Muscovites celebrate City Day

Muscovites celebrated the Day of the city — 865 years of the city. Many, the holidays were a real event, from museums and galleries, concert halls, theaters and experimental studios — art spilled on the streets of Moscow. On the Boulevard Ring yard pass play, book readings, workshops on Flora and needlework.

At the Alley of Cosmonauts artists, performers and musicians recreate his vision of urban street culture. The main event of the festival to the citizens and guests of the festival was the reconstruction of the historic battle — City Day coincided with the 200th anniversary of the

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Astrakhan sturgeon plant will route through the shops

One of Astrakhan hatcheries specializing in fish breeding sturgeon, proposed regional tour operators to open new tourist route on the objects of their production, said on Tuesday the Ministry of Sport and Tourism of the Astrakhan region.

Aquaculturists offer enthusiasts to combine two popular styles: tehnoturizm and ecotourism, studying the artificial reproduction of the "Caspian Queen" — white sturgeon, the largest freshwater fish in the world, on the verge of extinction and recorded in the "Red Book".

"A new tourist route proposed Astrakhan agencies will be called" A visit to Beluga — Caspian Queen. "It involves traveling from Astrakhan in

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Invasion of bark beetles under Peter

The consequences of a thunderstorm and rain in St. Petersburg

Reports of fallen trees, wrecked cars and dangling power lines come from around Petersburg.

EVI consequences sudden gust of wind accompanied by a rain squall. Witnesses said that the streets like a spring leaves floated mosquito nets plastic windows. Now many of the streets, where trees collapsed pile tube, where the driver clearing-house fare. In some places, the movement has risen because of the fallen or broken traffic lights. Is there affected by the actions of the elements, not yet reported.

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Chicken was a nanny for five rabbits

Mother rabbit continues to feed their young, and chicken runs "nanny."

Inhabitant of New Zealand wildlife reserve Staglands Wildlife Reserve, eight-bantam chicken breeds, was "nanny" for the five newborn rabbits.

Mother rabbit continues to feed their young, and the chicken looks out for young, says Scientists suggest that the rabbit gave birth in a nest, because she liked it.

About three weeks later rabbits grow up and leave the nest. They belong to a breed of Belgian giants and their size will exceed the "nanny" several times.

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Save the city from the heat, cold pavement

The city where almost all road and sidewalk coverage has a dark color, on a hot summer day turns into a heat islands, absorbing asphalt, roof tiles and the entire solar heat. In an average city sidewalks occupy about 35-50% of the total, with almost half of parking lots. They are incredibly warm, only adding to the thermal effect in urban areas.

To solve the problem of heat islands, which include all the cities, without exception, researchers from Berkeley Lab began to study the technologies of "cold pavement." Like the "cold roof", which, thanks to the lighter color tones

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In Singapore, the flooded underground parking with luxury cars

The strong rains that fell on Singapore, flooded roads, shopping complexes and damaged elite residential skyscraper St. Regis Residence. Suffered the most underground parking skyscraper scored expensive exotic supercars, the magazine writes Autoblog.

The photo shows that as a result of the flood in the dirty water were dozens of luxury vehicles. Among them — Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari 458 Italia, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Maserati GranTurismo, Porsche 911, several models of BMW, Aston Martin and Audi.

Owners of luxury cars now count the losses and expressed outrage that the administration of elite towers not warned them in advance of

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Sinkhole in Central China

Giant crater obrazovavshaesya resulting subsidence February 14, 2011. Photo: icpress

Large-scale sinkhole occurred early in the morning on Monday, 14 February, in a mountainous area near the town of Ezhou, Hubei Province in central China, resulting crater 5200 square meters.

Events this did not cause severe damage and loss of life, — the local newspaper Chutianjinbao.

Subsidence occurred in a place where being mining, which probably led to a crater 80 meters long, 65 meters wide and 40 meters deep experts said in the report.

Police cordoned off the area adjacent to the failure within 100 meters from failure

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Ukraine: Chernivtsi blossom trees in December

Abnormally warm autumn has led to the fact that in mid-December in Chernivtsi flowered forsythia bush.

Usually this plant catches the eye for its yellow flowers in March and April. Biologists to the phenomenon calmly, although a bit concerned that during freezing, the plants will suffer and not be able to bloom again in the spring.

— We have already seen in the warm autumn like apples or chestnuts are tied. Forsythia but — for the first time, — says the engineer Trust green economy Chernivtsi Alla Khomutovskaya. She also admits that it is precisely those flowered shrub branches

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Moscow residents feared locusts

In the capital of rescue services involving strange calls. They Muscovites complain locusts. According to the callers, insects jump on their balcony and do not give to live in peace.

However, experts possibility that Moscow could come true locusts, estimated as zero. Hordes of pests are found only in the steppe or forest-steppe zone, and the concrete jungle they hardly interested. Most likely, an omnivorous insect people took large grasshoppers or so-called Locust filly. It is a distant relative of the locust, which is not so voracious and prolific.

"When the weather changes, they can,

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