Ozersk again massively dying fish

Ozersk repeated last year's situation of massive plague fish passes nr2.ru

Recall that in March 2011 the local fishermen found the accumulation of dead fish in the lake Big Nanoga. Experts have suggested that the fish under the ice choked from lack of oxygen. Then everything was blamed on the dry summer of 2010: According to experts, the cause of the mass plague became a significant lowering of water level in the lake, and a large ice thickness and the high snow.

One of these days people Ozersk again alarmed. One of them remarked that, where in the lake

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Mount Etna in Sicily resumed its activity

ROME, July 10 — RIA Novosti, Sergei Elders. Mount Etna, located on the Italian island of Sicily, has resumed its activity, reported Sunday service of civil defense in Italy.

According to the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Italy, the activity of Etna, expressed in strong vibration earth's surface and lava emission, has been observed as early as Friday in the area south-east of the crater.

During these events Saturday became much stronger, and in the evening in the same area was reported major ashfall.

Wind ash drifted towards the second-largest Sicilian city of Catania and

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Bear pulled two people in Kamchatka

Brown Bear on Saturday attacked two people in the Kamchatka region. As reported by the regional agency for the protection and use of wildlife, the incident occurred near the river in Paratunka Elizovsky district of the region. The animal suddenly appeared out of the forest and attacked the guests.

Bear attack victims were two people — a man and a woman were killed. Game wardens are searching bear. It is assumed that he will be shot.

Note that in the middle of July in Kamchatka similar incident occurred. The bear attacked the tent with the tourists there

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In Belarus in animals moose main perpetrators of fatal crashes

For 2011 in the Brest region in six accidents involving animals, killing two and wounding seven others.

According to the press service UGAI, announced in late January, in 2010, the loss was less. Culprit in 2011 — moose and two cows, once on the road. Collisions with moose occurred mainly in Kamenetz, Ivatsevichi and Baranovichi areas. Moreover, in the last of these cases noted sixteen.

Thus, in the area of the collision Ivatsevichi car "Lada" with elk, one person was killed and one was wounded. Killed and elk. Another driver being drunk, could not pass one on the road

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Hedgehogs on the verge of extinction

Expert on hedgehogs Dr. Tony Bunnell saysurchins may disappear foreverfor some 15 years.

According to him, the number of hedgehogs in the UK declined over the past 10 years by a quarter.

Among the causes of the extinction of spiny animals Bunnell calls pesticides, because of which disappear caterpillars and beetles, represented a major part of the diet of hedgehogs. In addition, good-natured and wise heroes of many tales in many killed during mowing and get stuck in the intake grids, reports Innovanews.ru citing Metro.

As for the features of the environment, the main competitors in the UK environment

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With suspected infection of E.coli in France hospitalized two more children

In the French city of Lille hospital with symptoms suggestive of infection with intestinal bacterium E.coli, — renal failure, diarrhea and neurological disorders — was hospitalized two young Frenchmen. At the moment they are in the pediatric intensive care unit, their serious condition.

Communication with parents of affected children has enabled physicians to establish a direct link between the disease and the use of frozen meat Steak Country, purchased in the supermarket chain LIDL, which became the source of spread of bacteria in France, said in a statement, the Regional Health Agency (ARS).

The vast majority of

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Norwegian naval base jolted

An earthquake measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale recorded in the Atlantic Ocean about 700 kilometers north-east of Iceland, near the remote Norwegian island of Jan Mayen. After the earthquake, no reports of casualties or damage was not followed, as tsunami warnings were announced. There were several aftershocks, the second occurred about 4 hours after the first movements of the earth.

The epicenter was located 560 kilometers east of Greenland and 975 km — from Tromsø in northern Norway.

On the volcanic island of Jan Mayen, who is also a national park, home to 20 scientists, is there and the

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Meteorologists promise almost 30 degrees of frost in central Russia

Strengthening frost expected in the central regions of European Russia at the weekend and the first part of next week, in some areas the temperature will drop to 27 degrees below zero, according to the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

"The region is located in the southwestern and western parts of the powerful high-level (blocking) of the anticyclone, the center of which will be migrated to the east of European Russia (ETR). Increase in atmospheric pressure will continue, it is significantly above the norm. In most areas, the weather is cloudless and without significant precipitation, only on Saturday in the west and

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Indian summer can come in central Russia in September

Weather in the central regions of Russia in the first month of autumn will be warm, the temperature rises above normal in the European territory of the country and the south of Western Siberia, the director of the Russian Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand.

"September is expected to warm weather, we can say that there will be an Indian summer. In European Russia, in the south of Western Siberia — the temperature will be higher than normal, but the beginning of the" Indian summer "we can predict (only) a few days before it happened," — Vilfand said at a news conference

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HDTV soon and in your home!

"Tricolor TV", the largest operator of commercial television in Russia, plans to start broadcasting channel HD. To use this service, and it uses 25 channels of high-definition video, subscribers will have to pay 900 rubles per year as license fee, which is much cheaper than competitors' prices, requiring up to 600 rubles a month.

According to the General Director of "Tricolor", Alexander Makarov, for the second half of this year, this operator provides its services to approximately ten million customers, of which about eight million have signed contracts for the purchase of paid packages.

As for the next two years,

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