Western High Speed Diameter

The other day, during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the participants were signed papers to build a new automobile highway "Western High-Speed Diameter". The ceremony was attended by the Governor of St. Petersburg, as well as representatives of government and heads of large banks of successful companies.

The signing of the document — is the final stage of approval of the project. In addition, the company won the tender, will be entered into a loan agreement, the money from which will go directly to the construction of the main section of the WHSD, it is estimated, the cost is

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In the suburbs, some rivers became warmer Black Sea

Because of the hot weather, established in the region in recent days, some of the river Moscow region warmed to a temperature higher than the Black Sea at some resorts. This is stated in the message center weather "Phobos."

"In the Moscow River near Zvenigorod, the temperature rose to 20.4 degrees plus, in Oka near Kashira — to plus 24.2 degrees," — said the center.

Such temperatures are almost identical figures in the middle reaches of the Volga, and slightly higher than the water temperature in the Black Sea resort of some of the Krasnodar Territory.

In addition, Wednesday

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Malena Ernman played in Moscow

The famous Swedish singer, winner of a luxury mezzo-soprano Malena Ernman, accompanied by the Moscow Chamber Orchestra "Musica Viva" and British conductor Matthew Willis gave a concert in the capital of our country. Representatives of the orchestra were happy to work with a world star, and noted that it was on the same wavelength. Artist presented his fans a great program, which included works Berio, Strauss, Mozart and Handel.

Critics say that Malena is the epitome of modern opera diva. She is energetic, full of ideas and plans that are happy to be implemented. Artist seamlessly combines an international singing

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Bukovina from an unknown illness mass killing rabbits

In Chernivtsi region in the forests are dying from an unknown illness hares. This is reported by the media Bucovina.

According to the Chairman of the Regional Council of Chernivtsi Ukrainian Hunting and Fishing George Rudyagi, hunters are in the woods dead birds, the corpses are not visible signs of violent death. "You have to only imagine why the animals are dying," — he said.

Hunters believe that birds kill some unknown cleft disease, or they are poisoned with chemicals, that people treated with agricultural plants.

G.Rudyaga noted that the cause of death of birds must determine veterinary examination.

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In Indonesia, elephants are killed

Four rare elephant died of poisoning on the island of Sumatra, a spokesman for the local forestry.

According to the official, the three dead elephants were found in palm plantation in the province of Aceh, and the fourth — in a national park in the province of Riau.

Elephants from Sumatra are on the verge of extinction: in the wild they have less than 3 thousand. According to Indonesian environmentalists, animals die because people need new areas for plantations.

APEC meeting environmental opened in Khabarovsk

Conference on the Environment on Monday opened in Khabarovsk in the Russian presidency in the forum "The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation", told RIA Novosti the organizing committee.

Twenty-fourth annual meeting of the leaders of the Asia-Pacific region will be held in Vladivostok in September. This is a first for Russia APEC summit. In Khabarovsk, from 16 to 26 July by the meeting of the expert groups and the APEC Ministerial Meeting on Tourism and the Environment.

"Meeting on the Environment — is a regular meeting, which was opened in Khabarovsk in the Russian Presidency of the forum this year. The theme

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In Russia, a new party

Supporters of Nikita Mikhalkov, or rather his political views, has recently registered a new party, which became known as "For our homeland." However, as he says the famous film director, he had not heard of its creation, not to mention to join its ranks.

And believes that the creation of this party is a certain concentration of all his sayings and thoughts about Russia and its future. Although, he said, he had the soul, that in Russia there are still patriots.

As it became known on the basis of newly-minted party is a manifesto, which was published by

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Scientists: Sea of Azov people drown because of gas

According to scientists Azov Research Station, methane gas — cause of death not only in the Donbass mines, but also … in the ponds. Experts study anomalous zone in the village Yuryevka.

Cyclone broke Kamchatka flights to the mainland

Three flight to Kamchatka postponed the cyclone, according to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky airline.

The cyclone formed over the Sea of Japan, began to have an impact on Kamchatka. Snow and squally winds are observed in the southern region. According to meteorologist Kamchatka, on the shores of the South Region wind reached 23-25 meters per second and continues to grow.

"Until Wednesday delayed arrival to the peninsula flights from Khabarovsk, Novosibirsk and Vladivostok. Petropavlovsk Airport is open and ready to receive the aircraft, but CREW is free to decide on departure," — said in a statement.

Because of the bad weather and in

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What is the weight a human soul

German scientists from the University of Lübeck published an interesting study in psychology. A group of children of different ages were asked the same question: "Where is the soul." The results have been extraordinary. If older children are shown on different parts of the body, from head to foot, the average age children basically showed the head and the heart, the smallest of the respondents agreed on one opinion, that the soul is in the human heart. Further, psychologists decided to test whether there are similar experimental data in other known institutions? It was found that over the past 100

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