environment

The head of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov declared 2013 the Year of the region Environment, told RIA Novosti press-service of the President of Bashkortostan.

According to the source, during the year in the region to host events aimed at forming and development of ecological culture, respect for the environment, increasing the responsibility for preserving the natural heritage.

"The emblem year — white eagle depicted in the background of a blue-green drops, painted art editor of the national newspaper Nasih Khalis. A year slogan -" Keep your tomorrow "- came up with the representatives of the Bashkir Branch of the Russian Society

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In Sevastopol, because of the warm weather lilacs bloomed

In Sevastopol did not come for the winter warm. On Friday there was a broken record a 28-year-old — the temperature rose to 18.6 degrees. Residents of several streets, very surprised to see a blooming lilac bushes. In some areas, there were buds on the vines and apple and cherry blossom. Experts argue that these phenomena are anomalous and can damage plants through the winter, because in winter they go to the store of nutrients lost doing, said "Times Online". Abnormal heat and came to the Russian capital. According to meteorologists, the reason Mediterranean cyclone. The air in Moscow warmed

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Half of dust in the atmosphere of America has a transatlantic origin

Approximately half of the dust particles in the atmosphere of North America, which affect both climate and air quality, has transatlantic origin, according to an article published by a group of American scientists in the journal Science.

Hongbin Yu (Hongbin Yu) from the Center of NASA Goddard and his colleagues for the first time using satellite measurements evaluated the number and composition of the dust, which each year into the atmosphere over the American continent.

They used data obtained with spectroradiometers MODIS, from satellites "Terra" and "Aqua" and CALIOP lidar on board the "Calypso". Satellite information has allowed them to

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