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Beautiful sky-worlds

October 31, 2012 21:29

Each of us sometimes open beauty of the sky clouds over, whether in an airplane or while overcoming the mountain pass. There are photographers who managed to capture this wonderful spectacle. Sometimes even with the additional entourage. And they should pay tribute.

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Barack Obamas family attacked ghosts

October 28, 2012 2:24

Barack Obama and his family to interfere with sleep at night ghosts inhabiting the White House. In addition to the president's family live here for at least five ghosts. About phantoms White House "Voice of Russia" told "ghost hunter", the author of books about ghosts Jeff Belandzher.

U.S. first lady Michelle Obama once told of a strange sound coming from the hallway. He woke her and her husband the night. Family members often spoke of a sound like a dull dull blows, repeated with the same interval. They also happen to feel a presence in

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Wild elk fell in love with a cow

October 23, 2012 6:20

Horny couple: wild moose several years sought attention cow …

In Canada, British Columbia, moose elk — one of the largest mammals in the country — has chosen a life partner farm cow. Plans to conquer favorite elk nurtured for years. About this unusual "horned love" told the Canadian edition of National Post. "In a year when elk first appeared, he was hanging around a couple of days — says Greg Messner, owner of the farm on which they live cow. — The next year he came already for several weeks. He did nothing, just

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Mysteries of History: Aliens and mythical heroes

October 18, 2012 22:17

Raymond Moody. Water River of Forgetfulness popular science film

October 10, 2012 19:43

Spatial Ankh

October 7, 2012 21:41

Classified material nature. Catfish birder

March 21, 2012 21:22

In Spain, the mysterious monster alive eats doves caught by the river.

In the Gulf of Mexico to the world's rarest sea turtles began to die a few weeks after the largest-ever U.S. oil spill.

In Australia, kangaroo suddenly began to go blind, and no one knows why.

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The power of words

October 1, 2012 2:41

Word — that's life. The Word — is death. On the influence of the Word in our lives and the lives of those around us and the reason the filmmakers. Is the Word — the most terrible weapons of humanity and the most expensive gift to humanity? Is it true that the word — a physical quantity can not be reduced to simple vibrations of waves? Silver Does the Word, and the silence — gold right? The authors do not provide an answer, but provide food for thought …

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Planet of Dinosaurs. Chronicle liquidation

April 28, 2012 15:08

Several years ago, the Western paleontologists made incredible discovery, which turned all the scientific understanding of the life and death of the most mysterious creatures that have ever lived on the planet — the dinosaurs. Excavated near Canada, they found a cemetery of prehistoric reptiles, more than three thousand fragments of skeletons.

The examination results shocked scientists. It turned out that the dinosaurs did not die as a result of a collision with stronger monsters and not become victims of global cooling, and were destroyed by some unknown type of weapon.

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In Nerekhta surveillance cameras recorded a luminous object

October 19, 2012 4:29

Unusual in Nerekhta. CCTV cameras installed in the parking lot of one of the depot, recorded the strange glowing object.

A strange image on the film holder found carpool when seeing the video for the night. About half past ten on one of the buses, light spots appeared, which in a few minutes to move and change shape. Themselves have admitted the company — after viewing the records were in shock. But specialists in physics, studying the record, no paranormal her noticing. Scientists believe the culprit was a stir in the carpool only drop of

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