In Kamchatka bear attacked a soldier

To the territory of the military unit near the village of Southern Koryak (Kamchatka) and snuck bear attacked a soldier. ITAR-TASS referring to acting the agency head of forestry and wildlife protection edge Natalia Ermolenko.

According to her, October 1 predator came to the territory of the military unit that has no fences, and made his way to the dining room. There, he met with a man-toed attacked him and bit. Fortunately, the military has not received mortal wounds. Arrived on the game wardens tracked down and killed the beast.

The week before — September 23 — near the village

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Melon infection attacked for 18 U.S. states

In the United States extends a deadly intestinal infection — listeriosis. Already killed 16 people. More than 70 — in hospitals. Outbreak recorded in 18 states, but most likely, this is not the limit. Source of infection were melons, grown in Colorado. Farm immediately withdrew all the goods from retailers, and those who still have time to buy vegetables, doctors are advised to throw them away. "People are hard to remember exactly what they bought melons — said epidemiologist Wendy Chang. — Many people simply do not think about it. But given what's going on, I advise everyone to

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Russian Grain Union fears a new drought in Russia this year

High atmospheric pressure, set in the European part of Russia, could mean the arrival of the drought in the spring and summer of 2012, told reporters the president of the Russian Grain Union (RGU) Arkady Zlochevsky.

"It is the fear factor such as a record of atmospheric pressure, which we now observe. Since factor winter peak performance pressure traditionally, as climatologists say — it is a factor of drought. There is a risk of recurrence of drought in the spring and summer of 2012, "- he said on the sidelines of an international conference of agricultural producers, suppliers of" Where

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Russians views on pension reform

In late October VTsIOM organized nationwide survey on the new pension reform in Russia. Its results showed that more than two thirds of Russians in the course changes to pension legislation of the Russian Federation.

However, only 16% of respondents know about the details of the innovations, the other 55% have knowledge in general. In the subtleties delved mainly citizens of pre-retirement age and retired people (79-80%) and urban residents (72-76%) than respondents in Moscow and St. Petersburg, of which 67% are well informed. Among know nothing about pension reform majority — younger respondents (54%) and villagers (37%).

76% of

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Indonesian volcano emissions prevented his flight

Bromo volcano eruption in eastern Indonesian island of Java, has led to air travel disruption, "Interfax". Several international airlines have canceled flights on Thursday on the tourist island of Bali, said the airport of the city of Denpasar.

According to him, such as airline Cathay Pacific from Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Singapore Singapore Airlines, as well as Australia's Virgin Blue and Jetstar temporarily canceled flights to the island as a precaution.

Meanwhile, representatives of the Meteorological Service of the Australian city of Darwin distributed a communiqué reported ashen cloud formed by the eruption of the volcano, located 370 km north-west

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Yuzhnouralsk attack caterpillars


26.05.11.Nashestvie caterpillars Yuzhnouralsk. Gypsy moth destroys forests Uvelsky area at high speed. Gardeners seriously concerned — tracks have already reached the apple and pear trees on the plots. Spoiled leaves, bare branches of trees and lifeless. Already infected with 35 hectares of greenery — it is two times more than the whole of last year. South Ural foresters note: The last outbreak of this level was in the eighties. Not less worried and gardeners. Uninvited guests with great speed matched to the suburban areas. Salvation — poultry. We need a serious electronics, avionics and

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Polish capital flooded (video)

Heavy rains and storms hit the territory of Poland. In Varsheve had the monthly rainfall — in the Polish capital flooded the airport and railway station.

Flooded many streets and tunnels, underground parking, damaged cars, abandoned on the streets of the Polish capital and its environs.

Warsaw Fire Department on Sunday received hundreds of calls from people asking for help. To eliminate the impact of rampant after disaster can take a few days.





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Two thieves arrested and pine cones will be tried in France

Two Moroccan — father and son — were detained in the south of France for the illegal collection of pine cones, the trial of embezzlers of natural resources held in June, reports on Friday AFP.

Attention of the police on the alleged attackers drew residents Hyères, near which worked cone pickers who arrived from Spain. According to the agency, hunters knocked extraction hook, and then collecting it in his truck.

A search of the truck was discovered 90 kilograms of pine cones. Collectors reported that bumps come true in Spain to 80 cents per kilogram. According to them, out of

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In the Yellow Sea earthquake registered a magnitude of 5.0

Earthquake of magnitude 5.0 was recorded today in the Yellow Sea at 09:19 am Beijing time / 4:19 MSK /. This was announced by Chinese Seismological Centre.

The epicenter was located in the Yellow Sea, the center, according to Chinese experts, lies at a depth of 10 kilometers.

As reported by Xinhua, the earthquake was felt in the Shanghai area of skyscrapers — Pudong and in some other areas of the Chinese metropolis. The tsunami threat was reported.

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Ob River basin in shallow catastrophically

This fall, rare and, at best, short-term. Precisely because of its lack of water level in the Ob fell to a record low. Of the shallow water of the Ob basin not been seen in the last hundred years. Today it is the water in the reservoir is so small that the winter will be on the level of 6.5 meters below normal.

Vladimir Maltsev, Chief Expert "Upper Ob-basin water management", "Very early in the year ended August 17 navigation releases from mid-September and crossed to maintain the minimum marks required for work on city water."


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